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Hannah Smith

Thanks Arara for this once in a lifetime journey. During our tour I learned about Armenia's rich history, including the enduring spirit of its people in the face of challenges. The Genocide Memorial and Museum was a somber but important visit, reminding us of the resilience and strength of the Armenian nation. The accommodations on the tour were comfortable, and the logistics were well-managed, making the journey smooth and enjoyable. Our group became close-knit, sharing stories and making lasting friendships.

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Ana and Patrick

Our tour to Armenia was wonderful. Our guide Vardan was not just knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing the beauty of his country with us. The country itself is a true wonder, and I would highly recommend visiting Armenia to anyone who loves history, nature, and warm hospitality. It's a place that will leave you with wonderful memories and a desire to return.

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Angela Hilton

Hi Sati, our tour to Armenia I must say was an amazing experience. Armenia is such a beautiful country with a rich history, and I was thrilled to explore it. Our driver didn't speak English, which made me a bit nervous at first. However, our tour guide Anna who spoke excellent English helped us communicate with the driver whenever necessary. The food in Armenia is also something to rave about. I tried traditional Armenian dishes, and they were delicious. Don't miss out on trying dishes like dolma, lavash, and Armenian BBQ. And the local wine is a must-try!

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Sandy Sanders

Armenia is a wonderful place to visit. The country is full of history, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. You can explore ancient monasteries, taste delicious food, and enjoy stunning views. The only thing to keep in mind is that the traffic in Yerevan can be a bit chaotic in the mornings. But overall, Armenia is a great destination for an unforgettable trip. Thanks to my tour manager Ruslan who assisted us during the booking process and answered all of my questions efficiently and quickly.

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Robert Hall

Our tour to Armenia was absolutely fantastic! From start to finish, everything was well organized and hassle-free. The only thing that bothered me at the beginning was that the hotel breakfast was not gluten-free, and when we told our issue to the hotel staff, they were able to provide some gluten-free options for us which was really nice. Overall, I highly recommend this tour – Armenia is a very underrated country that people should explore!

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Jimmy Smith

Thanks Hasmik for providing a smooth and trouble-free travel experience. When my flight was delayed, you were quick to respond and efficiently rearranged my airport transfer. This tour was an incredible journey through Armenia's ancient history and natural beauty. A highly recommended, unforgettable experience!

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Sean and Nina Carter

Thank you Ruslan, this tour was an incredible adventure! We explored ancient monasteries, tasted delicious food, and met warm-hearted locals. A great way to uncover Armenian heritage and make lasting memories. Highly recommend it!

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Monica Johnson

Thanks Hasmik for organizing a tour of Armenia for us! Your country is a country with an incredibly rich history, and this tour allowed us to dive deep into it. The ancient monasteries, fortresses, and religious sites were awe-inspiring. Learning about the country's history, particularly the Armenian Genocide, was both emotional and educational. There was an issue that arose during the tour as related to weather conditions. When we had planned to revisit Khor Virap for the stunning view of Mount Ararat, we were met with unseasonably cloudy and overcast weather. The cloudy skies obstructed our view of Mount Ararat, which was a little disappointing. We cannot stop sharing our fantastic journey with our friends. Thank you for the great experience!

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Benjamin and Rose Jobs

Hi Ruslan, we are overall very satisfied with the tour. The locals in both countries were warm and welcoming. We felt like we were part of their communities, and we made some wonderful memories. The traditional food was a real delight, and we tried some unique dishes that we'll always remember. I also want to mention that there was a big accident on our way to Tatev but our driver was able to skillfully bypass the traffic. Our drivers and guides were great in both countries.

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Linda and Ben Jackson

Hello Tatev,we are finally back home after the long flights.  Armenia and Georgia are beautiful countries, and we got to see stunning landscapes, historic churches, and charming villages. The tour guides were knowledgeable and made history come alive for us. But, if there's one thing that bothered us a bit, it was the traffic in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It can get quite busy, especially during rush hours, and that made some parts of our city tours a bit slow. However, this is a minor issue compared to the overall experience. The highlight of our trip was the wine tasting. Both Armenia and Georgia have a long history of winemaking, and we got to taste some exceptional wines.

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Jessica Evans

Thank you Arara for organizing this amazing tour for me! Both countries offer delicious cuisine, warm hospitality, breathtaking landscapes, and rich culture! So if you are thinking of traveling to Armenia and Georgia, I absolutely recommend it. Our guide Sophie in Georgia and Raffi in Armenia were just amazing, both very organized and nice. Also, thanks to my tour manager Sati who kindly joined me for dinner on my last free day in Yerevan. We had a nice time there and talked for a few hours. It’s always nice to meet locals when you travel. Thanks for amazing memories!

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Francesca Russel

Thanks Ruslan for helping us throughout our whole journey. My two-week adventure in Armenia and Georgia was a true voyage of discovery. I really liked our tour guides in both counties. Ia in Georgia and Vardan in Armenia were both really knowledgeable and helpful. They also recommended really good restaurants for dinners. The walk from the Georgia to Armenia border took longer than expected, but it was totally worth it.

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