Guide/Lawyer/Arabic Language Teacher
Favorite site in the Caucasus
Most of all Raffi likes his homeland's capital Yerevan which inspires with its warm friendly atmosphere and unique specific architecture.
Why guide?
Working as a tour guide helped Raffi to see Armenia in a new, more beautiful way. He always wanted to show Armenian hospitality to the tourists traveling to Armenia and will always be happy to be your tour guide.
Random Facts
Raffi appreciates and respects the uniqueness of every human being. He adores sport, fun and social life, so he is always waiting to meet you to share some exciting times together.
Guide reviews

Susan and Kevin

Sati, thank you so much for your efforts to make our trip such a nice experience. We really liked our guide Raffi. He was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of interesting facts about the country and the wonderful historical sights that we visited. I particularly loved the Armenian food and the drinks. I want to specially thank you for organizing the visit to The Ararat Brandy, a famous cognac company in Armenia. We got to taste some really fine Armenian cognac, and I even bought two bottles to take back with me! Thanks again for everything.

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Katherine Rodriguez

My grandpa and I had a lovely journey in Armenia. We left the country with a profound appreciation for its history, culture, and warm-hearted people. The only inconvenience was that there were not any public restrooms near Selim Pass and also at Karahunj which frustrated my grandpa. But our guide Raffi warned us about it beforehand. By the way he was really helpful throughout the whole tour, and had a great sense of humor. Overall our tour of Armenia was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend Arara!

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Timothy Smith

Hi Sati Thanks for your email and for arranging the driver. Thank you for the wonderful trip. Everything was up to expectation except for one thing which was out of your control. I won't name it but it was a personality thing. Absolutely nothing to do with your company.

Thanks again,

Timothy Smith

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