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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Austin Lee

We booked the Best of Armenia and Georgia tour with Arara in early May. We planned the tour in just a few days, but our tour agent helped us to arrange all the tour bookings. She was always there to help us. We really liked the delicious food, the prominent historical and cultural sites our guides showed us.

The hotels were of high quality with amazing services.

Thank you for this experience, dear Arara tour.

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Katya and Natasha

Greetings from Latvia. We enjoyed our trip and have successfully reached home.

The hotels were centrally located and comfortable. I liked the people who were really caring, especially our tour manager and guides who wanted to show us everything. Our guides helped us with the small basic stuff, such as buying a SIM card, exchanging the money, but it was really nice to notice that these people honestly wanted to take care of us. Many thanks and good luck.

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Richard Yun

I highly recommend this tour agency, as they know how to make travelers happy and satisfied. I want to thank the whole staff of Arara. I started my private tour in Azerbaijan, where I got  acquainted with the history and culture of this country, mostly I liked the Museum of Archeology. In Georgia I had a guide with a great amount of knowledge and introduced interesting stories about the history and the daily lifestyle of the locals. I also enjoyed the ancient monasteries in Armenia. It’s amazing how rich the architecture of this country is.

Best Regards, Richard

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Winston Hill

We thought that a 17 - day tour to the Caucasus would be tiring, but thankfully our tour manager Sati changed our minds, and we have completed an amazing journey. She took care of everything. This tour agency is a qualified one, which knows how to communicate with the tourists and politely answer their questions and requests. My brother and I are very glad that we had the opportunity to get to know you.

By the way I have also managed to give your email address to my friends, so wait for the new tour requests.

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Stephen Walter

Dear Tatev, as promised I am sending my feedback on the tour. Thank you for making my dream happen. At first I was cautious of traveling with unknown people, but later I really found it such a great experience to get along with people who now share the same memories as me.

We greatly enjoyed our hiking in Georgia. We had a lot of hikes around the lakes, which were really amazing.

The Arara tour agency arranged all my transfers both in Armenia and Georgia. And generally our guides were perfect, with professional knowledge which is so important in this tour.

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This winter my friend and I had a great experience by trying the hiking tour to Armenia and Georgia. Even though the tour is about hiking places, we also were amazed with the cultural sites. Our tour guide in Armenia Antuan is a professional hiking guide, he is such a handy person. He knows how to deal with difficult situations and keep the safety norms. And we were lucky to have made this tour with him.

As Armenia and Georgia are surrounded by highlighands, it was a great idea to make this trip in winter. One of the spots on my wish list is completed. I did the hiking to Mt Aragats, moreover with my childhood friend.

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Ann Schmidt

I can’t believe that I have traveled to Armenia and Georgia with Arara tour agency and finally have done the Hiking tour. I have dreamt of doing this tour for several years. The ancient monasteries in both Caucasian countries are breathtaking. I was really amazed how both of these nations kept their national heritage. Would be happy to come back.

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Antonio Torres

Good afternoon Maria. Thanks for checking. Yes I am already at home. Thank you for everything, I am really satisfied with all the tour bookings, and of course our guides helped to make this trip even better.

I really liked the cuisine of the Caucasus countries and mostly Armenia. I kept hearing that Armenia is an open air museum, but I thought that it is so exaggerated, but then I reached the monasteries. I was really impressed by Garni and Geghard. Geghard monastery has the unic energy and atmosphere, the architectural solutions, which for me as an architect was really interesting to see and admire.

Thank you for having us.

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Simon Lucas

The trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia could have never been this amazing, as it has been with Arara tour. Thanks to our guides who arranged our time greatly in the three countries. The hotels were great with a high quality service and amazing staff. Looking forward to doing your other tours.

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Louis Diaz

Hi all. Those who have never been in the Caucasus, I highly recommend this tour. I had my trip in April 2022, and I can get over the memories which I have brought with me to Paris. Big thanks to my tour manager who was always in touch with me.

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Chris Williams

Hello dear Arara tour. My wife and I really enjoyed the classical tour to Georgia and Armenia. I really liked both parts, but I would like to highlight the food in Armenia. It was so tasty and delicious. Also we have made new friends during our tour: our guide and some group travelers.

P.S. Hello Vardan, Gourab, Yun, I hope I will see you again.

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Anna Petrova

The trip was excellent. Big thanks to the staff of Arara tour agency. Our tour guides, drivers and tour manager did everything to solve all the requests during the whole tour, even when our group was in Georgia. The food was delicious, but mostly we liked the wine tastings in both countries.

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