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The Legends of Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery is located in Syunik region on a high cliff overlooking the deep gorge of the Vorotan River. It was built during the 9th-10th centuries and is considered the pearl of Armenian medieval architecture. Once it was the main spiritual and cultural center of Armenia....
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The Legend of Duduk

Once upon a time Young Wind was flying over the picturesque mountainous area. Suddenly he saw a tree of an amazing beauty. Never before had he seen such a beautiful tree and got strongly impressed. Playing with its delicate flower petals and lightly touching the leaves, the Wind...
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Khatchkars in Noraduz

The Legend of Noraduz Khachkars

Khachkars dot Armenia’s landscape like the stars dot the sky—the special stone carved crosses bring the ancient world into the modern. They appear not just on monastery walls, but everywhere in the landscape, on mountains and along roads. Many signify the tombstones of Armenian...
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Odd people of Sanahin

Odd people of Sanahin

In Armenia, natural springs are given great honor—they are associated with the prosperity of villages and cities and are considered as a life-giving force, to be held in high regard. So high, in fact, they seem to be living things onto their own—as long as the spring is giving...
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The Vardavar Festival

At the end of the flood, Noah left the Ark and descended from Mt Ararat to an area now called Nakhichevan. In this area today the land remains abundant in alkaline soil due to the salty flood waters that once covered the earth. The area is a sacred ground, because the father of...
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Tigranes The Great

The Legend of Tigranes the Great

Armenia had many kings throughout its history, however Tigranes II (also known as Tigranes the Great) was by far the most powerful, wise and brave ruler of them all. During his reign the borders of Armenia stretched from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea. Also during this time...
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The treasure maountain

The Legend of the Treasure Mountain

Many centuries ago the Roman Empire was at its largest and most mighty. The greedy and oppressive tyrants invaded country after country, expanding their borders across nations, while plundering people’s homes. Several Roman military units headed towards Armenia. The Armenian King...
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The Holy Spear

The Legend of the Holy Spear

There was once a Muslim military commander and ruler named Tamerlane, who along with his fierce army, conquered half of the world. He then set his eyes upon the land of Armenia. He entered the country with the might of his troops, taking hold of roads and trails in the mountains....
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Saghmosavank Monastery

The Legend of Saghmosavank Monastery

Back in the time when a multitude of barbarians and pillagers occupied the Earth, there was one particular powerful and violent ruler by the name of Tamerlane. When he and his massive army invaded Armenia, they crushed the people, looted temples and burned people’s homes. Even...
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Nor Getik

The Legend of Nor Getik

While lawlessness ran rampant across the land, the vardapet (priest) Mkhitar the Beardless was the prime example of moral purity and perseverance for all Armenians. Mkhitar was an honest, straight talking and well educated man. He was often invited for a visit by Armenian princes...
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The Legend of Mount Ararat Birth

Vahagn, the god of fire, was a perfect being, except for his explosive temper. Even his birth was brought about a cosmic shake of the universe. The gods rejoiced the day he was born—they gave him many gifts. Astghik, the goddess of love, beauty and water, kissed Vahagn’s forehead...
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mount Aragats

The Legend of Mount Aragats

When Queen Semiramis of Assyria declared war on Armenia she ordered her troops to capture the Armenian King, Ara the Beautiful. However during the great battle, one of her lovers shot his arrow at Ara, piercing the King’s chest with the poisoned tip. Ara collapsed to the ground....
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Momik the architect

The Legend of Master Momik

Anyone who has ever seen Noravank Monastery, in the gorge of Vayots Dzor, will attest to its unforgettably striking architecture. The monastery was designed and built by Momik the Architect, and guarantees to be recalled in one’s memory, along with joy and serenity, long after...
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Sevan Lake Khachkar

The Legend of Lake Sevan

Lake Seven sits upon the Armenian plateau. Out of all the highland lakes around the world, it is special—its sparkling waters have given a home to many legends and well told stories. There was once a land with bountiful fertile soil and beautiful gardens. The land was watered by...
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Khor Virap Monastery

The Legend of Khor Virap

Legend has it, that where Khor Virap Monastery fortress stands today was once the ancient city of Artashat, which was the former capital of Armenia. On that hill, under the church, was a prison pit where people on death row would be kept. This place has great significance to...
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Monastery of Holy Spear

The Legend of Holy Spear Monastery

There was once a brother and sister who decided they wanted to build a God-pleasing church so that they may be immortalized in the world forever. The siblings traveled to Armenia and went to the beautiful Garni valley—with its amazing views and surrounding mountains. They decided...
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Haghpat Monastery

The Legend of Haghpat Monastery

The monks of Haghpat Monastery studied science, theology, painting and hand-copied books. The monastery was a monument of prosperity of the Armenian kingdom. It is said that the spirit of competition helped with the construction of the monastery. The monks constructed a temple in...
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Erebuni Fotress

The Legend of Erebuni Fortress

The city of Erebuni was built in 782 BC, by the ruler of the Kingdom of Van, Argishti. It was built on a hill called Arin Berd. He ordered an inscription be put on a stone stele (a stone slab), announcing the city’s birth. It read: By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti,...
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Saint Hripsime

The Legend of Blessed virgin Hripsime

When the Roman emperor Diocletian, the worst persecutor of Christians, decided he would like to take a second wife, he sent artists out into the empire to paint portraits of the most beautiful women they could find. It didn’t take long before news came back that they had in fact...
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Armenian lavash

The Legend of Armenian bread Lavash

One day during a battle, King Aram of Armenia was taken prisoner by the Assyrian ruler, Nebuchadnezzar. The Assyrian leader considered this to not be a victory over the Armenian king, so he said “I will deprive you of food for 10 days. On the 11th day you and I will have an...
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Ara the Beautiful

The Legend of Ara the Beautiful

The powerful Queen of Assyria, Queen Semiramis, was infatuated with the Armenian King Ara the Beautiful. Her love for him was so great that she sent him countless gifts via her messengers, but each one was returned—Ara was not interested. She tried countless times to capture his...
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Armenian apricot

The Legend of Apricot

It is said that the fruits that grow in Ararat Valley are the lushest, juiciest and tastiest you will ever eat. This is no surprise considering they grow at the foot of majestic Mt Ararat, which is shaped like a pyramid, so the reflection of the sun shines down on the crops. The...
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Noah's Ark

The Legend of Noah’s Ark Relic

There are many legends that the mountains could tell about the time when Noah and his family descended from the Ark into the valley. One day the Christians of the area decided to retrace Noah’s story by climbing Mount Ararat and finding the Ark. On that day Bishop Jacob of...
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Armenian vineyard

The Legend of The First Wine

When the Ark finally rested on Mt Ararat, and Noah could feel again the earth underfoot; he knelt down and revealed a small sprout that one of his family members had brought with them on the Ark. The sprout was from a vine. Noah planted the sprout in Ararat valley, at the foot of...
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The legend of “portakar stone”

Infertility is a disease that’s rapidly growing. Every year the number of people suffering from it is increasing, and the causes are numerous and different. This disease is not new: it has been mentioned since ancient times. Today, the medicine is constantly developing, and...
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