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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Pam Green

We have happily returned to Switzerland after spending 2 weeks in Armenia and Georgia. Arara travel agency in Armenia organized the whole tour for us starting from airport pick-up when we arrived. I can now say that everything was thoroughly taken care of, every detail was well-thought.
We stayed at the nicest hotels with professional staff and amazing views. Most of all we loved the atmosphere and breakfasts at Tufenkian Yerevan and Dilijan hotels. Gino Wellness Rabath in Akaltsikhe was another highlight of the trip. We enjoyed the spa there at its finest.
We had 2 amazing guides in 2 countries – Ara in Armenia, and Tazo in Georgia. Both of them were passionate fans of their countries and could give all the feels to us. They were quite punctual and took good care of us. We also tried this delicious fish near Sevan lake which Ara recommended.

Overall we are satisfied with the trip and will surely recommend Arara to our friends.

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Lisa Martin

Me and my husband traveled to Armenia for a short trekking trip, the main highlight of which was Aragats Mt. Thank you Arara for making our lifetime trip happen! Conquering Aragats was on our wish list for a long time.
Sati did an amazing job during our whole stay in Armenia. Our guide Antuan was a perfect match for us. A professional hiking guide with many years of experience in the whole region. He was very flexible with our needs and made the tour pace suit us. We are not such an experienced hikers, but the hiking level is quite moderate and available to everyone with a wish to climb Aragats mount. The camping conditions were also satisfactory, everything was neat and clean.
We have already recommended your company to everyone we know and will come back to you sometime in the future for a tour to Georgia or Central Asia as discussed with Sati.

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Paul H.

The trip was just fabulous! So much to mention, I don’t even know where to start. Our guide Haikui and driver Robert were very caring and attentive. Haikui is very energetic, knowledgeable and full of love towards her country. Her engaging way of transferring the information was so interesting and pleasant. And Robert was a safe and professional driver, we really appreciated that.
We liked almost all the hotels included in the tour. Actually we prefer small and cozy hotels more like Armenia guesthouse in Dilijan, that is why some big chain hotels were of less preference. Though they had professional staff and all the facilities inside, this was quite convenient.
Armenia turned out to be an astonishing country with so much to offer! During our trip we were happy to visit many regions which let us catch the unique atmosphere of the country. Ah, and we met so many hospitable locals. They were always so friendly and kind. These experiences were always the best during every trip we had.
We are back to the UK with warmest memories about Armenia and hope to be back to this beautiful part of the world one day. Will recommend Arara to our friends, relatives and anyone interested in visiting Armenia!

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Amy Peacock

I did the 14-day tour to Armenia with Arara. The sightseeing spots included in the tour were amazing and so captivating. The program was very well structured to cover most of Armenia. The team did a great job from beginning till the end. The email correspondence with Tatev went smoothly, she was quick in responding and very flexible during the communication process. I had this professional and experienced guide Arthur, who was amazing in every aspect. I am rather an experienced traveler and have met many tour guides throughout my trips. And I can confidently say that Arthur in Armenia is one of the best. I highly recommend Arara tours and once again want to thank Tatev and the team for making this happen!

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Norma Norton

The trip was amazing! We were planning this tour for 2 years already, and were so happy to finally make it. The tour title tells it all – Uncover Armenia. We feel like we have really uncovered this amazing country. The program was very well-designed, so that we don’t get tired and have time to explore the cities also on our own each day. Our tour had lunches included – a real delight for us to try something new every single day. The dishes were amazing; the Armenian barbeque became our favorite. We do hope to make it the way Khoren – the nicest chef made it for us in Dilijan!
Traveling during covid era is not an easy thing to do. I want to emphasize the importance of feeling protected and safe when traveling. Arara staff gave us that feeling of secureness. Our guide Arthur was vaccinated, which was great. He also disinfected his car every day before the tour started; it was very professional of him. Hotels were also perfect in terms of safety, our rooms being thoroughly cleaned every day.
Making this trip was a dream come true for three friends! We will always be grateful to Arara for making this a reality.

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Cynthia Slater

We had booked the 17-day tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Naturally, we couldn’t make the trip last year because of Covid19 pandemic. That is why we were so happy and excited to finally be able to travel after getting fully vaccinated this spring. This trip was one of a kind to remember. Though we hoped to travel to all the 3 Caucasus countries, Azerbaijan didn’t reopen its borders by our travel time. Our travel manager Tatev modified our tour program in such a professional and flexible way, that we didn’t feel to have lost anything. We really got a full coverage of Armenia and Georgia, 2 beautiful countries with unbelievable nature, delicious national cuisine and such an interesting history to get acquainted with.
Our guide Ara was such a nice guy, he was always very polite and punctual and took really good care of us. He was always open to new suggestions during the trip and some unplanned changes if we needed them. He really did a great job!!
Though we are vaccinated, I would like to mention the safest environment we were in during the whole tour. The hotels were first of all very clean, which made us feel safe and secure. The restaurants Tatev and Ara recommended were also keeping all the sanitary measures. We cannot complain in any of these aspects.
Thank you once again Tatev and the whole Arara team for making out time so special. We really needed that after more than a year of fear, lockdown and restrictions. Will recommend Arara to our friends and colleagues!

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Janice Powell

Hi Tatev, we have successfully reached home. What an amazing time we spent in your region. We will truly remember our hiking to Armenia and Georgia. Thank you for arranging our trip. Also, thank our guide Vardan for taking care of us. He was very polite and always provided hand sanitizers and face masks, although you gave us a bunch as well! We really enjoyed our hiking in Georgia too, the lakes were very beautiful, as you mentioned, so thank you for suggesting us having that hike. Overall, we really enjoyed our trip and have already passed your contact details to our friends, so check your email for new bookings!

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Bobbie Bishop

This was our second visit to Caucasus region and this time we travelled only in Armenia as the Covid situation here was the calmest. We weren’t sure if the trip will take place till we arrived to Yerevan. But luckily, everything went perfect. Our travel agent Sati made sure that we have all the details about covid requirements and restrictions. We were provided a bottle of hand sanitizer, masks and other necessary stuff to be protected throughout the trip. Arara has managed to provide excellent service for us. Our guide Haykuhi was very thoughtful and made sure we were feeling great throughout the trip. We visited a lot of places but the most favorite one was Noravank Monastery. Everyone should visit this magical place when coming here. Armenia is a great place to travel to and we will never get tired of being here.

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TSORAPi Emilia

Very good tour with variety of things to do and professional guides with good knowledge of the places and willing to help.

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Charlotte Gallaher

Dear Rima, As promised, I am sending you my feedback on the Silk Road Tour. We had an amazingly organized tour. You were supper helpful with your informative and follow up emails. Guides and drivers were ok, we did not have any issues with them, the same is with hotels. They were nice and clean with delicious breakfast. Please tell Arthur who was our guide one more time that we enjoyed our time with him. I am sure this was right choice of a tour package in terms of days and countries included in it. We have seen many monasteries, mosques, churches and fortresses. We experienced cultures, cuisines, which trust me is quite delicious. I recommend Arara tour to anyone who is looking for a company that can organize a vacation perfectly. With Love Charlotte.

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Cedric & Family

Hello, my family wants to thank Arara tour and especially Eduard who was our tour manager for organizing this amazing trip to Caucasus and Central Asia. Hotels were nice and clean, especially cascade hotel in Yerevan. Please also thank our guide Arnur in Kazakhstan, we are glad to be accompanied by him. What a beautiful countries Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are, culture, colorful mosques, architecture, traditions and of course food were life changing. Drivers were also professional and well organized. The funniest part for us was taking part in master classes. The wine tunnel in Georgia was shocking, I will never forget the panoramic view from Tatev Monastery, Bishkek city with its white houses and big Almaty lake was amazingly beautiful. One more time I want to thank and definitely will use your services again. I have sent you a small present, hope you will like it. Cedric & Family

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Chow Lee, Lau Mei, Alan Yu

Well, this was a very long, probably the longest tour that I have ever had in my life. We travel almost every year with my best friends and this time we decided to combine some countries. I want to thank Rima for being so helpful, full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s probably the only company whose managers contact you regardless of where you are. I really liked the group atmosphere, everyone was so friendly and nice to each other. Guides and drivers were pretty good, except the one in Turkmenistan, I think her knowledge of English was not enough. Despite we were staying at 3* hotel, all of them were centrally located and easy to reach the main sights. Staff was nice, breakfast was quite satisfactory. Now, back to Hong Kong, we are telling everyone about Arara and Rima.
Thank You!
Chow Lee, Lau Mei, Alan Yu
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