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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Ann Schmidt

I can’t believe that I have traveled to Armenia and Georgia with Arara tour agency and finally have done the Hiking tour. I have dreamt of doing this tour for several years. The ancient monasteries in both Caucasian countries are breathtaking. I was really amazed how both of these nations kept their national heritage. Would be happy to come back.

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Antonio Torres

Good afternoon Maria. Thanks for checking. Yes I am already at home. Thank you for everything, I am really satisfied with all the tour bookings, and of course our guides helped to make this trip even better.

I really liked the cuisine of the Caucasus countries and mostly Armenia. I kept hearing that Armenia is an open air museum, but I thought that it is so exaggerated, but then I reached the monasteries. I was really impressed by Garni and Geghard. Geghard monastery has the unic energy and atmosphere, the architectural solutions, which for me as an architect was really interesting to see and admire.

Thank you for having us.

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Simon Lucas

The trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia could have never been this amazing, as it has been with Arara tour. Thanks to our guides who arranged our time greatly in the three countries. The hotels were great with a high quality service and amazing staff. Looking forward to doing your other tours.

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Louis Diaz

Hi all. Those who have never been in the Caucasus, I highly recommend this tour. I had my trip in April 2022, and I can get over the memories which I have brought with me to Paris. Big thanks to my tour manager who was always in touch with me.

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Chris Williams

Hello dear Arara tour. My wife and I really enjoyed the classical tour to Georgia and Armenia. I really liked both parts, but I would like to highlight the food in Armenia. It was so tasty and delicious. Also we have made new friends during our tour: our guide and some group travelers.

P.S. Hello Vardan, Gourab, Yun, I hope I will see you again.

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Anna Petrova

The trip was excellent. Big thanks to the staff of Arara tour agency. Our tour guides, drivers and tour manager did everything to solve all the requests during the whole tour, even when our group was in Georgia. The food was delicious, but mostly we liked the wine tastings in both countries.

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Diana Martinez

Dear Arara tour company, I have successfully reached Barcelona, and I would like to express my big gratitude.

I am really satisfied with all the bookings which our tour agent made. The tour went well and our tour guides had big roles in it. I would like to come back in 2023 and experience other tours. Thank you again. I will recommend your company to my family and friends.

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David Flack

Thank you, Sati! Yes, all is well and the trip was fantastic! All three guides were wonderful and knowledgeable.

Great job overall!

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Kevin Hunt

Dear Tatev,

I returned to Canada on Friday (Douglas is still in Europe), after a most informative and enjoyable visit to Armenia and Georgia.

I write to thank you for all the organization of our visit, and through you, to thank our guides Arthur and Tazo. They both looked after us extremely well, and we benefited enormously from their knowledge and love of their respective countries.

Thank you for facilitating this enriching experience.

Kind regards, Kevin

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Douglas Fenton

From the time of our arrival in Armenia we were treated generously by all: transfer driver, hotel staff, guides and certainly Arthur. He is such a warm, kind, transparent fellow who is both knowledgeable about his country’s history, culture, religion and the many challenges it has endured. Throughout his comments were balanced and fair. Arthur is an exceedingly honourable man.

All hotels were good except the hotel by the lake in Sevan was perhaps a little too rustic. The view was great but the accommodation and food were not what we had come to expect. I’m sure it’s perfect for a summer holiday.

Upon crossing the border to Armenia we were met by the remarkable Tazo. He transferred us to Tbilisi and over the next several days showed us the history, culture, and religious life of the country. We had a great pleasure in meeting a 7th generation family of vintners and have a meal and an afternoon learning about wine making. It was a five-star experience.

Our best hotel was in Tevali at the Holiday Inn—it was a superb property. I would not recommend Tiflis in Tbilisi. The staff are charming, the rooms clean, but the walls very thin and the guests loud and obnoxious at all hours of the night. It was our own real disappointment and left us without rest for the next day.

I cannot leave without commending Tatev on facilitating our great trip even with the long wait through Covid.

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Stella Flynn

We enjoyed every sightseeing and meals. Both Sophie and Raffi are very professional and knowledgeable. Drivers drive safely and good. You are wonderful too. I will let you know when we are home safely.

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Claire Floriet

Dear Tatev,

I trust you are well. It's been some time since August but better late than never. I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and would recommend your tour agency to others. There are a couple of point that might help other tourists though:
1. Confirming gear: For the hikes it would have been good be more clear on the hiking gear in terms of what I should have brought with me and what the guide was providing.

2. Packing too much into a day: My itinerary was really packed and although it was very interesting and I enjoyed it, there were a couple of days where there were too many visits scheduled and I was literally running, despite an early start.

General feedback:
Both my drivers were good, with good vehicles but in general people drive a lot faster in Armenia and Georgia than many other countries are used to with respect to the posted speed limits.

Although there were many places of interest on my itinerary the highlights were the hikes and seeing the natural beauty of Armenia and Georgia. I also enjoyed trying the local food. People in both countries were very welcoming.

Thanks again Tatev for organizing an excellent trip.
Best regards,

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