Guide in Georgia
Favorite site in the Caucasus
Tazo's favorite site in Georgia is Svaneti region.
Why guide?
Tazo has chosen this job because he loves making bonds with people from different cultures. At the same time he loves to share his knowledge and opinion about his homeland, Georgia, which he is proud of.
Random Facts
Tazo is our caring, knowledgeable and incredibly funny guide. He has 9 years of experience in tourism. He is in love with his homeland and will try to make you enjoy the beauty and old traditions of Georgia. His favorite part of touring is hiking.
Guide reviews

Frances McGoran

My family and I took this trip in May. The locals warmly welcomed us sharing stories and
challenges of living in such a remote land. The genuine hospitality of these people added an
extra charm to our journey. The guesthouse in Omalo was well chosen, nothing luxurious,
everything was very simple and local, but the breakfast was amazing!
We had 2 guides, Tazo and his brother who were so supportive and professional, and funny.
One of the highlights of the tour was visiting historical castles which have stood tall for
centuries. These architectural marvels not only provided us with a glimpse into Tusheti's history
but also offered panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes that left us humbled.
One potential challenge during the tour was the rugged terrain and unpredictable bad weather.
However, Tazo was well-prepared and provided us with raincoats and hot tea.
Our contact person Zara organized everything smoothly․ Overall, our tour was a great
experience and I highly recommend everyone to use Arara.

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Steven Boyd

Me and my friend spent an amazing time in Georgia during our short but adventurous trip. It was fun to see Shatili and its unique architectural styles. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenes of the country, we were satisfied with the choice of hotels and guesthouses. Some of the guesthouses were family run, which was exactly what we wanted to experience. One thing I would note is choose wisely when to travel to this area. The weather might let you down. Our guide Tazo and driver Giorgi were friendly and helpful. Giorg helped us with our luggage every time and remained a professional during the heavy city traffic or comprehensive routes. I will recommend your company and using your services.

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