Favorite site in Armenia
Most of all Ara is amazed by the unique Karahunj or “Armenian Stonehenge” - the exceptional megalithic monument which served as an observatory 6000 years ago.
Why guide?
Ara has 7-year experience as a guide. In his opinion it’s very hard to work as a tour guide sometimes, but compared to other professions, this one gives a great chance to combine work with pleasure.
Random Facts
Ara leads cultural, hiking and camping tours. He likes to combine work with pleasure, so you're sure to have a great time with him. Trust us, you won’t regret having him as your tour guide.
Guide reviews

Alen Lang

Greetings from Germany. My wife and I came back to Hamburg with unbelievable memories from the two week exploration tour in Armenia.. Our tour manager has always been in touch with us, she was so punctual. There weren’t any unanswered requests or questions, and I do really appreciate it. We preferred  to book small boutique hotels and guesthouses in the city and other regions, because we don't like noisy areas, and our tour manager made all the tour bookings accordingly.

Our guide Ara was really helpful, he politely answered all of our questions, also he kept the car always clean, which was really important for us.

We liked everything from the beginning till the end.

For the travelers who love new experienceI can surely say that this one will always be in our hearts.

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Claire Floriet

Dear Tatev,

I trust you are well. It's been some time since August but better late than never. I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and would recommend your tour agency to others. There are a couple of point that might help other tourists though:
1. Confirming gear: For the hikes it would have been good be more clear on the hiking gear in terms of what I should have brought with me and what the guide was providing.

2. Packing too much into a day: My itinerary was really packed and although it was very interesting and I enjoyed it, there were a couple of days where there were too many visits scheduled and I was literally running, despite an early start.

General feedback:
Both my drivers were good, with good vehicles but in general people drive a lot faster in Armenia and Georgia than many other countries are used to with respect to the posted speed limits.

Although there were many places of interest on my itinerary the highlights were the hikes and seeing the natural beauty of Armenia and Georgia. I also enjoyed trying the local food. People in both countries were very welcoming.

Thanks again Tatev for organizing an excellent trip.
Best regards,

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Guido B.

Good morning Tatev!! I really enjoyed my stay and I am fascinated by your country and culture. Undoubtedly wonderful! I have very much appreciated the service provided by you and Ara: really very good professional service! I have already some friends asking suggestions since would like to visit and will share your contact

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