The Legend of Apricot

It is said that the fruits that grow in Ararat Valley are the lushest, juiciest and tastiest you will ever eat. This is no surprise considering they grow at the foot of majestic Mt Ararat, which is shaped like a pyramid, so the reflection of the sun shines down on the crops.

The Ararat Valley is known for its very sweet grapes and the most amazing tasting apricots. Of course, apricots are grown all around Armenia, but since ancient times the ones grown in Ararat Valley are known as the king and the ones grown elsewhere are the courtiers. These fruits are known the world over as the most delicious apricots — so much so that Armenia is known as the ‘Land of Apricots’. The fruit (“Prunus armeniaca” in Latin) was used by the ancestors of Armenians to treat 12 different ailments.

According to legend, the apricot tree is the only tree that Noah brought from the Ark, to plant in the new soil and grow it for the people. The Flood destroyed many fruit trees, however, the apricot survived. Even today people all over the world can enjoy this never-ending light and happiness that reminds them of the sunlight that reflects on the Ararat Valley.

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