The Legend of the Megratzor River

The banks of the Megratzor River are rocky. In summer they get covered with beautiful fragrant flowers and among them, bees compose their hives. In summer, during the heat, their honey starts melting and flowing straight into the river, so the water in it becomes sweet and fragrant. That’s why the river was named Megratzor – “megre” (honey) and “tzoral” (to flow down).

Once in these places grew wild thickets of thorns, and bees barely extracted nectar for honey. That’s why they tried to protect it. One day a young girl was walking in the valley of the river. She collected flowers, sang and did not notice how she got lost. In search of beautiful flowers, she climbed too far. The night came and the girl did not know how to get out. She cried for a long time in the crevice of the rock until she fell asleep.

In the morning, the bees flew out to seek for nectar and suddenly saw a sleeping girl. They recognized her immediately, as the last night she pleased them with her beautiful songs. The bees collected some honey on a plane tree leaf and brought it to the girl.

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