Guide in Georgia
Favorite site in the Caucasus
Temo's favorite site in Georgia is Kakheti
Why guide?
For Temo it is always a pleasure to be an ambassador of his country, Georgia. He loves to meet people from different nations. For him it’s an honor to be a guide.
Random Facts
Temo's experience in the tourism industry started in 2014. He leads our classical, gastronomic, and wine tours. He is also an experienced trekking guide. Temo loves traveling himself as well and he has already covered more than 20 countries!
Guide reviews

Katherine Miller

Our trip was very well organized and balanced. The hotels were comfortable and convenient located in
the center of the cities and towns, so in the evenings we had the opportunity to enjoy a quiet and pleasant
walk. Special thanks to our guides in both countries, who always gave comprehensive answers to our
questions and were very helpful with advice on choosing restaurants and local dishes. We very much

enjoyed the overnight stays in the regions, rather than in the bustling capitals. Thank you again for the
lovely trip and memories.

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