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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Philip Gilbert

Thank you Maria. You arranged one of our best trips ever. Enjoyed every single part of our Caucasus trip, comfortable hotels in the city center, delicious cuisines, and breathtaking sites. Thank you once more. Best wishes

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Taylor Smith

Hi Sati! How are you? We are in Qatar now, visiting our son here before going back home to Illinois. Our group wants to thank you again for all the trip arranegments. We had a fantastic time in your area. We really liked all the sites you put for us in the tour itinerary, the nature, food all was magificent. We drank water from the water fountains in Armenia, I still remember its taste, never tasted such water, we brough a few bottles with us. Really liked how comfortable the car you chose for our group; it helped to pass some of the rough roads with ease. The only issue we had was with the air conditioner in the Sheki hotel, though I can't mention how quickly the hotel staff solved it. I would definitely recommend your agency to anyone who wants to have a great experience in the Caucasus. Some of my friends are already interested!

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Janet and Stephen Murphy

First, Emma, we wanna thank you and Arara team for the care we got before and during the whole tour. We appreciate your detailed and quick communication. Also, thank you for prioritizing our needs and preferences. As for the tour, I liked how the whole trip was organized and entertaining. Our guides in all the countires gave us good insight into the history and culture of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. We had a wonderful opportunity to meet the locals in Armenia, these were people I would talk to endlessly and enjoy their company, truly hospitable and welcoming. First when we read the news that the Azerbaijan-Georgia land border is closed, we were really devastated thinking we had to postpone our tour again, but Baku-Tbilisi flight transfer was the perfect solution to make our tour happen and keep the smooth flow of our tour. In short, those 21 days were worth it; my spouse and I are very satisfied. Hope to be back to your region one day!

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Frank Van de Craen

Best hotel in Baku, but noisy outside in the evening ! Switch of hotels in Tbilissi, then equally good as in Baku. Good hotel also in Yerevan. TV in the room: limited English speaking channels in Baku, sufficient ones in Tbilissi, none in Yerevan !
OK drivers, the one in Georgia was sometimes speeding. I sprained my hip (lightly) on a bump in Georgia (coming back from Kazbek mountain).
Good quality guides in the three countries. Inna in Azerbaidjan was the most talkative. Sophie in Georgia was a bit less good in the details. Raffi in Armenia liked to tell anecdotes (contents of truth not always verifiable).
Overall organisation pretty good. Connections with the outside world unfortunately not good at all ! Very bad arrival and departure times and expensive tickets.

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Partner fro Brazil

 Good morning Maria!  Thank you for your message.  I received news from the guests, as they arrived in Yerevan.  Yes, they are very satisfied and having a good time.  They are posting nice pictures on Facebook. They are very pleased with the guide Ani in Armenia. Thank you very much for your assistance!

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Chris Rhead

Sati Thank you. I have really enjoyed the trip and the great things we have seen on our journey

Particular thanks must go to Levon our guide in Armenia. Also to the mountain guide Barsho, for the one day in the mountains in Georgia and to the 2 drivers all of whom did a brilliant job



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Lane Martin

The Georgia and Armenia Highlights Tour was one of the best trips I have ever taken. AraraTours we’re flawless in there arrangements and the guides, accommodations, meals, itinerary perfect. Thank you for taking care of me and showing me these two gems.

Reviw on Tripadvisor

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Olga Kochetkova

A fantastic journey to Georgia and Armenia to discover
Caucasian lands, people, nature, history and culture! I thank a lot my manager Mary who made it comfortable, safe and easy. Mary is a helpful, friendly, warm-hearted person who communicates professionally and does her best to feel her tourists a real hospitality of the Georgian and Armenian people. I appreciate a lot as well our guides and drivers - Temo, Sophie and Valery in Georgia and Raffi and Vagram in Armenia - they were intelligent, joyful, experienced and kind to all members of our group and we spent unforgettable moments together. We visited lots of interesting historical and cultural places in different regions of the countries, enjoyed breathtaking views of Caucasian nature, got acquainted with people and their customs and traditions, tasted best wine and delicious food and even danced national dances))

iI really enjoyed my journey and international company and would recommend this tour to anyone

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Paul and Jenny Robinson

Sati, we just got back home tired after the long flights and layovers. But it was worth after having this amazing time in your region. None of my friends have traveled to the Caucasus but all of them are already very interested in visiting the 3 countries after I showed our pictures and shared some experience. Thanks for the perfect organisation of the trip. We liked our guides, the drivers were also good and careful on roads, which made us feel comfortable and safe. We had a long drive from Georgia to Armenia but it was tolerable as we had stops at great sites, the Haghartin monastery complex, Dilijan and lake Sevan, the latter I rank one of my top favorite sites in the Caucasus. Though it was good that we avoided the long drive from Baku to Tbilisi because the land border was closed. I liked the flight transfer option more. So I would say it was even better the land border did not open. You may offer this option to the other groups as well later who do not like long drives. We bought lots of gifts for our friends and family members including the Armenian brandy Ararat, you know, they want to order more now. Wish you all the best Sati and Arara team. My friends will contact you directly for their Caucasus trip in 2023.

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John Deere

I did a last minute booking for the Azerbaijan Georgia and Armenia group trip. But you guys wete truly flexible and managed to make all my arrangements properly. Thanks for arranging the flight from Baku to Tbilisi as the land border remained closed by our tour dates. The flight and transfers were very well organized and our drivers and guides met us on time. Raffi in Armenia and Tazo in Georgia were excellent guides, very knowledgeable and good at their job. They answered all my questions and recommended very good restaurants for lunch and dinner. Overall I had a fantastic trip. Thank you Tatev for all your hard work. 

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Laura Werner

Thank you for the perfect organisation of the Caucasus trip, Maria! We enjoyed the tour very much. The transfer from Baku to Tbilisi by flight was a wonderful option and very comfortable. Our group thought that it's even a more preferable option than traveling by land. So you can use it when the land border is open. Our guides were magnificent, all very passionate about their country. Our drivers were professional and we felt safe. The only thing that needs improvement - roads, in some regions they were quite bumpy. Unfortunately we did not have much time to explore Yerevan more after the tour as our flight out was leaving very early, but we loved this city. Definitely going to be back some day with more friends.

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Matt P

Very satisfied with Arara. My Armenia adventure included hikes through beautiful landscapes, monasteries, fortresses, villages, mountains and waterfalls. The tour offered a great view of many different regions while enabling our group to experience delicious foods and great hospitality. Our guide, Vardan, was not only knowledgeable, but a fun companion who made sure that we had everything we needed while providing great insights into the culture and places that we explored. Thanks Arara for a great experience!

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