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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Mel Loynd

The tour went well. The guides were able to adjust to our unusual requirements (give us the info about the sites before we arrive) and they were fun, friendly and flexible.Sophie had no knowledge of the request to bring small denomination Georgian lari, but it wasn't a huge problem. The vehicles were clean, modern and were driven well, after we requested the drivers not to take phone calls while driving. (In our countries, it is illegal to use the phone while driving).

Accommodations were mostly nice.

Thanks for making the tour happen. We would recommend ARARA to our friends.

Best regards,

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Julia F Moore

Hi tatev, we are back to Australia and wanted to write a feedback about the wonderful trip you have organized for our family. I have a few comments which I think might be helpful for you.
1. The guides were great. We can’t thank you enough for hiring Ani as our tour guide in Armenia. She is truly a jewel. Please pass our greetings to her. We also liked our Georgian guide Alex. The only comment I have here is with the guide in Azerbaijan. His English was poor, but we understand that locals can’t speak Native English. It was not a big deal for us.
2. The hotels you picked for us were wonderful. The best one was probably Doubletree in Yerevan. In Signaghi you have booked Holiday inn for us, which was nice too, however we had to wait a bit longer than usual for checking in. There was a big group which caused the issue, I think in this case it is better to have 2 people working in the front desk. I understand that you can’t manage this, however, they should improve their service.
3. The drivers were good too. We felt very safe in each country. Although in Azerbaijan the van was a bit smaller than in the other two countries. We packed a lot of stuff with us as we had more than 2 weeks in Caucasus and had to be in Russia next, but the cars in Armenia and Georgia had bigger luggage space.
Hope this comments will help you. Overall, the trip was remarkable. Thank you for all the arrangements. We have already started showing our photos to relatives and recommending your company. So wait for emails from our friends. Best of luck, Julia.

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Margaret Edwards

We booked 20-day trip to Armenia Azerbajan and Georgia this summer with Arara . Our tout coordinator Sati was amazing with all her help. We were lucky to meet her in person in Armenia and express our gratitude. The trip was very interesting with lots of visits to touristic destinations. We especially liked Garni Temple. The view of the gorge was breathtaking.
Our Georgian guide was the main highlight of the trip. He was very funny, knowledgeable and helpful. We will remember Sandro for a long time.
Azerbaijan was quite nice. We didn’t except Baku to be that Beautiful. We bought many souvenirs from local shops in each country. Make sure to hide your Armenian souvenirs in Azerbaijan border as the customs officers can take them away from you. 
We will definitely reach out to Arara again for another trip. Central Asia maybe? How knows

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Marion Benac

Our trip was organized by arara company. We booked 17-day trip to Caucasus.  We were amazed by the beauty of Armenia. We were lucky to have raffi as our tour guide. He was very professional, experienced and helpful. We were surprised how delicious Georgian food is. Our guide Tazo recommended us having dinner in a traditional restaurant, to watch their traditional dances and listen to national songs. We were also having a blast in Azerbaijan. Our guide emil was very helpful.
We booked the trip with star hotels and liked all of them. It was an amazing trip, thank you for all the assistance. We highly recommend Arara tour.

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Alegra Jenkins

I had a wonderful time in Armenia. The country is beautiful and everyone I met was very friendly and helpful. My Guide was excellent and all the details of my trip were well considered.

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Aurora King

I enjoyed the excellent itinerary and a great value for the price. This trip far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it.l

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Steve jones

Excellrnt tour ! Excellrnt service from Arara ! Thanks Tatev

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John Henry Morgan

I did the 3 country tour to Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Not only would I highly recommend these destinations, I would recommend Arara Tours every time. In fact, I have already recommended Arara Tours to friends of mine. The organisation, support and help from start through to finish has been second to none. Totally professional. I consider myself a reasonably experienced traveller of about 90 countries, and would go so far as to say that Arara Tours has been the best travel company I have ever travelled with. So....I would highly recommend Arara, and wish to thank Tatev, the guides and drivers, for making this an extremely enjoyable trip.

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Estelle de Wet

Overall I can only give my highest marks for a super tour. Administration great, guides in Armenia and Azerbaijan were great, but Ana in Georgia could still work a little bit on her overall knowledgecof the country.
If I may, I would suggest something about the lunches: I know that the guides would like the tourists to experience the local foods, but with the translation of the menues, etc, it took everytime more than an hour in our already packed day. Do not get me wrong: we loved every detail they showed us, but we could perhaps saved time by getting a take away somewhere??? This is just a suggestion... everything was so well thought through and planned.

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Santie Dold-Chapman

An experience i have waited for in great anticipation! Arara Tours make me live my dream... Armenia with Raffi....such a wonderfull experience to see Armenia through his eyes! Georgia with exiting time with a young and exciting guide with great insight! Azerbaijan...could not have asked more than for somebody as thoughtful and efficient as Inna!!
My tour to the Caucasus, organised by Tatev and her team, was a dream come true!!!
Thank you all for making every moment count ....with every team in every country doing their best for us!
I will spread the word to my friends, and tour buddies in South Africa....
God's richest blessings on everybody that fulfilled my dream tour!!
Thanks again

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Dana Land

The trip was fabulous overall with only a few issues:
1. Our Guide in Georgia (Anna) had fair English but did not understand questions asked of her since her answers did not always seem appropriate. Additionally she offered almost no history or background information as we traveled. Her time management was also lacking, as we arrived at destinations increasingly behind schedule. All of this made our trip to Georgia quite frustrating.

2. Having our travel companions in four hotels in Yerevan caused our pick up time and drop off to exceed an hour each morning and again each afternoon wasting considerable time, as we were the first picked up and the last dropped off each day.

On the other hand our guides in Armenia (Raffi) and Azerbaijan (Ena) were superb, excellent English, time management, knowledge of the area and its history, and leadership. We have been on many similar trips and these two were among the best any where!! The three drivers were also very skilled and kind. The hotels were very nice also.

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Kathryn Land

We are back in the USA as of yesterday. Thank you for the good care that you have taken to stay in touch with us from the very beginning of our tour inquiries. I truly appreciate your extra efforts to purchase the tickets for the overnight train from Baku to Tbilisi. That worked great and we actually slept very well as we traveled

We are still “on the road” with a visit to our son and his family before flying home on Wednesday. All in all, our experience was very good. Our group of 12 from four different continents was joyful!!!! All three countries we visited are are rich in culture and history. WE LEARNED SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Again, THANK YOU!!!!! For taking good care of us.

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