Favorite site in Armenia
Arthur 's couldn't mark one favorite sight in Armenia. Most of all he likes its capital Yerevan which is a unique cozy town full of curious attractions, museums, and parks.
Why guide?
Arthur has 8-year experience as a guide. He thinks that the work of the tour guide is fascinating because during the tour he learns a lot of interesting and amazing things about his homeland as well as about the country of the arrived tourist.
Random Facts
Arthur has been with Arara since day one. His outgoing character helps our customers to be friends with him even after the tours. Arthur is a great travel companion, with all his experience in tourism he can solve all the issues in a minute.
Guide reviews

Michael Hartley

Overall we enjoyed the trip and thank you for your organisation of the programme. For us the highlights were the religious sites, especially in Armenia and Georgia. The guides were excellent. The Ararat Hotel in Yerevan presented some problems for some of our party, as you know. For us we liked the position and felt the hotel had many positive points, but perhaps with a more hands on management things could be better. The restaurant we ate in the first evening and the food was good. Unfortunately it was closed the 2nd evening and for the rest of the time we found excellent restaurants nearby.

We did feel (and this is a personal thing) that the programme in Azerbaijan was a little heavy with some very long days ( to and thus gave little time for a restful evening. We realise that to see some of the sites it was necessary to start early and drive for several hours. As I say this is a personal consideration.

We do feel that we have seen many amazing sights and experienced so much. We have very fond memories of Yerevan and the happy family groups we saw enjoying the fountains. Everywhere we went we felt safe and found people friendly and helpful.

Once again, many thanks for all your work in organising the trip.

Please pass on our best wishes to Arthur in Yerevan.

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David Yates

Excellent programme. Guides were excellent especially Arthur in Yerevan and Sophie in Georgia. Personally felt that some of the days, especially in
Azerbaijan, were long giving little time to relax in the evening. This isn't helped by the high temps. We also felt that though the guide in
Azerbaijan was good, he gave too much detailed information which it was impossible to take in (his intro' on the mini bus from the border was 50 mins non
stop!). In all other aspects he was a good guide.

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Roberto Borgogna

Dear Rima,
We would like to thank you and your team for the perfect organization. The selection of locations allowed us to have a comprehensive view of Armenia and indeed enjoy your wonderful country through its history, monuments, and diverse landscapes. The hotels you picked for us, the restaurants and the overall service were very good.

In addition we want to address our special thanks to our guide/driver, Artur; very professional, knowleageable, and a great person: he made our trip special, and I cannot recommend him enough.

Merci shat.

-Roberto & Céline

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