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Amazing trip. Will remember it all our lives
Good programe, full on without being too much
Fantastic guide Hasmik has a real passion for her country; she had the excitement as if she was visiting for the first time. Excellent communication skills and very personable . Driver was polite and reliable, we loved him. Fantastic value for money - please keep it like this. I have recommended this trip to several friends.
Areas for improvement
- most morning we started the journey later than we planned as the car was 15-20 min late
- I personally struggled a little bit with the unpredictability of the meal times. Having lunch at 3-4pm in the afternoon disorganizes your body clock . There is already a lot of novelty and need to adapt on a travel tours, would be great to have predictable meal time to take this stress off our bodies. Some people are more adaptable in this respect. Perhaps it was only me.

However overall it was brilliant! thank you for this fantastic experience

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Ron Armon

Hi Sati, We had an amazing trip – of course Armenia is beautiful but above all stood Ashot who knew how to make History come alive and transfer his enthusiastic approach to us!! He is amazing guide who really feels his clients and gave us exactly the trip we wanted.
No mishaps in this trip!!
So job well done.
Thank you and please pass this email to the management as well.

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Maria Alevizaki

This was a very well organised tour to Georgia/Armenia/Azerbajan. Everything worked exactly as promised in advance by the travel agent. The programme was interesting and we had excellent guides. I can recommend ARARA highly as tour organiser.

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Thank you for an amazing tour through Armenia and Georgia! We had the best Drivers and guides we could have imagined - unforgettable experience and beautiful countries. The people, the food and the landscape including the awesome monastries are just a few Highlights to mention about this trip. More than we expected! Highly recommended. See you soon guys. Best greetings from Germany Judy


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Corrie Mulder

We had an absolutely fabulous tour of Armenia and Georgia.
Thank you Sati for organizing this for us. Everything was well-planned and organized. Loved Raffi as a tour guide - the best we've ever had. Armenia is a fabulous and extremely interesting country to visit. Loved it. Great driver and enjoyed the Tufenkian Hotel. It was good. Georgia was amazing as well and we enjoyed Tazo as our guide/driver. I think that everything was excellent. The only reason I rated the hotel less than excellent is because I didn't feel the Betsy Hotel was actually a 4* hotel. We were in the old part and it felt dated and a bit tired, with an old bathroom. But please don't see this as a complaint, it's not. We were fine and enjoyed everything.

You organized a perfect trip for us and we hope we can come back one day. We'd like to see more.

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Ilpo Huhtaniemi

Dear Sati,
We are now back at home. Thank you so much for the nice arrangements and programme of the trip. We had excellent guides in each country and everything worked out exactly as promised. We will definitely recommend highly your company for our friends who plan to visit the Caucasus.

The only disappointment was the unpleasant border crossing from Georgia to Azerbajan. Thank you for accepting to replace the confiscated goods. As my wife (Maria) already informed you we only miss the two T shirts from Armenia that we gifts to our children.

Thanks again, and with all good wishes,


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We just completed 5 days touring Armenia with Arara Tours. It was absolutely the best way to visit the highlights scattered around this beautiful country. Prior to Armenia, we had also used Arara’s services in Georgia which is different but just as stunning. Both in Armenia and Georgia the organization was phenomenal. The itinerary was always varied, with a mix of natural, historic, and culinary stops. A few of the highlights included the mountains on the Georgia/Russia border (the scenery at Gergeti Trinity Church is incredible), Noravank and Geghard monasteries in Armenia, and some of the museums in Yerevan. A special mention has to be made to Arthur who is the best tour guide we have ever had. His breadth of knowledge is incredible and went way past recounting Armenian history. He educated us on the whole region and its complex history. His passion is infectious as is his warmth in dealing with the group.

I would recommend Arara for anyone visiting Georgia and Armenia. Arthur is also a hiker and does hiking tours. With all our Armenia’s stunning mountain geography it is something that I would come back for!

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Walter Schroen

Hello dear Ms. Sati,

Thank you for your e-mail!  Yes, my wife and I are back in Texas now for almost a week, after we had spent a couple of days in Munich since returning from Tblisi on May 22. In just one sentence:  The tour with ARARA through Armenia and Georgia, which you have put together for us, was 100 % success, pleasure and enjoyment!!!  My wife and I thank you so much for all your suggestions, planning, and organizing!!

Each one of our three drivers and guides we had (Mr, Avet, Mr. Gevorg, and Mr. Tazo) was a friendly  and sympathetic person, always knowledgeable, helpful and flexible, and a reliable and safe driver.   We enjoyed each one of them!

Each one of the cars was comfortable, air conditioned, and running smoothly; we had no car or traffic trouble.  We had good luck with the weather, and the spring season was simply delightful everywhere.

The hotels were friendly and comfortable, and we cherished the local  food and drinks.

And I had plenty of opportunity to photograph historical monuments and churches, and to soak up unforgettable scenery.

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Lis Haakonssen

Armenia part of Armenia & Georgia Hiking Tour.
I am separating the two countries because we had different guides/ drivers
The guide Hasmik was very enthusiastic and accommodating in Yerevan where we had already seen the places included in the day trip. No assistance with lunch though. Not a problem for us.
The ecstatic comments on the culture and nature of Armenia wore a little thin at the end of the five days when the number of monasteries and churches started to overwhelm us.
On day 4 she suggested a substitute walk which we believed was a swap with a visit to yet another monastery . The walk was enjoyable but it turned out it was a swap for day five’s walk which would see us missing out on the Lastiver Caves. In the end we did both day 4 and day 5 program on day 5., Because of the extra driving we were asked to pay 15000 Drahms(31$) . No idea if it was appropriate but we agreed to it.
We did tend to start out a little late in the mornings. 10 a.m. or later, but maybe that is usual in Armenia. It did result in a couple of very late finishes and very little food left at the guesthouse on day 2. The host was very helpful though and did open the nice pool for us early next morning.
The last day was also very late because we packed more in than originally planned However the hostess at the guesthouse was to be commended for the meal she unexpectantly prepared for us.
Day 4 guesthouse was pleasant with a lovely verandah and garden. However the room would have been fine for one person, but really too small for two. We could barely open our suit cases.
All together the accommodations were fine given we were out in the country.
The tour was good but a little too many churches and monasteries. Maybe the tour name should be changed to: Armenia & Georgia, Churches, Monasteries and aHiking Tour.
The guide was very knowledgeable but could be clearer in the explanation of options.
In summary the Armenian part was good and the Georgian part great. Thank you for organising it. I am happy to recommend the tour

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Lis Haakonssen

Georgian part of Armenia and Georgia Hiking trip.
The second part of this trip was fabulous. Although Sandro from "My Geo" did both the driving and guiding he carried out both jobs very well, anticipating and fulfilling any wish we might have. A very professional and well informed guide, whom I cannot recommend enough.
Breakfast at the Bonjormi Old Hotel was without much choice, but adequate.
Would love to return to Georgia

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Ruth Ovadia

Dear Sati, How are you? I hope you are all well.
I would like to thank you for the educative and interesting tour through your beutifful country Armenia. We have found amaizing landscapes, ancient history, modern city and warm and kind people. We want especialy to note hotel Apricot for very warm and homey treatment. They did above and beyond to make our stay very pleasant.
And last but not least - As you said in the office he is the best.
Please send a special thanks and very warm wishes to our faithful guide Avet.
He was always attentive to our needs and wishes, full of knowledgr and facts which he was glad to share with us and a lot of good mood and humor to make our long driv interesting and joyfull.

Thank you again and all the best
Batia and Ruth

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David Jones

I would like to to thank Arara tour for this amazing hiking trip. I couldn’t imagine that Armenia is so beautiful. You made us to feel the spirit of Armenia, I have traveled almost whole Europe but the beauty of Armenia is different, its architecture, hidden churches in forests are just amazing, I can’t really explain what just had happened to me when I entered Tatev Monastery, I was cracked. The places we visited are unimaginably beautiful, I still remember Likani River Gorge, the architecture of Sighnaghi and Kakheti cities. Baku is also a very beautiful city. Hotel service, guides, drivers, food, people everything was just perfect. I will defiantly recommend Arara Tour to all of my friends. You made me to feel special by your service.

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