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If you decided to Travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Tony Hay

What did you like best in your trip? Off-road trips to Petroglyphs and over the mountains.
What didn't you like about the trip? Nothing.
What would you add to your trip? Perhaps a longer trip, with a couple of overnight stays in places with interests nearby.
Guide: Good guide, knowledgeable.
Driver: Good. Enjoys the off-road too.
Car: Good.
Hotels: Good. Some basic but still very welcoming.
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Vivien Gainsburough and Margaret Guy

What did you like best in your trip? The Armenian people
What didn't you like about the trip? The hotel in Dilijan
What would you add to your trip? Nothing
Guide: Arthur Davtyan had very good English and excellent communication skills. He was amusing, knowledgeable and open to suggestions.  We would recommend him to our friends taking a holiday in Armenia.
Driver: Arthur drove well and skillfully.
Car: An excellent Mazda 6 with very good road holding.
Hotels: The Cascade in Yerevan was very comfortable and very close to the centre of town. The staff were delightful. All the hotels with the exception of the hotel in Dilijan had good facilities with good bathrooms and were very clean.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes.
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Ken Kanjian

My family and I have now returned safely to Sydney (New York in the case of my eldest daughter)  and are resuming our daily lives but with very fond memories of our stay in Armenia. It was a truly wonderful time for us and we were fortunate to have your guidance in planning the itinerary and in having Ara as our accompanying and knowledgeable tour guide and Ardag as our most skilled driver.
As my eldest daughter said to me as we were leaving Armenia, there was something in the itinerary for each one of us. There was culture, religion, art, wine tasting, excellent food, history, beautiful scenery and panoramic walks – an eclectic blend. We loved Yerevan and its nightlife. We loved the hospitality and friendliness of the common folk – I in particular felt at home even though my Armenian is not very good. I had waited all my life (60 years) to make this pilgrimage and I was not disappointed.
It is very good to see that Armenia is a sovereign and independent state but I was able quite quickly to pick up on the undercurrent of problems which this young state faces. Nevertheless, I regard the existence of the state to be a miracle of sorts and I have every confidence that the intelligence and resourcefulness of the Armenian people will resolve their difficulties one by one and overtime. After all, do not forget that it took centuries of evolution and progress for the West to develop its present day administrative institutions and legal system. These critical underpinnings of society do not occur in short periods but take many years to evolve and require the goodwill and selflessness of generations to bring about fair and equitable societies.
The trip there and back was quite arduous. Our trip to Armenia took 32 hours from Sydney and the return trip was even longer because of an overnight layover in Dubai. Distance is tyrannical for us but I can say without reservation that if Yerevan was say only four hours away by plane, I would gladly visit two or three times a year – that is how much I liked your city and country.

Thank you again for your assistance.

With my best wishes
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Sumesh Sankarankutty

What did you like best in your trip? Everything !!!. Right from the beginning  when I contacted Arara , I got a positive warm response from Mrs Liana , thereafter she become my focal point for entire trip. She had given a holiday package called Classic tour Armenia + Georgia to start with. As usually I do before my any travel , I had my homework to visit main attractions of the Armenia & Georgia and communicated with her to modify accordingly . She finalized a great itinerary according to my priorities. Liana promised me the best guide for me at Armenia and there by arara has choosen none other than Mr Vahe. The freedom given for me to reschedule the plan according to my convenience and comfort.
What didn't you like about your trip? So far nothing as such to point out!!
What would you add to your trip? Nothing as such!!
Guide: Mr Vahe, our guide at Armenia is great person with highest level of sincerity, integrity , punctuality and very caring and helpful. He given us the best possible comfort in every aspect. He tried his level best to give opportunity to interact with local people and get to know deep route culture and history of Armenia. Altogether, I would say – a great human being!! Mr Vaska , our guide at Georgia also was a nice fellow. He did his job well & good!!.
Driver: Very comfortable driving with great sense of responsibility.
Car: very comfortable and nice.
Hotels: very comfortable and located at right place so that we could manage city walk & an evening life our own.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Surely!!! Highly recommended for a great trip to Armenia + Georgia.
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Anantha Krishnan

What did you like best about your trip? The responsive Lusine, our tour organizer....well planned itinerary...nice guides...lovely coutry sides...good people..
What didn't you like about trip? the condition of the cars which could be better...the weather in Yeravan was hot...
What would you add to your trip? One or two night stays in Dilijan in Armenia and in Kazbegi and Sighnagi...and a night tour of Yeravan and Tbilisi..
Guide: Excellent...
Driver: very good
Car: can be better and newer....
Hotels: very good except Royal Palace in Yeravan...where the AC was not working..
Would you recommend our company to your friends? yes
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Ari Tatian

What did you like best in your trip? punctuality and friendliness of the guide/driver, in addition to the well organization of the tour.
What didn't you like about trip? traditional meals
What would you add to your trip? evening activities
Guide: very good in all aspects
Driver: reliability
Car: fine
Hotels: more variety in breakfast
Would you recommend our company to your friends? yes
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Arian Boersma and Jaco Samsom

What did you like best about your trip? We loved the combination of culture, scenery, hiking.
What didn't you like about trip? Days could be long, intensive and full of activity. It was a good thing that we took a day off halfway the trip. And the midsummer temperatures of 37 c are not good for hiking.
What would you add to your trip? We can't think of anything.
Guide: Our guide Ashot did a very good job. He informed us very well about all we saw, in good English, and he gave a good insight in present-day Armenia. Often he had interesting personal suggestions about things to do.
Driver: The driver who was also our guide took us  quickly and safely all over the country.
Car: The 4 wheel drive vehicle was up to its job, also on the out of the way tracks.
Hotels: Very good! We liked the combination of comfortable hotels and family guesthouses.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, it was well organised and Lusine was very responsive in email contacts.
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Theodore Liebersfeld

I arrived home safely late last night. I had an excellent tour in both Armenia and Georgia. I saw beautiful scenery and fantastic artwork in the churches and monasteries. Both Arthur in Armenia and Georgi in Georgia were excellent guides: informative, interesting, accommodating, flexible, and entertaining with a good sense of humor. I was very satisfied with the itinerary and services of Arara Tours, and I will be recommending your company to all the travelers who I know that are interested in a tour of the Caucasus region.
I plan to post recommendations and reviews on various platforms including your website, Google, and Trip Advisor. If there are other particular platforms on which you would like me to provide a recommendation, please let me know.
Please accept my appreciation for your services and excellent responses in setting up my tour. Even when I changed my incoming flights at the last minute in order to arrive in Yerevan a few hours earlier than I had originally scheduled, you responded immediately to the change, and my transfer driver was there waiting for me when I got off my plane in Yerevan on Friday, July 21.

Thanks again for all your help and effort on my behalf.

Theodore Liebersfeld
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Ernesto Portela

We are at home again, really we were attended like kings. Our  guide in Yerevan was extraordinary, and we’ll never forget her, because of her knowledge of history of the country and her fluid Spanish. Perhaps we should need one day more, but every service was perfect. Thanks for everything and do not doubt we’ll recommend  your company to any one that may want to visit your country.

Thanks Portela

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Madhur Rao

The trip went very well thanks to Lusine and Narek.  The best thing was the surprise cake at Tavern Yerevan which really surprised both of us. So thank you for that.  Narek is a very good guide and gives a lot of suggestions.  He is a great asset to your team.  The Land Rover was also great.  So overall, our trip went well and our friends are impressed with the photos which we have shown them.  Some friends have asked us about your contact details and they will be contacting you when they decide on Armenia.

Thanks for your help and special thanks to Narek for taking care of us during out stay in Armenia

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Russell and Vreni Hilliard

What did you like best about your trip? We got an excellent introduction to historical Armenia! Also, we feel we have a much better understanding of modern Armenia and appreciated meeting local people and tasting the wonderful food.
What didn't you like about trip? We could have done without the wine tasting in Areni.
What would you add to your trip? It was great as it was.
Guide: Roza was a very knowledgeable and well prepared guide! She never tired of our questions, was warm, patient and flexible.
Driver: very good
Car: very good
Hotels: The Radisson Blu was wonderful!
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Definitely!
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Kazi Ahmad

What did you like best in your trip? Was perfectly timed over all, very well managed, very friendly & prompt staff.Very helpful & willing to work & accomodate last minute changes.So far the Staff & esp. Lusine Masuryan have been exceptional she was ALWAYS there when needed & she is a person one can trust. Both the guides in Georgia & Armenia were very helpful & accomodating & very easy to get along with had good english & knowledge of the country & local places.
Best In Georgia was Kazbegi & Rooms Hotel in Kezbegi. Best in Armenia was The Dilijan old street & Hotel. As well as Musical fountains of Yerevan, & The Church/Cathedral/Museum of Echmiadzin.
What didn't you like about trip? The cars esp. in Armenia should have been a reliable & excellent condition, the Georgia car was OK , but the car in Armenia was below expectation & standard, it broke down at several places, I was afraid of being stuck at some remote place. Tour of Tbilisi was felt hurried, should have been given more time esp. in the old historic part of town, no time was given to explore or see the old Fort.There was plenty of time but was not well managed.
Hotel in Goris, Armenia was a shock, I think that was more a communication error,than anything else, it should have been more clearly explained about hotels in Goris so people understand & know what to expect, because when U book a 4 or 5 star accomodation U expect it, & unfortunately these accomodations are NOT avaliable in Goris this MUST be more clearly explained.
What would you add to your trip? I would have added IF I had more time, a day in Tbilisi & Kazbegi.
Guide: BOTH EXCELLENT guides with good English & communication, easy to get along, flexible & wiiling to accomodate. Both had very good knowledge of area & country in general.Both very good & safe drivers.
Driver: As Above.
Car: Very Poor Car in Armenia. Average in good condition in Georgia.
Hotels: ALL Excellent hotels EXCEPT in Goris in Armenia & Mestia in Georgia which were very basic.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? yes 1000%
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