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Madeleine & Kevin

Dear Tatev,
thanks for all your help and support during this long and enjoyable tour. I am very happy with my decision travelling with Arara tour. My husband and I wanted to celebrate our 50th anniversary in a very special way and I suddenly found your Silk road tour. Everything was well organized, guides and drivers were knowledgeable, hotels were clean and nice. We just had a small issue in Baku with hotel service but thanks to Tatev she figured it out very easily. We had an amazing time specifically in Uzbekistan and Armenia. What a beautiful country Armenia is, I really like what Armenians call lavash, it’s soft and very light. We could not just imagine how different these countries are from one another despite the fact of being so close. We are satisfied and planning to come back with our grandchildren next year.
Thanks one more time,
Madeleine & Kevin
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I would like to thank Arara for this amazing tour we had. We really enjoyed travelling with your company. Sati was always ready to answer our phone calls, even having video chats with my family, since we wanted to make sure everything will go right. I took lots of photos and as soon as I finish with editing, will send you our pictures. We really liked Armenia, its architecture, cuisine, people and monasteries. I could not imagine that Uzbekistan will be so colourful, the mosques, traditions are not like in any other countries. Masterclasses, wine tastings made the trip even more enjoyable, I bought 2 bottles of wine from Armenia and famous Georgian cheese to enjoy them later at home. Our guides and drivers were perfect. Hotels were centrally located with nice and clean rooms.
We are astonished and definitely will recommend your services to our friend and relatives.
Thanks for this fantastic experience,
Cheers, Dannie
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Jack Waley

At the beginning, we thought 26 days will be tiring but after talking to Sati we have decided to book it with Arara. Everything went good from the beginning till the end, she had chosen guides with perfect knowledge of English and History. Besides, guides were advising us where to eat, where to spend our free time. The hotel were exactly what we have requested, clean, with a nice view. We really enjoyed being in Armenia, its wine, cousin and traditions are marvellous. From now one dolma is my favourite meal, wineries were also interesting. I did know that Armenians were one of the first countries that were making wine. I defiantly recommend this tour package and Arara services to everyone.
Thank you one more time,
your friend from Australia Jack.
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Ban Dobbins

We had a wonderful time in the Caucasus with Arara. I would say it’s more than a qualified agency with its fast responses and personal phone calls. I recommend all these three destinations to everyone. The organization, support and help from Sati was invaluable. Overall I can say that guides and drivers in all three counties were great, special thanks to Raffi, it was such a wonderful experience to be accompanied by him. The whole trip was fabulous except for one issue in Azerbaijan, where hotel service is lacking a little bit but I truly hope by the time when we will be back next year they will improve service. Georgia and Armenia were just gorged with full of hidden monasteries, crazy green and lush nature. Hotel in Yerevan Cascade was quite nice with the good stuff. We have been to all touristic spots and this was a lifetime experience.
Thank you,
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Madlende Dewata

I highly recommend this Caucasus tour and Arara tour agency because prices are competitive and service quality is very high. Tatev who was our manager recommended me to join a group tour, which I have never expected to be that fascinating. We were a group of 8 people from 8 different countries, through this tour I have experienced new friends.
Each country had its story and places where you can relax. In Georgia Svaneti with its towers was memorable and city Signaxi with its old renovated buildings. Armenia was special with its wine and vodka making. I remember in Garni some villagers welcomed us with apricot vodka and gata, which was very nice from their side. Gyumri was unforgettable with its old historical buildings. There was also this old barbershop which was not even renovated and even presidents had haircut there.
Hotels were nice and clean, moreover situated in the centre of the cities and close to all restaurants and public places. What I like I Arara is that they call you ad respond you massages very promptly.
Thank you!
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Adalberto & Agueda

Hello from Portugal, we are back home safe and sound! Wanted to thank our tour manager Rima who was always patient to answer all our questions and was a key part of journey success. Wherever we go my son complains about the food, lack of services and that tour includes lots of theory however he keeps telling me the Caucasus was perfectly organized.
We really enjoy being in these 3 countries and of course, each one is unique in its way. We enjoyed mosques in Azerbaijan, besides Gobustan, was memorable. But personally I think since it’s a newly established country everything is just modern and that’s it. Georgia was about a mixture of modern - old architecture, lots of cheese and khachapuri. Armenia is the place where we really wish to come back, people, nature, culture and traditions are not like anything in any other countries. I will never forget the picturesque view from Tatev University Church and the longest cable care, which goes into the canyon.
Our guides and drivers in 3 countries were perfectly prepared. Special thanks to Sandro who also organized my son’s birthday, which was very nice of him.  Drivers were polite and punctual and even in Armenia our guide Arthur took us places which were not included in the program, so if you happen to be in Armenia make sure you will meet many hospitable people like him. Hotels were clean, the staff was well organized and polite.
Best Wishes,
Adalberto & Agueda
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Tess McMahon

We had a private tour to Caucasus with Arara organized just for the three of us! Everything was organized at high level, the guides were brilliant with good command of English and knowledge of their countries. Ani in Armenia was very professional, pleasant and comfortable to be with throughout the whole touring in Armenia. Sophie in Georgia was just exceptional!! Altay in Azerbaijan did a great job with an individual approach to all of us. We had a private coach with very safe drivers.
We liked almost all the hotels we stayed in, particularly the locations were great giving us freedom of exploring the cities ourselves after the tours.
We are very early planners and started the preparations of the tour back in March. And Tatev was very responsive and professional to our requests during all those months.
We have already recommended Arara to our friends and hope to travel with them again. The trip was surely one to remember!!

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Janene F Cheung

I'd reached out to a number of companies for help with bookings and accommodations for our trip to Caucasus.. I contacted Arara tour and got exactly what I wanted. Definitely worth for anyone wanting first-class service, attention to detail and highly qualified staff. The tour itself was great. All arrangements and transportations were properly organized. All the drivers and guides were experienced and very helpful. I can warmly recommend Arara to all travelers who want to visit Caucasus.

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Mary Woltamnn

We did a group tour to Caucasus with Arara this September. During the preparations we had a lot of correspondence and Sati was always helpful and very responsive.
The hotels were very comfortable with very helpful and friendly staff. What I especially liked about Arara and its guides was that they made sure I saw the important destinations and sights. Our guide in Armenia was Avet, he was a very special guide with wonderful personality. Alex was also an exceptional guide with his excellent knowledge of Georgian history.
We will certainly recommend Arara to our friends and family!

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Tecwyn Vaughan Jones

Overall an excellent tour...we had three guides and three drivers a so difficult to give a rating as they were all very different people...I enjoyed very much indeed and tge help received from Tatev preparing for the trip was prompt, comprehensive and excellent service...

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Beth McMahon

We truly enjoyed our tour to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Our tour agent Eduard was very helpful and responsive. The service we had was of the highest quality. All the hotels were very comfortable and centrally located and we had a chance to explore the cities by ourselves. Our guides: Ara in Armenia, Sandro in Georgia and Ina in Azerbaijan couldn’t have been better. All the drivers were on time and very professional. We felt very safe with them. The whole trip was brilliant, and Caucasus is a wonderful region to visit. I have been recommending this trip to all my friends from the first day we started the trip.

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Lesley Hollinshead

Hi. I'm now back in England, and just wanted to thank you for everything you did to allow us to become acquainted with Armenia and have such a fantastic holiday. It was wonderful, and impossible without the help of Arara and our guide, Vartin. Responsible Travel have asked for a review, which I've provided, and I've reviewed Hotel Apricot on Trip Advisor. Many thanks and good luck. Arara deserves to do well. Best wishes,
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