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Maxine Angala

Guide: Our guide Haykuhi, was an excellent guide. She has such a warm personality and a truly knowledgable guide. She explains the history with such ease that you are able to enjoy it, she also makes sure that you are able to do what what we wanted (more time to shop for souvenirs) without sacrificing to see the necessary tourist spots. Haykuhi had such a wonderful personality and it was fun having her with us on our vacation, also to factor in the unimaginable of the circumstance of the revolution at that time. Her calm and enthusiastic made our trip such a wonderful experience.
Driver: he was a very good driver and helpful too
Car: the first car was newer and better than the second one in Armenia but overall, it was wonderful and comfortable
Hotels: the hotels were great especially the space and locations of the hotels. except the first hotel in Yerevan was quite small and there was an issue with the air condition
What did you like best in your trip? Experiencing the wonderful culture and seeing the monasteries.
What didn't you like in trip? I actually enjoyed the whole trip.
What would you add to your trip? I wouldve adding being able to go to the places we have missed due to the roads that were blocked.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? 100% would recommend it, Lusine was wonderful with the travel arrangements and coming up with back up plans during the revolution where we were left with no choice.
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Gina Derequitto

Hi Lusine,
We arrived home almost a week ago. We immensely enjoyed the tour. It’s always wonderful to experience the culture and to be with people of other countries.
Thank you for arranging our family vacation. Everything was perfect except for our border crossing. We’ve been crossing borders several times in the past but we have never crossed the same way we did. We always crossed with our luggages with us in a vehicle. I hope this will be fixed with other travelers. Other than that, we have no complaints.

Thank you,

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Stuart Parkin

Thank you for all your endeavor in organizing and coordination of my trip to Armenia and Georgia. A super albeit brief experience.

Stuart Parkin

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Allan Li

Armenia is truly an amazing country for tourists, if only more people are aware of it! When we planned our Caucasus vacation, I had to allocate 16 days to three countries, and somehow, we ended up with 7 days in Armenia, 6 days in Georgia and only 3 days in Azerbaijan where we focused on Baku. I cannot tell whether I missed much in Georgia and Azerbaijan, which I probably did, but I can definitely say that the 8 days in Armenia was worth it! The days were filled with eye-opening sights, and the hospitality we experienced were warm and genuine. Armenia is the smallest of the three countries, and yet the history, culture, the food and even the wines are bewitching. All of these were presented beautifully by our guide Vahe Kosakyan, and organized exquisitely by Lusine, who spent endless hours planning, explaining, booking, amending, and amending again to get us the exact specifications right. The trip was as perfect as can be possible, and what we missed (a national dance performance in Yerevan) was not within her control, as it was not in season. Armenia is also a bargain for a tour destination, and it is safe. Your wallet will thank you, your stomach will thank you, and your family will thank you for the wonderful trip that you booked with Arara Tours and its sister company MyGeo (in Georgia).

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Piotr Szewczyk

Guide: I was looking for a private tour while in Tbilisi and Araratour was simply the best choice. Luisine not only they had great recommendations but also from the moment I contacted her I felt special. Luisine addressed all my questions are needs to make my stay in Georgia and Armenia unforgettable experience. The communication was quick and easy, I was provided with all necessary information so that I didn’t need to worry about my tour arrangements making the whole trip seamless. From the moment I left the arrival hall I felt like everything has been taken care for me and I could enjoy my tour has started. Our guide Vasca was very knowledgeable, always helpful and ready to assist. He showed us great spots in Georgia and also recommended bars and restaurants for dinner, frankly he was more like a friend that a tour guide. I had an emergency situation looking for a dentist help and he step in immediately recommending best place to visit and get help. He adjusted our tour so I could get my dentist appointment without any disturbance to our scheduled itinerary. Many thanks for all your help and making my trip to Georgia an unforgettable experience.
Driver: Vasca was punctual, well mannered and helpful
What did you like best in your trip? Tbilisi, wine tour, Kazbeki, Armenia
What didn't you like in trip? it was so short
What would you add to your trip?
Would you recommend our company to your friends? definitely, actually I am planning to come back to Georgia in fall and will definitely use your agency assistance again
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Miguel Vallés

Good afternoon, Lusine.
Back home, I want to tell you that the trip has been fantastic. We will always remember the wonderfool view of the Ararat!!!
Ruzanna is an excellent guide, efficient, competent and friendly. We recall her with joy. Alex is a courageous guide, extrovert and cheerful. The vehicles were comfortable, modern and with professional drivers. The hotels were well located and responded to the expected category. Your agency has organized the trip exactly as requested. Thank you and congratulations!!!

A very warm greeting and best regards,

Miguel Vallés (and Julia Alonso, Alfons Mirada and Dolors Robles).
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Robin Lewis

It is very nice to be back home after a successful vacation spent in Armenia and Georgia. The trip was great and our family loved both countries. Thank you very much for organizing the tour for us. Your guides did a great job. Both Anna and Vaska were very helpful and professional. The drivers were also very reliable and punctual. We will definitely recommend your company to all of friends.

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Thomas and Janett Morton

We are already in The United Kingdom and would like to give our special greetings to Liana, our tour manager, who organized a wonderful Gastronomic tour to Armenia and Georgia. We can’t thank enough her for her patience, eagerness to help and quick responses. She was very wonderful and helpful. The tour was amazing, everything was organized in its best. All the wine tastings we had during the tour showed us how rich this two countries can be with their local wine production. Not to mention the dishes, everything was just perfect. We will definitely recommend Arara Tour Company to all our friends and relatives.

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Carly Taylor

Hi Syuzanna,
Thank you for organizing this amazing trip for me and my husband. It’s been a week since we left Georgia, but the memories of our tour are so fresh and mesmerizing that it feels like we are still doing the trip. Thank you very much for making this trip for us, it was a great 10-day-tour and we enjoyed every minute of it. Please send our warm wishes to our Armenian guide, Haykuhi. She was very helpful and provided all the information for us to get acquainted with local people and lifestyle of Armenia. Special thanks to our Georgian guide as well, he was very good at his job. Both guides provided the best service we could imagine. Thank you again for your work and assistance. Hope to visit your lovely country again!
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Fatima Garcia March

Our Guide Anna, deserves special compliments. She is an excellent guide. The best I've seen in my entire career as a tourist. Rss, rss. A perfect teacher of history, of a professional didactics. The explanations of the story very interesting, that we wanted to hear more and held our attention. In addition to experienced guidance, a teacher who knows what she is talking about with great security and understanding of the subject. I learned a lot with her. It was very cultural and productive and I came back knowing a lot about Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan after these "lessons".
As a bonus, she took us to a well-known candy store in Yerevan, where she used to go as a child, and bought us typical candies and coffee. The place is so old and traditional that it was frequented by his parents and grandparents. During the trips he offered us dates and peanuts with sesame. These pleasures that captivate us and make us want to return.
She took us to several places that were not in the script and we were very pleased. Leon (Levon) was a careful, friendly, helpful and patient driver, stopping for Marta to take pictures of the flowering trees along the road. This is what denotes a good guide. When we go through a beautiful and different building, we tourists, we want to know what is it for, what monument is that, who was this person of the monument, etc.
A good guide not only focuses on what is in the script. He explains what we see along the way, shows what has interesting, curious facts and legends of the place. That pleases us. All the guides helped us choose the dishes from the menu, describing what each one was and the preparation and ingredients they take. This is also very necessary and important for us.
All the drivers were cautious and did not talk on the phone while driving, which I found to be safe and correct. The Toyota Camry was new, confortable and clean.
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Edwin Bartolome

Dear Liana, Thank you so much for being so patient my each and every query suggesting a good place to visit in Armenia. I really enjoyed and memorable during my short stay in Armenia. About the hotel, Cascade Hotel - All the staff was so friendly and kind. I would definitely recommend your company to our friends. Once again, thank you so much.

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Nick Newman

Dear Lusine,
I am writing to you to tell you that the tour was a success. Arthur the guide is a very nice person and an outstanding guide. he took us to very interesting places. We liked every bit of it but the best place was by far apaga gomer.

Thank you again,

Kind regards
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