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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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John Deere

I did a last minute booking for the Azerbaijan Georgia and Armenia group trip. But you guys wete truly flexible and managed to make all my arrangements properly. Thanks for arranging the flight from Baku to Tbilisi as the land border remained closed by our tour dates. The flight and transfers were very well organized and our drivers and guides met us on time. Raffi in Armenia and Tazo in Georgia were excellent guides, very knowledgeable and good at their job. They answered all my questions and recommended very good restaurants for lunch and dinner. Overall I had a fantastic trip. Thank you Tatev for all your hard work. 

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David and Cindy Crane

We booked a trip to the Caucasus with Arara 3 years ago and finally could do it this year. I would say this trip was worth waiting for so long. We had fantastic time in all the three countries. Initially when we were finally ready to travel this year, I came across the news that the land border between Azerbaijan and Georgia was closed by which I got upset assuming I won't be able to travel again. But Sati offered using the flight option instead, which took only an hour. She arranged everything for us and took greay care of us.The trip was arranged exactly the way we planned initially and we visited all the sites in the itinerary. Sati was very responsive to all our questions and needs. Want to thank you again for the amazing journey we have been looking forward to so long. The countries and especially Armenia are truly hidden gem and definitely worth visiting not even once. The guides in all the countries were very friendly, caring and knowledgeable.

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Laura Werner

Thank you for the perfect organisation of the Caucasus trip, Maria! We enjoyed the tour very much. The transfer from Baku to Tbilisi by flight was a wonderful option and very comfortable. Our group thought that it's even a more preferable option than traveling by land. So you can use it when the land border is open. Our guides were magnificent, all very passionate about their country. Our drivers were professional and we felt safe. The only thing that needs improvement - roads, in some regions they were quite bumpy. Unfortunately we did not have much time to explore Yerevan more after the tour as our flight out was leaving very early, but we loved this city. Definitely going to be back some day with more friends.

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Matt P

Very satisfied with Arara. My Armenia adventure included hikes through beautiful landscapes, monasteries, fortresses, villages, mountains and waterfalls. The tour offered a great view of many different regions while enabling our group to experience delicious foods and great hospitality. Our guide, Vardan, was not only knowledgeable, but a fun companion who made sure that we had everything we needed while providing great insights into the culture and places that we explored. Thanks Arara for a great experience!

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Sophia Krescher

Liebe Maria (means dear Maria ), I hope you are well. We were having a great time in Armenia! We arrived safely and everything worked out very well. We were enjoying it sooo much! Wishing you a lovely day!

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George Francis

Good morning. We are at the airport. It’s all going fine. Thanks a lot for all the arrangements.

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Roman Gerber

Hi Maria, Everything was well! They were satisfied and enjoyed the trip a lot. The wine tasting was very good and the restaurant for dinner perfect! Thank you very much for organizing this beautiful trip.

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Margarita Kargina

Hi Maria. We are already inside at the airport. Appreciate your 24 hours monitoring. Thank you once again. We are fully satisfied with your work

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Cloud Bai-Yun

Hi Maria, yes thank you, this really is an amazing place with incredible history and kindness in people, absolutely loved it; not the cable car though so I gave that one a miss! I’ll definitely get all my friends, work colleagues to come!

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Samantha Baker

We had a group tour to the Caucasus in 21 days 2 months ago. The trip went really well. Everything was organized on a high level. Of course there were some disappointments, for example the bad weather in Azerbaijan, as it was raining, but we fully enjoyed that part as well.

We liked our guide in Georgia, though he was a young man, but he had a big amount of knowledge about his country. I liked our hotel in Tbilisi , which was booked on our tour manager’s recommendation. We stayed in the Tiflis hotel. The staff welcomed us so warmly.

Actually the road from Georgia and Armenia was a little bit tiring, but luckily we had knowledgeable guides so that they made our long road interesting. En route we explored Haghartsin, Goshavank , Old complex in dilijan. Lake Sevan is insanely beautiful in the morning, when everyone is sleeping and it’s so calm and peaceful.

My sister liked the Etchmiadzin cathedral. We learnt that it has been under construction for several years, but we still could feel the energy. It was magnificent.

I do really recommend traveling to the Caucasus especially with this tour, as it’s an ideal duration to cover the three countries.

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Meyer Stewart

Sorry Sati for the delay, as I promised to send you my feedback a little earlier. I can say without any doubts this has been the best trip ever in my life. The atmosphere of the Caucasus gave me the vibe of home. The locals, the process of making food, the ancient monasteries, the colors, I think I am in love.

I think doing this tour individually was a perfect idea, as it had a lot of advantages.

Let me start with the cuisine. I have tried the tastiest pastries in Azerbaijan, wine in Georgia and the most delicious barbecue in Armenia. I mostly enjoyed my evening walks along the Caspian Coast in Azerbaijan, the walks along the shore of Lake Sevan in Armenia and Mtskheta city tour in Tbilisi.

Again thank you Arara tour for arranging this tour for me and preparing everything.

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Martin Brown

My 2 friends and I had the opportunity to travel to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia two months ago. Our tour coordinator Sati was really helpful.. Everything starting from the airport/hotel and the Georgia - Armenia border transfers was arranged by the Arara tour agency. Even though we were 6 people in the group, I can surely say that each of us had a private approach. The guides were so pleasant, they were doing their best to make us fall in love with their countries. And I think they succeeded.

Sati has booked 3* hotels in all the Caucasian countries for us and we were really satisfied. Actually I thought that this category of hotels in the regions would not be well developed, but it was my mistake, as everything was in good conditions.

I would also like to mention the cars, which were so important for us, as one of my friends John can’t cover long roads because of his neck problems and thankfully the vehicles in each country were so convenient.

Again big thanks to the Arara tour.

SHNORAGALUTUIN (haha a new word)

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