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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Anne lange

Amazing trip. Thank you to Tatev for her professionalism and kindness
Without her help, our friend would still be waiting for her visa.
The all organization of our trip was spotless! From the guides to the drivers to the hotel.
Arthur and Varaghn were extremely kind and so knowledgeable

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Oskar Owen

We went on a 5 stan tour and Satine from Araratour was patiently helpful in answering all our questions. The Araratour tour package was magnificently organized that we had no issues with country/border crossing, hotel or trip arrangements. Everyone from the tour guides, to the drivers and the accommodation staff were very friendly. The choice of hotels were so rightly chosen that they were all right smack in the middle of everything. Everyone took good care of us. Always.

I highly recommend Araratour to anyone wanting to visit Central Asia.

As to the places, i cant believe that people do not go more to these countries. I was surprised by how nice people were in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. They would approach us for pictures and were always all smiles. Your hands will hurt waiving on the bus because everyone who sees the bus literally would wave at us. The place itself is so full of history and old buildings that you will always be at awe.

Darvaza Gas Crater was mind blowing. Where else can you see a crater burning since 1971 and be able to take selfies so close to it.

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Robert Hooley

I traveled to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with Araratour in May 2019. Since visiting these countries had been a very long time dream, I decided to do it in a private tour. Lucky me that had Tatev from Araratour to book everything the way I wanted! I really enjoyed the trip! The guides were excelent, the program was very interesting, the transportation (cars and drivers) was nice and the hotels were also good. Dushanbe: the guide (I forgot his name ...) was very good, helpful and knowledgeable. Hotel was very nice and central. Almaty: the guide was also very good, helpful, knowledgeable and a sweetheart! Hotel Kazzhol was nice and central. Bishkek: the guide Kanat was also very good, helpful and knowledgeable. Hotel  was very nice. Ashgabat: the guide was also very good, super nice, helpful and knowledgeable! Hotel was very nice as well and very central. Tashkent: the guide (I forgot her name) was good and knowledgeable, but seemed to be tired (or hungry - because of Ramadan, I don't know). Well, in her favor I can say that at a certain point she bought us water, because we did not have Uzbek currency yet. And also in her favor I should say that she took us to a hotel to exchange money, so, yes, it was a good tour. All drivers were very nice. Thank you once again, Tatev! I really enjoyed the trip!

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Alex Manning

I confess I've never heard of the company and was a little careful with booking with them. However, the fact that they offered a 19-day tour in all 5 countries and cheaper than many others made me go for it. Their itinerary offered everything I was looking for and I was not disappointed. It ended up being a great tour. Satine was very helpful from the beginning, responding patiently and quickly to all my emails. Shukhrat was a fantastic guide, very well organized, with good command of English, very informative and helpful. We traveled in great buses with good drivers, local planes and trains. Everything was very high quality for us. All we had to do was just follow our guide's instructions. There were 15 of us in our fun group of seasoned travelers from all 6 inhabited continents of the world. The locals were welcoming and friendly. The hotels were great. Five countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan - were very interesting. Beautiful cities and structures, stunning landscapes and an abundance of adventure. I would definitely recommend Araratour to anyone traveling to Central Asia. The beginning of September was indeed a good time to travel as the weather was still good and comfortable. July is apparently the hottest month and it gets colder from October.

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Martin Warren

Good morning Tatev. I'm now in Istanbul but would like to thank you for my tour of Armenia and Georgia. The tour all went very well with you coordination with Arthur and Irakli. It was all interesting and beautiful scenery and excellent company with both Arthur and Irakli, and I would thoroughly recommend both of them both to anybody. Perhaps you would thank them again on my behalf, and of course yourself. Please remember, when possible I would like to do the five Stans and Iran. Martin.

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G. Bichisao

Dear Tatev , I hope everything is fine and many more visitors have come to your
beautiful country. As promised (even ifwith some delay), I wanted to give you some feedback
that could be useful for future tourists. As you know I have been
extremely happy of the organisation and I want again to thank you so
much for making the stay in Armenia memorable.

My suggestion would be to indeed put the visit to Jerevan at the end of
the trip. I udnerstand that often it is the opposite but the visit of
the country before helps digest the richness of Armenia and once in
Jerevan the visit to the museums become very telling.

Also the visit to the Vernissage market is better at the end of the trip
because the tourist has been able to udnerstand what is special of Armenia.

My suggestion would be to include in the trip the indications of few
specialised shops of what tourists might be liking the most. The cognac
of course but also embroidery as well as books, paintings, carpets, etc.
Then tourists can decide whether they want to spend some time to buy
some items.

I would also suggest to propose an evening to the Opera since it is so
good that some tourists might like it (as I did it!!!)

Finally, Noratus should definitively be included in the tour. It is
fascinating to see the change over time of the Khachkars

Thanks again for everything and greetings to Ari

All the best

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Ishan Mohan

Arara Tour, they are the best. We planned our trip to Armenia and Georgia in just 2 days, and this would not have been possible without Arara, specially Sati, our tour planner. She is the best, always ready to help at any time. There were so many ups and downs, in this trip because of covid travel restrictions, baggage lost at the airport, covid tests and many more, but Sati, she managed to solve every issue with just the blink of her eyes.

Now let's talk about our tour guides during this trip. Arthur, our tour guide in Armenia. What a gentleman he is, he started as a guide and and we end up becoming a family to each other. He is full of amazing stories and experiences that gives you a feeling that you must have lived in this beautiful country of Armenia in your past life. In Georgia we met Tazo, our tour guide for rest of the trip. What an energetic personality. He did his best to make sure that we enjoy each and every moment in Georgia whether it is Georgian food or the locations that are hidden gems of Georgia and not everyone knows or visit these places.

We enjoyed every moment of our trip and I would highly recommend Arara tour as a tour planner. This team is amazing and the best if you are planning your trip to Georgia and Armenia. Just relax and enjoy your vacation and leave rest to the Arara tour.

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Yolanda Hernandez

The tour guide was excellent! He was kind respectful and caring plus knowledgeable. I started having knee problems and he was kind to help me along the way to make me comfortable. Thank you so much for all you do! I will definately tell people to choose Arara Tour. When they come to visit! 

 Reviw on Tripadvisor

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Johnny Gallagher

Everything was wonderful from start to finish. The trip was expertly planned. The guides were warm, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Everyone involved went above and beyond for us and to make us feel welcome in their amazing countries. I highly recommend Arara Tours without question. I can’t wait to travel with them again.

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Isabelle Christensen

I enjoyed the tour organized by Arara tours. The tour was well organized, the customer service agent, tour guide and driver were very courteous, friendly and responsive to my requests. I enjoyed the pace as well as the diversity of the programs and places that were on the itinerary. My highlight is the daily group lunches in Georgia. Our tour guide has impeccable taste in restaurant selection that highlights Georgian hospitality and delicious food. To top things off the group members were pleasant and fun to travel with. I had a great time and look forward to another trip organized by Arara.

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Gourab Roy Chowdhury

Our trip to Armenia in July was wonderfully organised by Arara Tours. Tatev, our Tour Manager, always gave detailed responses to any queries that we had. Our tour guide-cum-driver, Vartan, was always on time and gave us insights on the places we visited. The places chosen for lodging and boarding were very good. PCR testing requirements in Yerevan were also perfectly organised. All in all, a memorable trip. We would look forward to using the services of Arara again in future, whenever we decide on a Central Asian holiday.

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Yi-Hwa Outerbridge MD

My husband and I had a Wonderful time in Georgia & Armenia on the Private Tour arranged by ARARA Tour.

After Research online I've contacted Arara Tour for information. Sati Ohanyan Senior Tour Manager immediately responded to my inquiry and made a suggested Itinerary to our visit. We were able to make our payment online with my AMX card few days prior to our trip without any issues.

After arrival to Tbilisi, Georgia late at night without our luggage ( the Airline left our luggage in Atlanta, Georgia) there was an issue I wanted to communicate with Sati. To my extreme suprise, she not only responded rapidly - she also made contact with others to make adjustments to our requests for the next day!

Our Georgian Tour Guides - Tazo and Sandro were both extremely competent, knowledgeable, friendly and with great commend of English. They were both very delightful and my husband and I considered they are our Friends now. 

We are also extremely grateful for Raffi to be our Tour Guide in Armenia.

We've traveled worldwide and he is one of the best Tour Guide ever!

He speaks perfect English ( he was educated in UK with a Law Degree) and he was Attentive, Kind, Intelligent and Extremely Knowledgeable about most subjects! My husband have some limited vision issues in dark places ( example: caves, dark indoor monastery), and he was extremely kind to assist him.

He definitely is a Rare Gem and An Great Asset to ARARA Tour Company.

I Highly Recommend ARARA Tour for your visits to the Caucasia Region!

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