Favorite site in the Caucasus
Arthur couldn't mark one favorite sight in Armenia. Most of all he likes it's capital Yerevan which is a unique cozy town full of curious attractions, museums, and parks.
Why guide?
Arthur has 8-year experience as a guide. He thinks that the work of the tour guide is fascinating because during the tour he learns a lot of interesting and amazing things about his homeland as well as about the country of the arrived tourist.
Random Facts
Arthur has been with Arara since day one. His outgoing character helps our customers stay friends with him even after their tours. Arthur is a great travel companion, and with all his experience in tourism he can solve any issue in a minute.
Guide reviews

Eva Las

Dear Tatev, Thank you for your support. It is only a small problem in the scheme of things.
We are happy to move tomorrow into another room. The location of the hotel is great.
We have had the best experience travelling from Baku to Yerevan. I shared our wonderful day to day excursion on fb with all my friends and family in Australia and it is fair to say that they all enjoyed our trip. The tour guides have been excellent. All so knowledgeable and approachable. We have been so lucky indeed, so privileged to visit the Caucasus. Not to forget the amazing drivers, navigating their way up and down high mountain roads. Also navigating their way through heavy traffic in the capital cities. I don’t know how they do it......

We will indeed enjoy our last day tomorrow.

Talk soon.
Warm regards
Eva and Tony

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Paul Lingle

This trip exceeded my expectations – amazing landscapes, nature, ancient monasteries and fortresses, the 3 countries must be in every traveler’s top list. Thanks Zara for everything. The only thing I would have changed is the overnight in the guesthouse in Roshka, I would have loved a camp overnight on this day too, let that be with less amenities.

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Paul and Jenny Robinson

Sati, we just got back home tired after the long flights and layovers. But it was worth after having this amazing time in your region. None of my friends have traveled to the Caucasus but all of them are already very interested in visiting the 3 countries after I showed our pictures and shared some experience. Thanks for the perfect organisation of the trip. We liked our guides, the drivers were also good and careful on roads, which made us feel comfortable and safe. We had a long drive from Georgia to Armenia but it was tolerable as we had stops at great sites, the Haghartin monastery complex, Dilijan and lake Sevan, the latter I rank one of my top favorite sites in the Caucasus. Though it was good that we avoided the long drive from Baku to Tbilisi because the land border was closed. I liked the flight transfer option more. So I would say it was even better the land border did not open. You may offer this option to the other groups as well later who do not like long drives. We bought lots of gifts for our friends and family members including the Armenian brandy Ararat, you know, they want to order more now. Wish you all the best Sati and Arara team. My friends will contact you directly for their Caucasus trip in 2023.

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