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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Albin Nowak

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Jimmy Palmer

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Alejandro Perez

Wonderful trip! Despite the difficulty of the route in some parts, we thoroughly enjoyed this pleasant experience. I would like to specially mention our guide Vardan who was extremely attentive and professional throughout the tour. Thank you sincerely!

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Josh Kim Tan

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Armenia before this trip, so this tour was a way for me to get acquainted with something new and unknown. Now I can confidently say that this is one of the most underrated countries that should be talked about much more. Absolutely unique landscapes, a breathtaking change from mountain steppes to forests when moving from one province to another, history coming to life before your eyes. Now I can fully understand what my guide meant when he said that “Armenia is an open-air museum”. The people here are also absolutely incredible. Probably nowhere have I met people so hospitable and good-natured even towards foreigners. Undoubtedly, I will keep the warmest memories in my heart of this trip.

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Evelyn W

I had doubts for a long time because of the impressive length of this package, but in the end, every second of this trip was fully justified. To plan such a long, intense tour while maintaining adequate pace and balance seemed like something fantastic, but Arara Tours coped with this task at a truly high level. Of course, there were some inconveniences during the trip, as we had domestic flights to move from one Stan to the other, but it was well handled. The hotels in the Caucasus were at better level than the hotels in the Stans, but not too big difference. The guides were good at English and had a deep knowledge of their countries. We enjoyed almost all the guides’ service, but were particularly happy with our guides in Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia. After the trip we still keep in touch in a hope that we will be back to your amazing regions in future. Thank you for an unforgettable trip!

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Leo Thompson

Dear Lilit, sincerely thank you for organizing this wonderful journey for me and my daughter. I’m already at home in Australia and can't wait to share my experience with my friends. Frankly, at the beginning, I was skeptical about the idea of ​​traveling in a group with strangers, but all my fellow travelers turned out to be surprisingly wonderful people and we had a great time in warm, friendly company. And both countries, of course, were wonderful in their own way. The 7500 y/o ancient observatory in Karahunj made the greatest impression on me, though. The hotels you chose for us were all good and centrally located. We particularly enjoyed the guest house in Dilijan with a nice homemade breakfast. Both tour guides Ia and Ani were knowledgeable and supportive.

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Khristina Smirnova

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for organizing such a fantastic tour to Georgia and Armenia! These both countries were like a hidden gem for me. I really enjoyed the colorful sights and hospitality of people. I would especially like to highlight the Noravank monastery, which unique beauty I greatly enjoyed as an architect. Our guide/driver Tazo in Georgia and Vardan in Armenia were simply fantastic, friendly, caring and very knowledgeable.

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Lia Wilson

Hello Ani, we are finally back home in Toronto after a long flight. We had an amazing trip to the Caucasus with my husband. You have been truly helpful and efficient and clearly provided us with the service we expected. I will definitely plan another trip with your company, maybe to the 5 Stans or Baltics. Thank you!

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David Johnson

Had an amazing journey to three Caucasian countries with Arara tours. The tour was planned thoroughly,
the itinerary was quite smooth and covered many breathtaking and interesting sights. The only problem
was periodically heavy traffic in Yerevan and Tbilisi, especially in peak hours, but it’s not a really big
deal as the hotels were centrally located. We enjoyed the evening walks around the capitals.
Special highlights of the trip were the guides, Inna, Luka and Raffi.

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Dave Roebuck

Thanks Hasmik. It has been an amazing trip. I have enjoyed it very much. This is a beautiful part of the world with an amazing history. All the guides have been absolutely brilliant. Thank you again.
I had such a great time and fabulous memories. I've been looking at all my photos and telling everyone to visit your region. I loved all the guides we had (Inna, Ia and Raffi) so much and the drivers were brilliant also. It was a great trip. Thanks so much.

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Matthew Werner

The trip really exceeded all my expectations! Breathtaking sights, tasty and delicious food, heart-kinded people! I would especially like to note our guides in all three countries. All of them were terrifically knowledgeable about their countries history and attentive to fulfill our requests and answer our questions. I have already recommended your company to my friends and colleagues.

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Susan and Kevin

Sati, thank you so much for your efforts to make our trip such a nice experience. We really liked our guide Raffi. He was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of interesting facts about the country and the wonderful historical sights that we visited. I particularly loved the Armenian food and the drinks. I want to specially thank you for organizing the visit to The Ararat Brandy, a famous cognac company in Armenia. We got to taste some really fine Armenian cognac, and I even bought two bottles to take back with me! Thanks again for everything.

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