Favorite site in Armenia
Arthur 's couldn't mark one favorite sight in Armenia. Most of all he likes its capital Yerevan which is a unique cozy town full of curious attractions, museums, and parks.
Why guide?
Arthur has 8-year experience as a guide. He thinks that the work of the tour guide is fascinating because during the tour he learns a lot of interesting and amazing things about his homeland as well as about the country of the arrived tourist.
Random Facts
Arthur has been with Arara since day one. His outgoing character helps our customers to be friends with him even after the tours. Arthur is a great travel companion, with all his experience in tourism he can solve all the issues in a minute.
Guide reviews

Thiago Venegas

Hi from Mexico,
I don’t know from where to start, well I am in love with Armenia, Armenian hospitable people, cuisine and the dish called DOLMA, I started even cooking it at home. People are so kind and polite here, it’s like another world being in Armenia. Geghard Monastery was indescribably beautiful; I even took a small Ararat Mount picture with me back to Mexico. If you have a chance being in Armenia, you defiantly need to try apricot vodka in Garni. Our guide Arthur was master of his job, he was like a history teacher and a good politician who had a real idea of what’s really going on in his country. Then we continued our trip to Georgia which is a country of old traditional balconies and very loud people. But after 2 days I understood that they don’t fight, it’s just the way how they speak, like Italians. well, Azerbaijan was also not bad, I like their musks which were sounding capital city. The guide was not bad too but I will put Armenia on a first-place then Georgia and Azerbaijan. We are satisfied to thank you!

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Leonora Idris

Without any doubts – one of our best holidays! The atmosphere in Caucasus is so special, we felt almost like home (and we were really far from home:) Armenia was the highlight of our tour with its unbelievable nature and delicious cuisine. We have taken the longest cable car in the world to visit tatev monastery. I will never forget this experience.
Arthur in Armenia was so supportive and flexible throughout the tour. His knowledge of his country and its history is astonishing. When you first meet him, you can never guess what a personality with a great sense of humor is going to guide you throughout the tour.

We loved Cascade hotel in Yerevan. It has a really good location which was very important for us, as we love to have free time after the tours to enjoy ourselves. We even visited Gafesjyan museum which was in 2 min walk from it and were amazed by it. Cafes and restaurants were in 5 min walking distance. I especially loved the cozy wine bar street in the city center.

Georgia is such a beautiful country. I am sure it is going to become one of the main touristic attractions one day. Our most memorable experience in Georgia were undoubtedly Prometheus caves. You appear in another dimension surrounded with colors and lights.
Sandro in Georgia and Yelchin in Azerbaijan were amazing too. They really love and are proud of their countries.

Tatev - our tour manager has been so supportive and responsive to our needs from beginning to end. Special thanks to Arara for giving us these unforgettable memories. Will surely recommend you to our friends.
Warmest regards,

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Jorge F M Landmann

All guides were good as well as their driving and cars. Thank you for organizing this trip! 

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