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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Bernd Niemeyer

Dear Zara, Thank you for organising a fantastic trip for me. The itinerary was great for getting a first impression of the region and I will come back to explore at a slower pace more in depth. The guides were all great, but Ani, our guide in Armenia, deserves a special mention. She was the one of best guides I had anywhere throughout my 40-odd years of travelling!

Kind regards,

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Mark Delany

Hi Tatev, Thank you so much for getting Ms Ia as our guide. Ms Ia was everything you could want in a guide, incredibly knowledgeable about the history culture food and wine of Georgia. She was attentive and incredibly helpful organising little stops on the itinerary to cater to our individual wishes wether it was to visit Soviet era mosaics in Zestafoni or getting special wine to have with dinner. She was resourceful and had solutions for every problem. . In short she made our trip the most enjoyable journey
Kindest regards,
Mark Delany
PS : please feel free to use the above comments as you see fit and to divulge them to Ia

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Ana Petrou

Zara we are back home, for which I am sad for the first time in my life. What an amazing journey it was! Big thanks to you, our guides Tom and Ara, the hotels staff for such a memorable experience. I have shared our impressions with my friends and colleagues already, some already asked for your contacts for their future trip to these 2 fantastic countries. Arara Tour is the first local company I took a tour from, but one of the best tour operators I dealt with. Thanks for the quick and easy communication, planning and attention to every single detail. I liked both hotels – Tbilisi Inn and Cascade, perfect location, close to all main sites and restaurants in the center.
 Unfortunately we couldn’t see the inside of the Mother Cathedral in Armenia as it was under re-construction, from outside it was really impressive. Thank you again!

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Richard Lee

Both countries are home to rich cultural and historical traditions, as well as stunning natural landscapes, and this trip allowed me to explore all of it with ease. The guides, transport, and itinerary were all well-organized and perfectly met my preferences, making the trip stress-free and enjoyable from start to finish. The knowledgeable guides provided insights into the local culture and history. The guides were the best! Drivers Artek and guide Tazo were outstanding. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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Paul Lingle

This trip exceeded my expectations – amazing landscapes, nature, ancient monasteries and fortresses, the 3 countries must be in every traveler’s top list. Thanks Zara for everything. The only thing I would have changed is the overnight in the guesthouse in Roshka, I would have loved a camp overnight on this day too, let that be with less amenities.

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Bryan Kohberger

The planning of the tour was perfect, which is crucial when travelling to a new and unfamiliar place. This tour allowed me to focus on enjoying the sights and experiences without worrying about logistics. I read some news that it wasn’t safe in the region, what I saw is I could enjoy late night strolls around the cities, towns and villages.Caucasus is one of the safest spots I have ever been to with the most kind-hearted and hospitable people.

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Alexandra Baudon

Dear Tatev, Hope all well for you. All good for us thank you. I wanted to write a message to you. The trip was really great and we all enjoyed the discovery of Armenia. We spent a fabulous week and thank you for the preparation. All visite were fabulous and it was very intéressant to see the different regions. Our guide Marietta was really good and she always helped us for the translations with people. It was really nice to have her as a guide all along the week. The driver Karen was also really nice and very good driver. Everything was perfect and will recommand Arara Tour to my friends. I really hope you will have more French people visiting Armenia. In regards to hotels it was very good. We prefered the Cascade Hotel rather than the Central Inn as it looks more sovietic. The restaurants and lunches were all excellent and people very nice. We really liked their hospitality. Yerevan Tavern and Mayrig restaurant were really nice. We have also discovered Zeituna, we had diner outside and it was very nice and good food. We are now back to France will a lot of good memories. Thank you again for having organised this tour for us. Will post a comment soon on your website. Wishing you all the best for the future. Kind regards, Alexandra

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Brad Mitchell

Thank you for the tour organization; it was a success. We are not perfectly experienced hikers, but this was an amazing experience to find the hidden gems of these 2 wonderful countries. However beautifu Tbilisi and Erevan are, we particularly enjoyed our walk in the nature. Our tour itinerary was very well-planned with just a few overnights in the capitals, and mainly in regions. We had knowledgeable guides who knew the trails very well, we really felt safe. We also enjoyed our walk with the mountain guide Irakli to the Abudeluri lake (I am still having hard times to spell or pronounce the sites names). Definitely going to return sometime later with other interested friends to hike in Svaneti as well.

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Henry Scott

Thanks to Arara for this marvelous experience and for offering the best itinerary possible, it perfectly met our expectations. I enjoyed every aspect of the program, modern buildings in Baku, the mix of modern and old in Georgia and ancient Armenia. In the beginning we wanted to avoid many monasteries, but once there, we could feel the whole spirituality of the 1st Christian nation. This was truly unexpected.

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Darrell Aubert

 Thank you Arev for the tour you arranged for us! We had a fantastic experience. I enjoyed nature and food very much. Our guide Ara made us fall in love with the place. He made such interesting remarks on culture and even some local weird traditions, which was truly appreciated. I will send him my greetings too. The masterclasses were interesting, and I learned so much about the history I was never aware of. Overall, big thanks, and best wishes to you.

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Linda Haugen

Already back home, my kudos to the company for the amazing program, the small yet spiritually stimulating Armenia was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the time spent walking around the meadows and the old monastery complexes, and also big thanks to the guide for the illuminating history discourses.

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Corey Patterson

Overall, Caucasus was nice. I liked the hotels you chose for me. I had some wifi troubles, but it was fixed later. It may be problematic to travel on your own, since most of the locals in regions don’t speak English. Thanks to our guide we could do the shopping in the regions. Food in Georgia was simply delicious, though heavy, not for the ones who try to keep in shape, haha. The guides were highly professional indeed.

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