Favorite site in Armenia
Most of all Ara is amazed by the unique Karahunj or “Armenian Stonehenge” - the exceptional megalithic monument which served as an observatory 6000 years ago.
Why guide?
Ara has 7-year experience as a guide. In his opinion it’s very hard to work as a tour guide sometimes, but compared to other professions, this one gives a great chance to combine work with pleasure.
Random Facts
Ara leads cultural, hiking and camping tours. He likes to combine work with pleasure, so you're sure to have a great time with him. Trust us, you won’t regret having him as your tour guide.
Guide reviews

Pam Green

We have happily returned to Switzerland after spending 2 weeks in Armenia and Georgia. Arara travel agency in Armenia organized the whole tour for us starting from airport pick-up when we arrived. I can now say that everything was thoroughly taken care of, every detail was well-thought.
We stayed at the nicest hotels with professional staff and amazing views. Most of all we loved the atmosphere and breakfasts at Tufenkian Yerevan and Dilijan hotels. Gino Wellness Rabath in Akaltsikhe was another highlight of the trip. We enjoyed the spa there at its finest.
We had 2 amazing guides in 2 countries – Ara in Armenia, and Tazo in Georgia. Both of them were passionate fans of their countries and could give all the feels to us. They were quite punctual and took good care of us. We also tried this delicious fish near Sevan lake which Ara recommended.

Overall we are satisfied with the trip and will surely recommend Arara to our friends.

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Cynthia Slater

We had booked the 17-day tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Naturally, we couldn’t make the trip last year because of Covid19 pandemic. That is why we were so happy and excited to finally be able to travel after getting fully vaccinated this spring. This trip was one of a kind to remember. Though we hoped to travel to all the 3 Caucasus countries, Azerbaijan didn’t reopen its borders by our travel time. Our travel manager Tatev modified our tour program in such a professional and flexible way, that we didn’t feel to have lost anything. We really got a full coverage of Armenia and Georgia, 2 beautiful countries with unbelievable nature, delicious national cuisine and such an interesting history to get acquainted with.
Our guide Ara was such a nice guy, he was always very polite and punctual and took really good care of us. He was always open to new suggestions during the trip and some unplanned changes if we needed them. He really did a great job!!
Though we are vaccinated, I would like to mention the safest environment we were in during the whole tour. The hotels were first of all very clean, which made us feel safe and secure. The restaurants Tatev and Ara recommended were also keeping all the sanitary measures. We cannot complain in any of these aspects.
Thank you once again Tatev and the whole Arara team for making out time so special. We really needed that after more than a year of fear, lockdown and restrictions. Will recommend Arara to our friends and colleagues!

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Seth Zwillenberg

Very interesting area of the world. Everything done by Araratours met our expectations.

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