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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Jenny Mastai

One of my best decisions this year was to trust Arara organizing my trip. I had the pleasure of
participating in an 8-day tour of the southwestern regions of Georgia.
Firstly I was very pleased with the way Mariam treated each member of our group individually
and greeted us with chocolates at the airport.
The tour was well organized ensuring that we made the most of the short time. One of our stops
was the picturesque town of Borjomi, and we loved the mineral springs. Another of my personal
highlights was Akhaltsikhe Castle with extraordinary architectural solutions.
The tour was a good choice for me as I don’t like capital cities which are always overcrowded,
not to mention Tbilisi heavy traffic, which I simply hated.
I must single out our guide Temo who made the tour even more enjoyable with his interesting
and funny stories about the area.
What I didn’t like was changing so many hotels from place to place. I appreciate this was the
only way of covering the area to the fullest. The whole trip was a truly beautiful experience.

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Timothy Smith

Hi Sati Thanks for your email and for arranging the driver. Thank you for the wonderful trip. Everything was up to expectation except for one thing which was out of your control. I won't name it but it was a personality thing. Absolutely nothing to do with your company.

Thanks again,

Timothy Smith

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Lynda Van, Den Akker

We enjoyed the trip very much and the range and location of the hotels was great. The Callisto in Baku was particularly nice.
Guides were great and we had some memorable experiences.
Thank you so much for all the assistance you have provided.
Lynda Van Den Akker

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Brenda Paynting

My daughter and I took the Classical tour to Georgia in 8 days. Georgia was a discovery for us, where we met a combination of old and new cultures. The cities were full of interesting places and fascinating sites that made the trip just beautiful. I wish we had also taken some days to hike in the mountains, as the views and nature were simply amazing. The program ran smoothly, the daily tours and lunch stops were well-organized. One thing I would like to recommend is upgrading to 4* hotels before the trip. Our hotel location was good, but we needed more comfort and an upgrade would have been helpful. The breakfasts were nice but there was not enough variety. Sophie was very knowledgeable and interesting. We are not a fan of dates and numbers, instead prefer local stories, interesting facts on the history and past. She catched this immediately and made our time the most memorable. . Thanks Arara for a beautiful journey.

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Steven Boyd

Me and my friend spent an amazing time in Georgia during our short but adventurous trip. It was fun to see Shatili and its unique architectural styles. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenes of the country, we were satisfied with the choice of hotels and guesthouses. Some of the guesthouses were family run, which was exactly what we wanted to experience. One thing I would note is choose wisely when to travel to this area. The weather might let you down. Our guide Tazo and driver Giorgi were friendly and helpful. Giorg helped us with our luggage every time and remained a professional during the heavy city traffic or comprehensive routes. I will recommend your company and using your services.

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Maria Tan

Hello Sati. Thanks for arranging our tour of Caucasus. Yes, we enjoyed the tours and itinerary. We all loved our room change at Ani Plaza Hotel. Is your office close by? We would be delighted to meet you before we leave Yerevan
By the way, if you are free tonight, my husband and I will take you for dinner at Lavash.


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Michelle Abby

Thank you Sati. I’m very happy I took this tour!


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Sue Schwarz

Good morning Sati, I have had a great trip and I am sad It is soon to end. I have found the other couple very nice and easy to get along with.
I am sorry I did not get to meet with you in Yerevan
Thanks for an enjoyable holiday.
Sue Schwarz

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Sam F

Tour was great. I was most fortunate to have fantastic company with me. We had such a great time together. In addition, the 2 tour leaders, Sophie in Georgia and Rafi in Armenia were terrific. I would certainly recommend Arara as it was a wonderful experience. Regards Sam f

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Eva Las

Dear Tatev, Thank you for your support. It is only a small problem in the scheme of things.
We are happy to move tomorrow into another room. The location of the hotel is great.
We have had the best experience travelling from Baku to Yerevan. I shared our wonderful day to day excursion on fb with all my friends and family in Australia and it is fair to say that they all enjoyed our trip. The tour guides have been excellent. All so knowledgeable and approachable. We have been so lucky indeed, so privileged to visit the Caucasus. Not to forget the amazing drivers, navigating their way up and down high mountain roads. Also navigating their way through heavy traffic in the capital cities. I don’t know how they do it......

We will indeed enjoy our last day tomorrow.

Talk soon.
Warm regards
Eva and Tony

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Hana Lin

Big thanks to Arara for such a lovely tour. I was content with hotels and the service, especially by the comfortable locations. Though I booked 3* hotels, some of them were in fact 4*, for which I am really grateful to you, though can’t mention that the 3* hotels were also picked carefully, were cozy and located in the city center. The program was planned very cohesively from the routes, transport and guides. Raffi is one of the best guides I’ve ever had, his jokes made the tours more fun. Thank you!

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Edwin Howard

Hello! I actually am not home yet as I have signed up to tour other nearby countries while I am in this area of the world.
Right now I am touring Serbia and Romania.
Your tour of these three countries was very well planned. The tours went smoothly, the tour guides were wonderful, and the hotels were very nice. I have no complaints! Reviw on Tripadvisor

Thank you again. Keep traveling! 

Edwin Howard


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