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If you decided to Travel to Armenia, please have a look at our travelers feedback below. If you feel need to communicate with them we can provide their emails after getting their permission. 

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Mary Woltamnn

We did a group tour to Caucasus with Arara this September. During the preparations we had a lot of correspondence and Sati was always helpful and very responsive.
The hotels were very comfortable with very helpful and friendly staff. What I especially liked about Arara and its guides was that they made sure I saw the important destinations and sights. Our guide in Armenia was Avet, he was a very special guide with wonderful personality. Alex was also an exceptional guide with his excellent knowledge of Georgian history.
We will certainly recommend Arara to our friends and family!

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Tecwyn Vaughan Jones

Overall an excellent tour...we had three guides and three drivers a so difficult to give a rating as they were all very different people...I enjoyed very much indeed and tge help received from Tatev preparing for the trip was prompt, comprehensive and excellent service...

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Beth McMahon

We truly enjoyed our tour to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Our tour agent Eduard was very helpful and responsive. The service we had was of the highest quality. All the hotels were very comfortable and centrally located and we had a chance to explore the cities by ourselves. Our guides: Ara in Armenia, Sandro in Georgia and Ina in Azerbaijan couldn’t have been better. All the drivers were on time and very professional. We felt very safe with them. The whole trip was brilliant, and Caucasus is a wonderful region to visit. I have been recommending this trip to all my friends from the first day we started the trip.

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Lesley Hollinshead

Hi. I'm now back in England, and just wanted to thank you for everything you did to allow us to become acquainted with Armenia and have such a fantastic holiday. It was wonderful, and impossible without the help of Arara and our guide, Vartin. Responsible Travel have asked for a review, which I've provided, and I've reviewed Hotel Apricot on Trip Advisor. Many thanks and good luck. Arara deserves to do well. Best wishes,
Review on Responsible Travel

Review on Tripadvisor

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Mel Loynd

The tour went well. The guides were able to adjust to our unusual requirements (give us the info about the sites before we arrive) and they were fun, friendly and flexible.Sophie had no knowledge of the request to bring small denomination Georgian lari, but it wasn't a huge problem. The vehicles were clean, modern and were driven well, after we requested the drivers not to take phone calls while driving. (In our countries, it is illegal to use the phone while driving).

Accommodations were mostly nice.

Thanks for making the tour happen. We would recommend ARARA to our friends.

Best regards,

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Julia F Moore

Hi tatev, we are back to Australia and wanted to write a feedback about the wonderful trip you have organized for our family. I have a few comments which I think might be helpful for you.
1. The guides were great. We can’t thank you enough for hiring Ani as our tour guide in Armenia. She is truly a jewel. Please pass our greetings to her. We also liked our Georgian guide Alex. The only comment I have here is with the guide in Azerbaijan. His English was poor, but we understand that locals can’t speak Native English. It was not a big deal for us.
2. The hotels you picked for us were wonderful. The best one was probably Doubletree in Yerevan. In Signaghi you have booked Holiday inn for us, which was nice too, however we had to wait a bit longer than usual for checking in. There was a big group which caused the issue, I think in this case it is better to have 2 people working in the front desk. I understand that you can’t manage this, however, they should improve their service.
3. The drivers were good too. We felt very safe in each country. Although in Azerbaijan the van was a bit smaller than in the other two countries. We packed a lot of stuff with us as we had more than 2 weeks in Caucasus and had to be in Russia next, but the cars in Armenia and Georgia had bigger luggage space.
Hope this comments will help you. Overall, the trip was remarkable. Thank you for all the arrangements. We have already started showing our photos to relatives and recommending your company. So wait for emails from our friends. Best of luck, Julia.

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Margaret Edwards

We booked 20-day trip to Armenia Azerbajan and Georgia this summer with Arara . Our tout coordinator Sati was amazing with all her help. We were lucky to meet her in person in Armenia and express our gratitude. The trip was very interesting with lots of visits to touristic destinations. We especially liked Garni Temple. The view of the gorge was breathtaking.
Our Georgian guide was the main highlight of the trip. He was very funny, knowledgeable and helpful. We will remember Sandro for a long time.
Azerbaijan was quite nice. We didn’t except Baku to be that Beautiful. We bought many souvenirs from local shops in each country. Make sure to hide your Armenian souvenirs in Azerbaijan border as the customs officers can take them away from you. 
We will definitely reach out to Arara again for another trip. Central Asia maybe? How knows

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Marion Benac

Our trip was organized by arara company. We booked 17-day trip to Caucasus.  We were amazed by the beauty of Armenia. We were lucky to have raffi as our tour guide. He was very professional, experienced and helpful. We were surprised how delicious Georgian food is. Our guide Tazo recommended us having dinner in a traditional restaurant, to watch their traditional dances and listen to national songs. We were also having a blast in Azerbaijan. Our guide emil was very helpful.
We booked the trip with star hotels and liked all of them. It was an amazing trip, thank you for all the assistance. We highly recommend Arara tour.

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Alegra Jenkins

I had a wonderful time in Armenia. The country is beautiful and everyone I met was very friendly and helpful. My Guide was excellent and all the details of my trip were well considered.

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Aurora King

I enjoyed the excellent itinerary and a great value for the price. This trip far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend it.l

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Anna Ester Bassani

ARARA agency is a qualified tour operator. Miss Tatev helped me in a very professional way offering some tour proposals which could fit my needs. She works with great patience.
Classic tour Armenia -Georgia was the best choice for me: we had an excellent guide (Arthur), well prepared and friendly. He was able to create a real group, joining our different characters, needs and ages. This fusion made this tour unforgettable, beacuse Armenia and Georgia are really wonderful countries with very special people.
Hotels were good, their vans are perfect and confortable. I really recommend Arara for a complete experience of Armenia and Georgia.
Anna (from Milano/Italy)

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Steve jones

Excellrnt tour ! Excellrnt service from Arara ! Thanks Tatev

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