Guide/Lawyer/Arabic Language Teacher
Favorite site in Armenia
Most of all Raffi likes his homeland's capital Yerevan which inspires with its warm friendly atmosphere and unique specific architecture.
Why guide?
Working as a tour guide helped Raffi to see Armenia in a new, more beautiful way. He always wanted to show Armenian hospitality to the tourists traveling to Armenia and will always be happy to be your tour guide.
Random Facts
Raffi appreciates and respects the uniqueness of every human being. He adores sport, fun and social life, so he is always waiting to meet you to share some exciting times together.
Guide reviews

Linda Tavernarakis

Guide: He was the best!  Excellent communication, language skills and tremendous information. Raffi made the tour fun and very interactive.
Driver: our drive was an excellent driver.  Only wished that he would have used the air conditioner rather than opening the window!
Car: The car/van was very suitable and comfortable.
Hotels: the City Hotel was awful and I appreciate being moved to the Boss Hotel which was great.  The other hotels were comperable to the Boss Hotel and were very comfortable.
What did you like best in your trip? visiting the monasteries
What didn’t you like in the trip? the first night in that awful hotel
What would you add to your trip? it would be great to add either as a standard or option to see traditional danacing and music
Would you recommend our company to your friends? absolutely!
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Marian Fernando

Dear Syuzanna,
I am back safely in Kuwait. Sorry that we were not able to meet. I was so fascinated with your country that I really spent my time enjoying up to the last hour before I went to the airport for my flight back.
To tell you in details, I liked the following:
1) Your friendly service and accommodating approach. From the beginning that I sent you inquiry up to the last conversation. You were very responsive. Thanks a lot for making my trip excellent!
2) Kantar hostel. Clean and nice hostel just like the reviews from Trip Advisor. Though breakfast every morning was almost all the same. But I still liked it. Friendly and helpful staff as well.
3) Raffy, the driver. He was very welcoming and friendly. He drived safely and came on time for my airport drop.
4) Tours. Very interesting and amazing locations. I enjoyed everything especially in Tsagkhadzor ropeway! Though I have only noticed that all tours were monasteries and old churches. Nevertheless, I still had a great time. If only I can stay longer.
5) Affordable restaurants. I was surprised on how affordable the prices in restaurants. I did not tighten my budget for food as everything was so cheap!
6) Free day. I enjoyed my free days exploring the city by myself. Thanks to your suggestions Syuzanna! I watched the show during the opening of Christmas fair in North Avenue and I even got featured on Bravo.am. Please see attached photos.
Meanwhile, I did not like the following:
1) FOOD ON THE TOURS. They should provide a better selection and variety of food. All four days of tour, I felt dismay about the food plus it is not even that delicious to be priced like that. Just being honest.
2) Smoking inside restaurants. I was totally irritated with the smoke in every restaurants.
However, in summary, I had a fantastic vacation. I would love to come back again next time and will be getting in touch with your agency when it happens. Definitely, I will refer you to my friends.

Thanks once again and all the best!

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