Guide/Lawyer/Arabic Language Teacher
Favorite site in Armenia
Most of all Raffi likes his homeland's capital Yerevan which inspires with its warm friendly atmosphere and unique specific architecture.
Why guide?
Working as a tour guide helped Raffi to see Armenia in a new, more beautiful way. He always wanted to show Armenian hospitality to the tourists traveling to Armenia and will always be happy to be your tour guide.
Random Facts
Raffi appreciates and respects the uniqueness of every human being. He adores sport, fun and social life, so he is always waiting to meet you to share some exciting times together.
Guide reviews

Yi-Hwa Outerbridge MD

My husband and I had a Wonderful time in Georgia & Armenia on the Private Tour arranged by ARARA Tour.

After Research online I've contacted Arara Tour for information. Sati Ohanyan Senior Tour Manager immediately responded to my inquiry and made a suggested Itinerary to our visit. We were able to make our payment online with my AMX card few days prior to our trip without any issues.

After arrival to Tbilisi, Georgia late at night without our luggage ( the Airline left our luggage in Atlanta, Georgia) there was an issue I wanted to communicate with Sati. To my extreme suprise, she not only responded rapidly - she also made contact with others to make adjustments to our requests for the next day!

Our Georgian Tour Guides - Tazo and Sandro were both extremely competent, knowledgeable, friendly and with great commend of English. They were both very delightful and my husband and I considered they are our Friends now. 

We are also extremely grateful for Raffi to be our Tour Guide in Armenia.

We've traveled worldwide and he is one of the best Tour Guide ever!

He speaks perfect English ( he was educated in UK with a Law Degree) and he was Attentive, Kind, Intelligent and Extremely Knowledgeable about most subjects! My husband have some limited vision issues in dark places ( example: caves, dark indoor monastery), and he was extremely kind to assist him.

He definitely is a Rare Gem and An Great Asset to ARARA Tour Company.

I Highly Recommend ARARA Tour for your visits to the Caucasia Region!

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Ban Dobbins

We had a wonderful time in the Caucasus with Arara. I would say it’s more than a qualified agency with its fast responses and personal phone calls. I recommend all these three destinations to everyone. The organization, support and help from Sati was invaluable. Overall I can say that guides and drivers in all three counties were great, special thanks to Raffi, it was such a wonderful experience to be accompanied by him. The whole trip was fabulous except for one issue in Azerbaijan, where hotel service is lacking a little bit but I truly hope by the time when we will be back next year they will improve service. Georgia and Armenia were just gorged with full of hidden monasteries, crazy green and lush nature. Hotel in Yerevan Cascade was quite nice with the good stuff. We have been to all touristic spots and this was a lifetime experience.
Thank you,
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Marion Benac

Our trip was organized by arara company. We booked 17-day trip to Caucasus.  We were amazed by the beauty of Armenia. We were lucky to have raffi as our tour guide. He was very professional, experienced and helpful. We were surprised how delicious Georgian food is. Our guide Tazo recommended us having dinner in a traditional restaurant, to watch their traditional dances and listen to national songs. We were also having a blast in Azerbaijan. Our guide emil was very helpful.
We booked the trip with star hotels and liked all of them. It was an amazing trip, thank you for all the assistance. We highly recommend Arara tour.

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