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If you decided to Travel to Armenia, please have a look at our travelers feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Jessica Morelle

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Armenia and Georgia. Both guides, Raffi and Sandro were excellent in their different ways. The driver, Karen, in Armenia was very safe, efficient and pleasant. In Georgia it was less easy to communicate with the non-Russian speaking driver. The hotel Cascade in Yerevan was very well placed and the room comfortable and clean, though quite small. An evening at a well-known restaurant was arranged but our taxi-driver was unable to find the place for a long time because the hotel had given the wrong address. We expected a show of traditional singing/dancing but the entertainment was a version of "Avatar" - very loud and of little interest. However the tours in the daytime were excellent.
In Tbilisi the hotel was also very central and we had a large room overlooking a lovely courtyard. Again the tours were very good indeed and our guide most accommodating. We particularly enjoyed the visits to Mt. Kazbek, the 4-wheel drive and to the winery. We had some very fine Armenian and Georgian meals and would very much like to return to both countries.
Thank you so much for your very efficient arrangements.

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peter exley

Driver in georgia mainly fine but went a bit fast sometimes,
Driver in armenia fine but not professional to go looking for a shop to buy cigarettes while driving!
Hotels generally good - Tiflis in Tbilisi ran out of most types of drinks eventually even including any Beer - they just shrugged so went to a supermarket to get drinks instead
Vehicles and guides excellent

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john j mall

This was truly an unexpectedly pleasurable tour.Everything was great.Loved the people ,the country of ARMENIA and also Georgia.The rich history and the people's devotion and commitment to their religion was remarkable.We love the fact that Armenia was the first Christian country in Europe.Overcame many invading civilizations and the Genocide.Very resilient people!!
Sati,we truly enjoyed meeting you in person.You are so kind and caring.The flights to Armenia and back were long and tiring ,but worth the experience of meeting and interacting with a fine group of people.Rafi was very committed and knowledgeable and accommodating.Sandro was young and entertaining.Great trip overall.One of the best .
Thank you all for making this a memorable trip for our family of 3: parents and adult son.
Wish you much success in your business.
John/Ophelia and john Jr

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Leslie Peterson

Vardan was an eager guide/driver. He was always asking if the itinerary was meeting my expectations (as I had none, I couldn’t really steer the tour in another direction) . I realize now I’m more of an outdoors/nature traveller & should have requested a tour featuring more of those activities. Staying out of Yerevan for at least one night’s hotel would have been great exposure to other areas of Armenia as well. Overall, I enjoyed my tour. I have an understanding of Armenia that independent travel does not afford. My correspondence via email was answered promptly by Tatev.
If I’m fortunate enough to return to Armenia, I’d arrange a tour through Arara.

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Hugo Larsson

We have just returned to Stockholm from the 16 Day tour to Caucasus. Our well-organized program by the tour coordinator Rima was the best choice to discover this region. Perfect places to see and discover every day something new. Our hotels were clean and had excellent locations in all countries. Our guides from all countries are very knowledgeable, helpful and knew a lot about their countries. Our drivers were very professional and we felt very safe during the whole trip. Thank you very much and congratulations to all on the Arara team who have made it all happen!

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Marco Pan

Hi Mrs. Sati jan!!!!! I'm so sorry coz I really wanted to meet you again to thank you personally. The tour was great and we had a lot of fun. The guide (Ashot) is a very nice person and helped us to get more activities all the time. Anyway I was sure of it, during all the time we scheduled the whole trip together I already noticed you're doing a great job. And so it was. Look, in the next years (now I can't say wether it'll be exactly next year or not) I'd like to spend some time in Georgia. Now, (it's a promise) as soon as I'm sure to get an holiday over there I'll contact you and we'll schedule the journey together just like we did now for Armenia.

And this time I'll not forget the chocolate

Thanks one more time for all that you've done for me. It was a great pleasure to have to deal with such a nice girl like you are.

I wish you all the best and please be well until we meet again. 


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Thiago Venegas

Hi from Mexico,
I don’t know from where to start, well I am in love with Armenia, Armenian hospitable people, cuisine and the dish called DOLMA, I started even cooking it at home. People are so kind and polite here, it’s like another world being in Armenia. Geghard Monastery was indescribably beautiful; I even took a small Ararat Mount picture with me back to Mexico. If you have a chance being in Armenia, you defiantly need to try apricot vodka in Garni. Our guide Arthur was master of his job, he was like a history teacher and a good politician who had a real idea of what’s really going on in his country. Then we continued our trip to Georgia which is a country of old traditional balconies and very loud people. But after 2 days I understood that they don’t fight, it’s just the way how they speak, like Italians. well, Azerbaijan was also not bad, I like their musks which were sounding capital city. The guide was not bad too but I will put Armenia on a first-place then Georgia and Azerbaijan. We are satisfied to thank you!

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Nella van der Berg

I would like to thank Arara tour for organizing our bird watching tour to Armenia. We were a small group of 6 friends, who wished to travel to Armenia to see the beautiful birds of the region. Arara travel agency helped us with the arrangements of the trip. I would like to thank Ms. Tatev for her professional work and organizational skills. She has put an amazing tour itinerary which helped us to see my favorite bird Yellow Wagtail. We have seen many birds during the tour which was our main goal.
The hotels were nice 3 stars hotels. Cascade hotel was in the very center of the capital which was very nice. The regional hotels were ok.
Our driver was a very nice and humble man, he helped us with our luggage. The guide was exceptional, he knew everything about the birds and answered all our questions.
All in all, we were very happy with everything and we will surely recommend Arara to our friends.

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Leonora Idris

Without any doubts – one of our best holidays! The atmosphere in Caucasus is so special, we felt almost like home (and we were really far from home:) Armenia was the highlight of our tour with its unbelievable nature and delicious cuisine. We have taken the longest cable car in the world to visit tatev monastery. I will never forget this experience.
Arthur in Armenia was so supportive and flexible throughout the tour. His knowledge of his country and its history is astonishing. When you first meet him, you can never guess what a personality with a great sense of humor is going to guide you throughout the tour.

We loved Cascade hotel in Yerevan. It has a really good location which was very important for us, as we love to have free time after the tours to enjoy ourselves. We even visited Gafesjyan museum which was in 2 min walk from it and were amazed by it. Cafes and restaurants were in 5 min walking distance. I especially loved the cozy wine bar street in the city center.

Georgia is such a beautiful country. I am sure it is going to become one of the main touristic attractions one day. Our most memorable experience in Georgia were undoubtedly Prometheus caves. You appear in another dimension surrounded with colors and lights.
Sandro in Georgia and Yelchin in Azerbaijan were amazing too. They really love and are proud of their countries.

Tatev - our tour manager has been so supportive and responsive to our needs from beginning to end. Special thanks to Arara for giving us these unforgettable memories. Will surely recommend you to our friends.
Warmest regards,

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Reshma Rao

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Particularly, we liked Ani( our tour guide in Armenia) and Elchin (Azerbaijan). Both were very knowledgeable, helpful and took good care of us and the kids. I would highly recommend using them in the future. Thanks!

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Johanne Fischer

We are back to LA with the nicest memories. The Caucasus is just amazing. Leaving in another corner of the world we have never guessed that in another part we would someday discover such amazing culture, traditions, too carrying and warm people, breathtaking nature and views. We are mostly pleased with Armenia - the country of endless mysteries, rich history and tastiest traditional food. Hotel Cascade booked for us was a good choice. The staff of this hotel was very careful and took great care of us.

Our guide in Armenia - Huyaki ( maybe I still mispronounce her name, it was hard for us) was the loveliest guide we ever had, very passionate about her country, though young but very professional. She bought for our souvenirs and Armenian sweets that we took with us back to LA.

Georgia was another highlight of the Caucasus tour. We still look at pictures taken in there. What I remember most of all was the visit to the Trinity Church. The scenery was simply magnificent.

Our guide Alex in Georgia was again a great choice, very careful and knowledgeable. Hotel Tiflis was also a good decision. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The staff of the hotel was also helpful. 

Baku in its turn was a nice modern city, it was a pity there weren't any old historical buildings. Well, that's understandable because the city is not old itself. We enjoyed our evening walks along the Caspian Coast.

Our guide's knowledge of English was not so good, though he could answer all our questions. He had a good knowledge of his country.

Despite some small issues we had throughout the tour, it was an overall great success and very well organized.

Special thanks to Sati who was our tour manager and always was on time to help us. We fully enjoyed our trip to the Caucasus.

Johanne Fischer

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Dave P

Tatev did a wonderful job coordinating our trip through Arara Tours. She was easy to contact and made sure both our guided tours of the countries went smoothly. We had private guides who also were our drivers and they had a world of knowledge about their countries. (Tazo in Georgia & Gevorg in Armenia) Our hotels and the locations selected by Tatev were perfect for a 9 day trip. We could easily have stayed longer if we had the time. We can't wait to come back.

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