Favorite site in Armenia
Arthur couldn't mark one favorite sight in Armenia. Most of all he likes it's capital Yerevan which is a unique cozy town full of curious attractions, museums, and parks.
Why guide?
Arthur has 8-year experience as a guide. He thinks that the work of the tour guide is fascinating because during the tour he learns a lot of interesting and amazing things about his homeland as well as about the country of the arrived tourist.
Random Facts
Arthur has been with Arara since day one. His outgoing character helps our customers stay friends with him even after their tours. Arthur is a great travel companion, and with all his experience in tourism he can solve any issue in a minute.
Guide reviews

Kevin Hunt

Dear Tatev,

I returned to Canada on Friday (Douglas is still in Europe), after a most informative and enjoyable visit to Armenia and Georgia.

I write to thank you for all the organization of our visit, and through you, to thank our guides Arthur and Tazo. They both looked after us extremely well, and we benefited enormously from their knowledge and love of their respective countries.

Thank you for facilitating this enriching experience.

Kind regards, Kevin

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Douglas Fenton

From the time of our arrival in Armenia we were treated generously by all: transfer driver, hotel staff, guides and certainly Arthur. He is such a warm, kind, transparent fellow who is both knowledgeable about his country’s history, culture, religion and the many challenges it has endured. Throughout his comments were balanced and fair. Arthur is an exceedingly honourable man.

All hotels were good except the hotel by the lake in Sevan was perhaps a little too rustic. The view was great but the accommodation and food were not what we had come to expect. I’m sure it’s perfect for a summer holiday.

Upon crossing the border to Armenia we were met by the remarkable Tazo. He transferred us to Tbilisi and over the next several days showed us the history, culture, and religious life of the country. We had a great pleasure in meeting a 7th generation family of vintners and have a meal and an afternoon learning about wine making. It was a five-star experience.

Our best hotel was in Tevali at the Holiday Inn—it was a superb property. I would not recommend Tiflis in Tbilisi. The staff are charming, the rooms clean, but the walls very thin and the guests loud and obnoxious at all hours of the night. It was our own real disappointment and left us without rest for the next day.

I cannot leave without commending Tatev on facilitating our great trip even with the long wait through Covid.

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Anne lange

Amazing trip. Thank you to Tatev for her professionalism and kindness
Without her help, our friend would still be waiting for her visa.
The all organization of our trip was spotless! From the guides to the drivers to the hotel.
Arthur and Varaghn were extremely kind and so knowledgeable

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