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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Terry and Dianne

Hello Sati
Thank you for the reminder about our wonderful South Caucasus trip with Arara. We are now continuing our journey through Europe and are in Norway.
South Caucasus Trip Summary

We thoroughly enjoyed the 13 days touring the three small South Caucasus countries, straddling Western Asia and Eastern Europe, (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia), and highly recommend these countries for a bucket list. Sati, the office coordinator, of Arara Tours based in Yerevan, Armenia was a very good and prompt communicator. She organised the guided tour, separately contracted within each country. Everything went like clockwork, itinerary informative, all accommodation booked, daily tours on time, and the 18 to 21-seater Mercedes vans were comfortable. We did spend a lot of time in the vans to visit the sights.

Our guides Jay and Saddique in Azerbaijan were average. Our Georgian guide Sophie was fun, friendly and well-informed. But the best was Ani (Arni) our Armenia guide, a very well-educated lady in her 30s with impeccable English and a thorough knowledge of history, culture, religion, architecture and archaeology. Ani epitomised everything a guide should be and had translated for the Pope and other visiting dignitaries. Our group of 5 Americans, 2 Canadians and 3 Italians were fun to be with and we all got along very well.

Overall a wonderful experience and we highly recommend Arara Tours for planning and running a comfortable group tour for travellers over the age of 50 years. Thank you, Sati.

Terry and Dianne

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Julianna Henderson

Hi, Arara, me and my friends would like to express our sincere gratitude for one of the best trips of our
lives. We are really glad that we chose you to organize this trip. For me, this was one of the longest, but at
the same time the most colorful journeys I've ever had. I took a lot of photos full of unforgettable
memories, learned a lot about the history of the Silk Road and each country in particular. And what a
pleasure and fun it was taking part in master-classes! The wine tunnel in Georgia impressed me so much
that I couldn’t resist buying several bottles of wine, and in Armenia I couldn’t pass by all these colorful
dried fruits. The nature in Kazakhstan was breathtaking, Darvaza gas crater was the highlight in
Turkmenistan. Samarkand was one one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited. The guides were
brilliant and friendly.
And of course the fast and smooth communication with our tour manager Hayku was beyond praise.
Thank you!

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Tyler Brooks

The trip to all three countries was wonderful! I was really impressed by how quickly the tour coordinator
responded to all my requests and gave comprehensive answers to every question I had. I will definitely
consider traveling with you guys to the Central Asia 5 countries.
Highly recommend!

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Katherine Miller

Our trip was very well organized and balanced. The hotels were comfortable and convenient located in
the center of the cities and towns, so in the evenings we had the opportunity to enjoy a quiet and pleasant
walk. Special thanks to our guides in both countries, who always gave comprehensive answers to our
questions and were very helpful with advice on choosing restaurants and local dishes. We very much

enjoyed the overnight stays in the regions, rather than in the bustling capitals. Thank you again for the
lovely trip and memories.

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Chris Gallagher

Absolutely fascinating journey which I will definitely remember for long. We thoroughly enjoyed every
second of it, delicious food and awe-inspiring sights. Also had an opportunity to take many photos. The
only disappointment was the cloudy weather on the day visit to Khor Virap, as mt Ararat was not visible
in the clouds, so I couldn't take the desired pictures of the Mt Ararat view.

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Shaw Barragan

Dear Lilit, On behalf of the whole EBRD group that was coordinated by Ruth Smith, I want to thank you for fantastic two days trips. Ani has been absolutely wonderful. Her knowledge is amazing, the way she explains things very authentic and her company was an absolute pleasure. We could not have had a better guide and we are grateful that you selected Ani for us. We were also very pleased with the driver. Everything has worked out very well. We leave Armenia loaded with wonderful memories. Kindest regards, Maria Shaw-Barragan

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Paul and Janet Brown

We had a 17 day tour to the Caucasus last month and really felt regret heading back to our country. The
tour gave us many unforgettable memories, and even the broken conditioner in the hotel in Tbilisi
couldn’t spoil the highly positive impression we had as the hotel staff quickly managed the issue. Earnest
thanks to Arara tours for such a great experience!

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Tim Brandon

Dear Sati, I just wanted to thank you and the team. I had an amazing tour with Ia and Raffi they
were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, really excellent guides, everything was
taken care of.The group worked well together and we all enjoyed our time exploring and experiencing
these Countries. The food and wine was very good not to mention the amazing site's
and interesting history.
Truly a great holiday.
Take care, best wishes to you all.

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Douglas Mcintyre

Hi Sati, Thank you for your assistance which has been both informative and professional. We
very much enjoyed the tour guides in Georgia and Armenia they are a credit to your
company. Days in Azerbaijan were a bit chaotic and  long  in parts.
Pleased it picked up for us after that.
Kind regards
Douglas Mcintyre

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Albin Nowak

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Jimmy Palmer

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Alejandro Perez

Wonderful trip! Despite the difficulty of the route in some parts, we thoroughly enjoyed this pleasant experience. I would like to specially mention our guide Vardan who was extremely attentive and professional throughout the tour. Thank you sincerely!

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