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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Claude Ducloux

Guide: Both Narek, in Armenia and Shota in Georgia, were lovely people.  Narek is quite educated and was a good source of information. Our trip to Georgia was somewhat longer than anticipated due to some problems with the roads, but we enjoyed both of them.  Shota, especially was helpful to my wife dealing with merchants, and knew the Tblisi environs very well and suggested reasonably priced merchants for certain souvenirs.  Narek also was helpful to my wife with various merchants and got us reservations and assistance.
Driver: Narek drove very slowly (actually too slowly for us) but was very relaxed.
Shota was bit more aggressive, as you’d expect, but very very safe and cared very much about our safety.
Narek’s car (RangeRover Discovery) was a bit bumpy in the back seat, Shota’s Toyota Isis had a much more comfortable ride.
Car: See above
Hotels: The Cascade was a lovely place with friendly employees, and very well located (close to Cascade Steps, Opera house, etc).
My one criticism is that the rooms were much too small (although tidy and clean) and the beds were as hard as a rock. As older Americans accustomed to larger hotel rooms, we would have paid more gladly for a larger room.  We changed to the Double Tree-Hilton for our last night, and really enjoyed that comfort, even though the Doubletree was not as conveniently located as the Cascade. Next time, I’d specify the Marriott.  We are really very experienced travelers, but the size and comfort of the hotel rooms is now becoming a priority for us.  Perhaps you could give people the option of upgrading the hotel for a higher price.
What did you like best in your trip? It was a very meaningful trip for us in many ways. We saw family members of my wife we had never met;  the prices were very reasonable in both Armenia and Georgia, and we really enjoyed every day’s adventures.  We loved our lunch near the Garni Temple with the Babayans.  I loved my early morning walks each day around Yerevan and Tblisi.
What didn’t you like in the trip? The roads between Yerevan and Tblisi were often very bad, and even non-passable.
What would you add to your trip? Options for larger hotel rooms
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes. Thank you
I will also send you my journal, so you can see how carefully I documented each day.
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Guide: The tour guide was friendly with huge source of information.
Driver: The transportation was good and on time.
Car: The car was comfortable.
Hotels: The hotel was central so I was close to the most public places like restaurants and shopping. it was nice and clean with excellent services
What did you like best in your trip? My tour guide.
What didn’t you like in the trip?
What would you add to your trip? I would add two weeks instead of one week.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? I strongly will recommend this company. With my experience you will have a good service and you will enjoy your tripe.
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Reginald Tuck

Guide: Our guide was excellent.  Good communication and language skills.  Had a real passion and love for Armenia.  She represented Armenia in a wonderful way and we felt grateful to have her as our guide.  We were most satisfied.
Driver: Excellent driver.  Wonderful person.  Can’t say enough good things about him.
Car: Excellent.
Hotels: Excellent.
What did you like best in your trip? The privilege of visiting the churches and monasteries of Armenia.  The privilege of learning more about the Armenia genocide.  The privilege of visiting a great people and great nation.
What didn’t you like in the trip?
What would you add to your trip? More time and more historical sites.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? By all means.  Your company was GREAT and I am so thankful for all the ways you helped us.  Please use me as a reference.
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Carlos Castaneda

Guide: Very good language skills and knowledgeable.
Driver: Safe and friendly.
Car: Comfortable down the most part except the smaller buses  in the back seat
Hotels: The hotel was ok for the price range but not great. It had a feeling of an old Soviet style hotel. Breakfast was pretty bad. Staff was  very friendly and accommodating but it took effort to solve some issues. Location was ok.
What did you like best in your trip? The tours were all excellent. The people are the friendliest. Syuzanna was an excellent liaison.
What didn't you like in trip? The hotel.
What would you add to your trip? Discuss the possibility to add a couple of days in Karabach.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Absolutely
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Geoffrey Holland

Guide: They were both good Arthur and Demetre
Driver: driver was the guide, we really liked Arthur
Car: Good enough for our trip thankyou
Hotels: Yerevan was good 4/5, Dilijan 4/5, Tbilisi 4/5 only in that it had no meals or snacks except breakfast... we would go further into the old city if we came again.
What did you like best in your trip? Incredible country, Basaltic stones , basaltic churches and buildings in Armenia, the crucible of Christianity,the agrarian plains of plenty in Georgia.
What didn't you like in the trip? Nothing, we are so glad we went
What would you add to your trip? On reflection, 2 more days in Yerevan, and a side trip to Batumi for one night
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes
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Motorbike Group Tour

Guide: Both guides Vahe and Vardan were flexible and were totally focused on great service. These guys are amazing - we were very satisfied.
Car: The bikes were taken good care of and in good condition.
Hotels: Overall I can say that the Hotels were all fine. I’d describe the Best Western in Dilijan as a bit boring (international chain) and their service didn’t correspond to a 4* hotel.
What did you like best? The hotels in Yerevan, Silk Road and Gyumri were my personal highlight, highly recommendable individual and cosy hotels. I really liked them. Even though Arara can influence neither weather nor landscape, it was anyways fantastic!
What could’ve been better? Hotel Nairi in Jermuk wasn’t nice. Arara can’t do anything about the condition of the roads, so let’s just mention it as a side note.
Would you recommend us to your friends and family? Yes!
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Motorbike Group

Guide: Two brothers accompanied us as a guide and driver. They were excellent and really gave us a great insight in Armenian history, culture and more!
Driver: see above
Car: Yamaha XT Motorrad
Hotels: see below 
What did you like best? A great country right on a historic turning point (revolution) and hospitable people! Going off-road and driving along small roads is the best way getting to know Armenia.
What could’ve been better? Some of the hotels didn’t correspond to what we’ve expected.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Definitely, without a doubt. Arara Tour and Ms. Pessl - we’d like to see more of your service!
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Irina Shevchenko

Guide: Perfect! He knows Russian language excellent, tells understandable and interesting, has ability of listening tourists: in which level and which information is especially important. The guide George is ‘excellent’! Very erudite and competent. Clever man!
Driver: Super! Our guide was also driver.
Car: It was comfortable. No remarks!
Hotel: Cascade is definitely perfect! But Goris is still in the process of running. Its staff is good and there is potential to grow. It needs time to complete all constructed works.
What did you like most in your trip? Local people
What didn’t you like in your trip? There is nothing.
What would you add to your trip? Tour programme was full, varied and highly qualified. There is nothing to add – all time was used to the maximum. We just need to come for a longer period, then we can catch more.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Definitely, yes!
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Yulia and Irina Kremneva

Guide: Armine Mirijanyan was our guide. She is knowledgeable, indifferent, helpful and patient guide. Armine is a real patriot in her hometown. We’ve known much more about past and present times of Armenia. She answered to our meticulous questions, even if we asked what was already heard. To listen to the guide was great pleasure. She is very sociable and professional. We understood Armine perfectly – knowledge of language is in good level.
Driver: We have several drivers. All drivers are distinguished by professionalism, intelligence and politeness. Cars were always reached at the hotel at time without forcing us to wait, drivers always responded to our requests.
Car: Cars that we went by to the excursion were comfortable. The cabin was clean.
Hotel: We liked the hotel, where we lived more than one week. Personnel were very affable, clear rooms, change of clothes on time, good cuisine (we had breakfast at the hotel). Taxi call, route description, any requests – all were done clearly, quickly and with a smile.
What did you like most in your trip? Every day I explored something new. I liked all tours to the churches, monasteries, Sevan Lake, Tsakhkadzor, meetings with interesting people (family of Harry Qeosayan, dolma master class), excursion around the city. I liked Armenian cuisine very much, lunches were unforgettable, and serving personnel was perfect – all was clear, accurate and professional. Sergey Parajanov Museum, pantheon, gallery… We charmed with Yerevan.
What didn’t you like in your trip? There is no disadvantage to write. All was in high level.
What would you add to your trip? I would add in the tour definite visit to the Parajanov Museum. Also, I would like to be in Tatev Monastery – maybe, one day I will come to Armenia again to see it.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, we’ve already told our friends about our holiday, shared emotions and gave your coordinates.
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Galina Sukhanova

Hello, Dear Liana!
I would like to thank you for an excellent organised tour. All was perfect: accommodation, meals and programme. Drivers Hovik and Spartak are not only masters of their work, but also very sincere and respectful people. The guide Armine is above all praise. Little mountainous Armenia left a great warmth of impression in our hearts. Wish you prosperity and welfare!

Many thanks!

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Anastasia Krujalina

Guide: All was perfect!
Car: Too large car couldn’t be driven anywhere. We opened the window because air-conditioning didn’t work effectively. That is why my health condition was worsened.
Hotel: The price matches the quality.
What did you like most in your trip? Interesting and qualified tour was organised. Greetings to guide Armine!
What didn’t you like in your trip? Large group of people was inconvenient which didn’t allow to see prohibited sightseeing: wild places in Sevan Lake, geysers in Jermuk and etc (for extra fee).
What would you add to your trip? I recommend to add in the tour programme more visits to natural, prohibited places even for extra fee. People will be happy to visit them with smaller group.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, by taking account of recommendations.
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Olga Mazurova

Hi! Thank you for organizing the tour. All was fine, Antuan has been liked very much, and ????????Armenia too. Thanks! Everyone is satisfied.



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