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Bruce Warwick

Hello Sati just to let you know that I made it home okay. No surprises this time everything went well. Thank you again for everything. The hotels you choose for me were great and the guides and tours were outstanding. I will gladly recommend you and your company. Thanks again for being right there when the surprises came up.

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Guido B.

Good morning Tatev!! I really enjoyed my stay and I am fascinated by your country and culture. Undoubtedly wonderful! I have very much appreciated the service provided by you and Ara: really very good professional service! I have already some friends asking suggestions since would like to visit and will share your contact

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Chris Keane

My wife and I traveled to Armenia with Arara tours last month. We spent 2 weeks in the country exploring its capital and regions with so many beautiful mountains, lakes and forests. Our trip was organized by Sati, our local travel agent. She was very punctual, attentive and caring during the whole communication, as well as when we actually got there. Our guide Haikuhi was such a nice young woman with good English and communication skills. She could really deliver the whole information to us in an engaging way. The hotels were mostly nice and comfy. We prefer smaller hotels with calming and comfortable atmosphere. Most hotels in our tour where of this standard and had a great service.
If you wish to cover the whole country without rushing, explore every corner and get to know its history, this trip is just perfect for you.
We are going to recommend Arara tours to anyone interested in visiting the Caucasus. And hope to travel to Georgia and Uzbekistan with you once we have time. Thank you for everything once again!

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Fiona Quinn

Can’t believe we finally could make this trip. We planned to travel to Georgia and Armenia back in 2020 but the pandemic cancelled all of our plans. Finally we were able to travel in April after getting the vaccine.
Armenia turned out to be an absolute delight. The history and the journey this country has gone through is terrifying. It’s beauty has no limits, we were enchanted by the nature and views in Dilijan, the breathtaking Khor virap and Hagpat monasteries...
The services are of high quality, the hotel was very good located, near Cascade complex, all the sites nearby and easy to reach.
Georgia was a country of contrasts and captivating beauty. We very much liked Telavi, the cozy wine town where we had a memorable excursion to the Kareba Winery. This was an experience to remember.
As for the guides, both Ani and Tazo were amazing. Very professional, hard working and enthusiastic young people who would make you fall in love with their countries.
Thank you Arara team for organizing our holidays in your special region.

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Janet Millar

We recently traveled to Armenia and Georgia with Arara tours. Sati, our tour coordinator was very easy to deal with. She made any modifications we requested to make the tour suit us. We had high standard vehicles in both countries, which was one of the most important things in such a trip. Both of our guide-drivers were very punctual, safe and easy-going. We made friends especially with Ara in Armenia. Hope to meet him when he is in New York.
Hotels were very good located giving us the freedom to stroll in the evenings. The staff was very nice and very quickly changed our room, as we didn’t like the view. Thank you Sati for your quick response to this and all the other minor issues we encountered during our trip. We do appreciate your skills much.
Georgia was amazing and our personal favorite. We plan to visit it again in the future with our friends. And Arara will be the only agency we will trust and contact. Great job!

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Melissa Muddle

Dear Tatev, Hope you are fine. We have safely returned home last week. Thank you for such a good organization of our holidays despite the ongoing pandemic in the world. Armenia is a country of mysterious atmosphere, incredible nature and hospitality. We were met with kindness and smiles everywhere. Meeting the locals, spending time with them and listening to their stories was one of the highlights of our trip. Vardan is a great guide, very caring and attentive. We got to know his family as well, as he was so nice to invite us to dinner. He was a very safe driver as well. The roads can be tricky sometimes as we had off-road in our routes. Now I can say it was worth it, as the scenery and views were unbelievable.
I am going to recommend your company to all my acquaintances who are interested in such a trip.

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David Jacob

I recently returned from a 20 day private tour arranged by Arara tours to Armenia & The Republic of Georgia .
It was a fantastic trip. My trip coordinator at Arara, was Tatev . She listened carefully to everything I requested in terms of things I wanted to see, activities and hotel accommodations. Everything was arranged perfectly despite the COVID situation.
The ancient Monasteries in Armenia are breathtaking. And the hiking in Dilijan National Park in Armenia was invigorating. Learning the history and culture from my excellent guides in both Armenia & Georgia was great. It’s hard to believe the diversity of landscapes in Georgia. Snow capped mountains and fast running rivers. Armenia & Georgia are also well known for their high class wines .
In summary, Arara tours & Tatev put together a very wonderful custom tour of 2 fascinating countries with beautiful landscapes and incredible history.
Thank you !

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Carolyn Hardman

We had this trip in mind for a long time and could finally accomplish it with Arara Tour this spring. Both me and my friend are good hikers and conquering Azhdahak pick was a great achievement. Our guide Antuan was very professional, caring and enthusiastic throughout the whole trip. He was too punctual and started the tours early in the morning for us to have the best views during the day at every destination. We enjoyed camping organized quite nicely at Blue lake and Vank lake. We were provided with lunch boxes and dinners during all camping days which made it very comfortable for us. And we experienced some unforgettable views in the mornings with a cup of hot coffee.
Our time in Armenia left us with many beautiful lifetime memories. Once again many thanks Arara and everyone involved in the company for this amazing trip.

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Pam Green

We have happily returned to Switzerland after spending 2 weeks in Armenia and Georgia. Arara travel agency in Armenia organized the whole tour for us starting from airport pick-up when we arrived. I can now say that everything was thoroughly taken care of, every detail was well-thought.
We stayed at the nicest hotels with professional staff and amazing views. Most of all we loved the atmosphere and breakfasts at Tufenkian Yerevan and Dilijan hotels. Gino Wellness Rabath in Akaltsikhe was another highlight of the trip. We enjoyed the spa there at its finest.
We had 2 amazing guides in 2 countries – Ara in Armenia, and Tazo in Georgia. Both of them were passionate fans of their countries and could give all the feels to us. They were quite punctual and took good care of us. We also tried this delicious fish near Sevan lake which Ara recommended.

Overall we are satisfied with the trip and will surely recommend Arara to our friends.

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Lisa Martin

Me and my husband traveled to Armenia for a short trekking trip, the main highlight of which was Aragats Mt. Thank you Arara for making our lifetime trip happen! Conquering Aragats was on our wish list for a long time.
Sati did an amazing job during our whole stay in Armenia. Our guide Antuan was a perfect match for us. A professional hiking guide with many years of experience in the whole region. He was very flexible with our needs and made the tour pace suit us. We are not such an experienced hikers, but the hiking level is quite moderate and available to everyone with a wish to climb Aragats mount. The camping conditions were also satisfactory, everything was neat and clean.
We have already recommended your company to everyone we know and will come back to you sometime in the future for a tour to Georgia or Central Asia as discussed with Sati.

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Paul H.

The trip was just fabulous! So much to mention, I don’t even know where to start. Our guide Haikui and driver Robert were very caring and attentive. Haikui is very energetic, knowledgeable and full of love towards her country. Her engaging way of transferring the information was so interesting and pleasant. And Robert was a safe and professional driver, we really appreciated that.
We liked almost all the hotels included in the tour. Actually we prefer small and cozy hotels more like Armenia guesthouse in Dilijan, that is why some big chain hotels were of less preference. Though they had professional staff and all the facilities inside, this was quite convenient.
Armenia turned out to be an astonishing country with so much to offer! During our trip we were happy to visit many regions which let us catch the unique atmosphere of the country. Ah, and we met so many hospitable locals. They were always so friendly and kind. These experiences were always the best during every trip we had.
We are back to the UK with warmest memories about Armenia and hope to be back to this beautiful part of the world one day. Will recommend Arara to our friends, relatives and anyone interested in visiting Armenia!

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Amy Peacock

I did the 14-day tour to Armenia with Arara. The sightseeing spots included in the tour were amazing and so captivating. The program was very well structured to cover most of Armenia. The team did a great job from beginning till the end. The email correspondence with Tatev went smoothly, she was quick in responding and very flexible during the communication process. I had this professional and experienced guide Arthur, who was amazing in every aspect. I am rather an experienced traveler and have met many tour guides throughout my trips. And I can confidently say that Arthur in Armenia is one of the best. I highly recommend Arara tours and once again want to thank Tatev and the team for making this happen!

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