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Feedback_Gary Geisel 07.09.2018

Your tour dates: 07/09/2018 – 19/09/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Armenia – Haykuhi – very pleased, she was excellent in every way. We felt very fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and with such a good command of English. She was very kind and considerate. We felt that we were with a very authentic person, who answered questions honestly and always in a good way. She became a friend.

Georgia – Tazo – We really liked him. Gary especially enjoyed hiking 1-on-1 with Tazo while Marie did something else. His depth of knowledge was a bit less, but he was always alert to connecting us to knowledgeable people. He is clearly well-known and well-liked among the locals. His knowledge of nature and the outdoors really impressed Gary.

Your feedback about your driver: ARMENIA – He was an excellent driver, thoughtful and helped us with the ATM. He seemed painfully shy. We were pleased.

GEORGIA – Tazo was both guide and driver. Excellent driver. We felt very safe with him on those dangerous Georgian roads.

Your feedback about the car: ARMENIA AND GEORGIA – Both cars were excellent, in good condition, comfortable, clean inside and out.

Your feedback about hotels: ARMENIA – The room for the first night at Cascade Hotel was too small, but the hotel upgraded us quickly that night. The chef was very nice during breakfast. Location was great, allowing us to enjoy the architecture of the Cascades, and to walk the city. We also enjoyed Eco-Kayan in Dilijan very much.

GEORGIA – Hotel Opinion – first night, before arriving in Yerevan by plane, the room was too close to loud music outside. The remaining nights after the Armenia tour, and during the Georgia tour, were pleasant. The breakfast buffet was good.

Hotel Kazbegi – we think that this is the finest hotel that we have ever seen. We were thrilled to see Mt. Kazbegi from our hotel window at dawn. This hotel is unforgettable.

We also liked the fact that we could stay multiple nights in a hotel, which spared us the hassles of luggage.

What did you like best in your trip? For both trips, it’s very difficult to choose a favorite, all was remarkably good.

ARMENIA – We especially liked the Manuscript and History museums. Genocide museum is a must-do. Yerevan is nice city with art, public spaces for families. It was good to experience part of the Sunday Mass at St. Hripsine Church. It was nice to see local people out and enjoying their city. Dalijan gave a nice, restful pause after being on the go.

GEORGIA – Our guide Tazo recommended 11 კათხა-კონკა / 11 Katkha-Konka restaurant with traditional Georgian food, music and dancers. We loved it! We ate there three times! The Kazbegi region was the most stunning and wild. We liked the scenic variety and the ethnic diversity in Georgia.

What didn’t you like in trip?ARMENIA – Instant coffee at Cascades Hotel. GEORGIA – 9:00 Breakfast at Hotel Opinion seems late. We are accustomed to 7:30 or 8:00 AM as travelers.

What would you add to your trip? It would have been nice to experience Armenian dancing, music and traditional costumes. Us! For another visit someday!

Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes! Definitely! You are excellent!

Feedback_Eleanor Wong 28.09.2018

My sister and I had a very good time and it was great to visit both countries which have their own beauty.  We would not hesitate to recommend our friends in visiting the region (as many of them have not been there before).

The whole tour ran very smoothly, we did not have any hiccups at all. No problems with currency, food or transport!


Arthur has taken care of us well during the first part of the trip. He always picked us up at the agreed time and was very patient in answering all our questions, whether it be cultural, historical or religious. He is a safe driver and we had no problems with the mode of transport at all. Please thank Arthur for us for being us a great guide to the country!

We found Hotel Lilia to be a really good option. I am aware that the usual hotel is near the Cascade but I think this location has its particular advantage of being near Republic Square. There are a lot of choice of cafes and restaurants withing walking distance and we felt very safe walking around on our own at night. The staff at Hotel Lilia was always attentive and friendly. Although it was a small hotel it made our stay feel cozy and welcome. Also there was a 24 hour supermarket a few minutes walk which was a highlight to us as it was convenient to get snacks and last minute items there at night. (The dried fruit and nuts store next to Hotel Lilia was also great -we bought a lot of snacks from there!)

Itinerary wise it was a good pace – we got to see a lot of the sights in the 5 days we were there and did not feel rushed. It was a good idea to do the border crossing as it was super easy and not crowded at all. We liked the large roadside store that Arthur brought us to which was on the way to the border. Super fresh bakery that offers so much!


Vazha was there to greet us once we crossed the border – no problems with the border crossing, very straight forward. Vazha also took good care of us and is a good driver (they are all quite good drivers in Georgia from what we can gather). We did not run into any problems at all and pick up was punctual and Vazha was very flexible with time and itinerary and never rushed us. Right to the end Vazha was there to send us to the airport and made sure we got there on time!

Hotel – although Citadines was our own choice of hotel, just a bit of feedback in case your other guests make enquiries about staying at this hotel. We would say the hotel has 4* location but all else it probably should be classified more a 3 star. Understandably, hotel costs in central Tbilisi may be quite expensive so maybe that is why they justified a 4* rating. No doubt location as perfect – we could almost walk to all parts of the town and even take the metro if necessary. I looked up the hotel that originally suggested 3* Hotel Astoria and I think it would have been a less convenient spot.  I could see that there are a number of 3* hotels in the vicinity that could be better choices so you might like to consider this for your future tourists. (We missed staying at  Hotel Lilia once we got to Citadines-  standard corporate chain hotel!)

Itinerary wise – the pace was very good too. It would appear Georgia is larger so  there could be other areas we could possible cover but perhaps we will have to leave it to another day! Tbilisi is definitely a more busy city with many more tourist and traffic which we found which was quite a change of pace from Yerevan. It took us some time to adjust to the pace after enjoying the relaxed charm of Yerevan.

As I mentioned, overall the trip was fantastic and the guides did a great job in showing us around. We enjoyed ourselves and no doubt if anyone asks we can refer them to you in future!

Thanks and regards

Eleanor “

Feedback_Harry Fellows 06.09.2018

The tour was enjoyed immensely by all our members, please convey our thanks to all your staff for the excellent service you provided. We have been experiencing comments such as, “the best ever”, “the itinerary was splendid and covered everything we could wish to see”, “ the scenery was spell-binding and the attention paid to detail was excellent”, “the hotels and their service was first class”,  “when you go again please reserve a place for us”, etc, etc.

The only comment that had any criticism was that the long tables were too crowded with hardly sufficient room to handle a knife and fork, a particularly valid comment as the dishes were so good and what a selection, the “soup and bread” lunches in Georgia were particularly enjoyed!

Thank you for arranged such a good tour that highlighted the scenery and history of both countries and thank you personally for your kind invitation to the Jazz Club which Kate and I enjoyed immensely. To crown all this the 15 year old Brandy that you so generously gave us is something very special and will only be shared with our closest friends (if they twist my arm very hard).

Thank you Nune,

With very best wishes until we return

Harry & Kate.

Feedback_Richard Whitekettle 07.09.2018

Your tour dates: 09/06/2018-06/14/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Eva (Yeva) is the best!  She knew everything about Armenia and the places we visited.  Her english language skills were great.  She was also flexible and willing to add or drop stops depending on our particular interests.

If we come back I would ask for her again.

Your feedback about your driver: Aurther was a very skilled driver.  He did not speak english but always went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of us.

Your feedback about the car: Very nice Mercedes Sprinter Van.

Your feedback about hotels: Mostly just fine.  In small village had an issue with hot shower but worked around it.  One of our party is handicapped and had some step challenges but  worked through this.

What did you like best in your trip?
Felt like I got a real feel for the country, politics, food, and people.  All positive.

What didn’t you like in the trip?
We visited 8 out of the 10 regions which meant a bit of driving but don’t think I would change this.

What would you add to your trip?
I would have added  few more days to the trip.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 

Feedback_Lesley and Andrew Fenton 18.09.2018

Your tour dates: 18/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Ara was very personable. His standard of English was excellent. He was well-informed, being an archeologist and historian by training, and obviously knew the country well and was evidently an experienced guide. He was able to answer all our questions about history, culture and everyday life in Armenia.

Your feedback about your driver: Ara was our driver too. It sometimes made it a bit difficult to ask him about things while he was concentrating on negotiating windy mountain roads or driving in think fog! We realise this keeps the cost down but it does mean he was having to work doubly hard which must have been tiring.

Your feedback about the car: The car wasn’t really quite big or comfortable enough for such a road trip. We, fortunately, only had a small amount of luggage, but had anyone had more, it would have been impossible to store it all out of sight. Also being a right-hand drive it meant Ara constantly had difficulties seeing what was coming when overtaking.

Your feedback about hotels: Cascade, Yerevan:
Lovely, friendly staff, especially the receptionists. Excellent location, comfortable rooms. Good laundry service. Breakfast good but terrible coffee!

Khachik B&B, Goris:
Friendly reception from the owner. Rooms basic but very clean and comfortable. Good breakfast (but again lacking decent coffee). We didn’t see much of the surroundings.

Heghnar Hotel, Stepanakert:
Rather ordinary, trying to be grander than it really was. But clean and comfortable enough. Breakfast average (can’t really remember it). Restaurant wasn’t open in evening. Without a car it would have been difficult.

Noyland, Sevan Lake:
Clean and comfortable enough but lacking in character and felt a bit desolate out of season (it was only mid September). Breakfast average.

What did you like best in your trip?
Beautiful scenery, visits to markets, trying local food. Wine tasting in Ijevan.

What didn’t you like in the trip?
Too much time on the road. Not enough time in places such as Dilijan. Too many monasteries: before the last day we had already seen the most spectacular ones and would have preferred to have seen more of Dilijan (where we wanted to stay). we only had time for a quick lunch an a walk down one road.

In view of the fact that we were being driven to Tbilisi the next day, it would have been better for our tour to end in Dilijan, stay there the night, then we could have taken a car from there to Tbilisi. We ended up driving all the way back to Yerevan for one night at the end of tour, only to retrace our steps as far as Ijevan the next morning.

What would you add to your trip?
Would have liked to have some more local crafts and artisans.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Definitely. The pre-trip service by Lusine was excellent.

Feedback_Paulette Whitelkettle 08.09.2018

Your tour dates: September 8-14

Your feedback about your guide: Our guide, Yeva, was wonderful! She made our week delightful. She was professional but extremely    Likable. She is amazingly knowledgeable. The information she gave us enhanced  our experience  enormously.  She did a great job knowing how much talking to do  and what information we would find interesting. She paved the way and lead us.  There were at least three times in which we asked to change the itinerary midstream. She went with the flow and cooperated with our every wish and adapted the itinerary cheerfully.  She helped us to fall in love with Armenia.

Your feedback about your driver: He did a fine job.

Your feedback about the car: Fine

Your feedback about hotels: We enjoyed all of  the hotels although  some were challenging regarding being handicapped accessible.

What did you like best in your trip?
I enjoyed the entire trip but especially liked the cable car day

What didn’t you like in the trip?
The winery

What would you add to your trip?

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes. I intend to. It was excellent.
I also want to thank you, Lucine,  for all your help in planning the trip. That too was a big part of giving us a week will always remember!

Feedback_Linda Tavernarakis 09.21.2018

Your tour dates: 09/21/2018 – 09/26/2018

Your feedback about your guide: He was the best!  Excellent communication, language skills and tremendous information.  Raffi made the tour fun and very interactive.

Your feedback about your driver: our drive was an excellent driver.  Only wished that he would have used the air conditioner rather than opening the window!

Your feedback about the car: The car/van was very suitable and comfortable.

Your feedback about hotels: the City Hotel was awful and I appreciate being moved to the Boss Hotel which was great.  The other hotels were comperable to the Boss Hotel and were very comfortable.

What did you like best in your trip?
visiting the monasteries

What didn’t you like in the trip?
the first night in that awful hotel

What would you add to your trip?
it would be great to add either as a standard or option to see traditional danacing and music

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Feedback_Claude Ducloux 13.09.2018

Your tour dates: 13/09/2018 – 21/09/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Both Narek, in Armenia and Shota in Georgia, were lovely people.  Narek is quite educated and was a good source of information. Our trip to Georgia was somewhat longer than anticipated due to some problems with the roads, but we enjoyed both of them.  Shota, especially was helpful to my wife dealing with merchants, and knew the Tblisi environs very well and suggested reasonably priced merchants for certain souvenirs.  Narek also was helpful to my wife with various merchants and got us reservations and assistance.

Your feedback about your driver: Narek drove very slowly (actually too slowly for us) but was very relaxed.
Shota was bit more aggressive, as you’d expect, but very very safe and cared very much about our safety.
Narek’s car (RangeRover Discovery) was a bit bumpy in the back seat, Shota’s Toyota Isis had a much more comfortable ride.

Your feedback about the car: See above

Your feedback about hotels: The Cascade was a lovely place with friendly employees, and very well located (close to Cascade Steps, Opera house, etc).
My one criticism is that the rooms were much too small (although tidy and clean) and the beds were as hard as a rock. As older Americans accustomed to larger hotel rooms, we would have paid more gladly for a larger room.  We changed to the Doubletree-Hilton for our last night, and really enjoyed that comfort, even though the Doubletree was not as conveniently located as the Cascade. Next time, I’d specify the Marriott.  We are really very experienced travelers, but the size and comfort of the hotel rooms is now becoming a priority for us.  Perhaps you could give people the option of upgrading the hotel for a higher price.

What did you like best in your trip?
It was a very meaningful trip for us in many ways. We saw family members of my wife we had never met;  the prices were very reasonable in both Armenia and Georgia, and we really enjoyed every day’s adventures.  We loved our lunch near the Garni Temple with the Babayans.  I loved my early morning walks each day around Yerevan and Tblisi.

What didn’t you like in the trip?
The roads between Yerevan and Tblisi were often very bad, and even non-passable.

What would you add to your trip?
Options for larger hotel rooms

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes. Thank you

I will also send you my journal, so you can see how carefully I documented each day.

Feedback_George Issaian 09.21.2018

Your tour dates: 09/21/2018-09/26/2018

Your feedback about your guide: The tour guide was friendly with huge source of information.

Your feedback about your driver: The transportation was good and on time.

Your feedback about the car: The car was comfortable.

Your feedback about hotels: The hotel was central so I was close to the most public places like restaurants and shopping. it was nice and clean with excellent services

What did you like best in your trip?
My tour guide.

What didn’t you like in the trip?

What would you add to your trip?
I would add two weeks instead of one week.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
I strongly will recommend this company. With my experience you will have a good service and you will enjoy your tripe.

Feedback_Reginald Tuck 30.08.2018

Your tour dates: 08/30/2018-09/07/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Our guide was excellent.  Good communication and language skills.  Had a real passion and love for Armenia.  She represented Armenia in a wonderful way and we felt grateful to have her as our guide.  We were most satisfied.

Your feedback about your driver: Excellent driver.  Wonderful person.  Can’t say enough good things about him.

Your feedback about the car: Excellent.

Your feedback about hotels: Excellent.

What did you like best in your trip?
The privilege of visiting the churches and monasteries of Armenia.  The privilege of learning more about the Armenia genocide.  The privilege of visiting a great people and great nation.

What didn’t you like in the trip?

What would you add to your trip?
More time and more historical sites.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
By all means.  Your company was GREAT and I am so thankful for all the ways you helped us.  Please use me as a reference.

Feedback_Carlos Castaneda 01.07.2019

Your tour dates: 01/07/19 – 09/07/19

Your feedback about your guide: Very good language skills and knowledgeable.Your feedback about your driver: Safe and friendly.

Your feedback about the car: Comfortable down the most part except the smaller buses  in the back seat

Your feedback about hotels: The hotel was ok for the price range but not great. It had a feeling of an old Soviet style hotel. Breakfast was pretty bad. Staff was  very friendly and accommodating but it took effort to solve some issues. Location was ok.

What did you like best in your trip?
The tours were all excellent. The people are the friendliest. Syuzanna was an excellent liaison.

What didn’t you like in trip?
The hotel.

What would you add to your trip?
Discuss the possibility to add a couple of days in Karabach.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 

Feedback_Geoffrey Holland 02.09.2018

Your tour dates: 02/09/18 – 10/09/18

Your feedback about your guide: They were both good Arthur and Demetre

Your feedback about your driver: driver was the guide, we really liked Arthur

Your feedback about the car: Good enough for our trip thankyou

Your feedback about hotels: Yerevan was good 4/5, Dilijan 4/5, Tbilisi 4/5 only in that it had no meals or snacks except breakfast… we would go further into the old city if we came again.

What did you like best in your trip?
Incredible country, Basaltic stones , basaltic churches and buildings in Armenia, the crucible of Christianity,the agrarian plains of plenty in Georgia.

What didn’t you like in the trip?
Nothing, we are so glad we went

What would you add to your trip?
On reflection, 2 more days in Yerevan, and a side trip to Batumi for one night

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 

Feedback_James Gal 09.07.2018

Your tour dates: 09/08/2018-16/08/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Our guides were very good with good communication skills.  They were very easy to get on with and very helpful with information and considerate of our needs.  We enjoyed their company and they made our trip very enjoyable.

Your feedback about your driver: Our drivers were very skillful drivers and took us to the places we had to visit on time and safely.  The cars were very comfortable and well maintained.  Some of the roads they had to drive were not so good.

Your feedback about the car: The cars were comfortable and well maintained.  We travelled very well in them and were upset that our Georgian guide had to travel on the road from the border near Gumri because the road was almost non-existent and in very poor condition.  It caused damage to the vehicle. A tank would have been the only type of vehicle for that road.  The driver showed great skill to get there and back.

Your feedback about hotels: The hotels we stayed in were of particularly high standard and very comfortable especially the ones in Armenia.  These were spacious and well equipped with restaurants and lifts.  We were comfortable in all of them.  They were all well situated in respect to the towns.

What did you like best in your trip?
We liked the hotels, the scenery, the food and the friendliness of our guides.  We would like to take time one day to come back and see more.  The guides gave us lots of information about the places we visited that ws very interesting.  We were very happy to get our photo taken in front of Mt Ararat.

What didn’t you like in the trip?
The road from the Armenian border on our trip to Kutaisi on Thursday.  That was not a road.  It was not even a track.  We recommend that you do not ask the guides to take cars on that road.

What would you add to your trip?
We probably should have taken a couple of more days to make the trip a little less tiring through travel each day.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes, we were very happy with the arrangements and have already told our friends about your company.

Feedback_Ewa James 06.08.2018

We are really pleased with the trip. I do include here the service you provided organising everything for us as well as a very knowledgeable and professional guide/driver. Avet was really great and knew how to show us the sites in their best, avoiding crowds and getting the best light of the day.
Your communication to me was very responsive and accommodating. I’d rate it as high as any good service I’d expect to receive in the U.K.
We were taken by surprise with generosity and quality of food (and wine:).
I’d definitely use your service again if I am lucky to return to Armenia in the future.
Kind regards

Feedback_Evelyne Borer 29.07.2018

Your tour dates: 28/07/2018-08/08/2018

Your feedback about your guide:

Very caring for our needs and security very good English has got a profound knowledge of what he is explaining very kind and humorous professinal.

Your feedback about your driver: Good driver

Your feedback about the car: Very nice car

Your feedback about hotels: Always very clean, good breakfasts and food

What did you like best in your trip? The hiking

What didn’t you like in trip? The botanical garden

What would you add to your trip?    

The Museum of Parajanov in Yerevan some shopping in a town/village on the countryside

Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes!!!


Feedback_Susann Trinh Quang and Jessica Anaipakos 4.07.2018

Susann and I have just finished looking through all the pictures and videos from Georgia and Armenia last week, and we wanted to circle back and send a short email praising the tour and tour guides that we booked with Arara.
Avet was personable and punctual, and was very flexible in accommodating changes to the itinerary – especially when we opted to remove some churches and stay at Lake Sevan for longer than originally planned. We enjoyed the SAS Food Court that he took us to on the first day, which became a daily pit stop while we were in Armenia.
Davit was extremely patient and eager to show his country to us in addition to being very knowledgable of the history and background of various sites, caucasian music, and culinary dishes. He also was a great driver, especially driving to Gergeti Trinity Church in the pouring rain and fog – his car was spacious and fit for that very purpose. The highlight for us was the khinkali restaurant, there was unplanned singing and dancing – we think Davit relaxed a bit and had fun as well.
We both agreed that we would recommend both tour guides to our friends and acquaintances should they ever travel to Armenia and/or Georgia, and we would go through Arara again for future travel in the region. The personalized tour was definitely the way to go 🙂
We very much enjoyed the itinerary, lots of sun and fresh scenery – thank you again for your patience in coordinating! All the best!

Feedback_Classical Tour to Armenia and Georgia 26.06.2018

Your tour dates: 06/25/2018 – 07/04/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Guides were great. English skills were excellent. All did a great job.

Your feedback about your driver: No problems.

Your feedback about the car: It was fine.

Your feedback about hotels: Good for the price paid.

What did you like best in your trip?
Seeing other cultures and countries!

What didn’t you like in trip?

What would you add to your trip?

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 

Feedback_Sheila and Tony Hewitt 26.06.2018

Dear Lusine

I was sorry that we did not meet you in Yerevan last week.

We wanted to feed back on our trip to Armenia.

We have no complaints and all comments are positive;

1. Accommodation at all locations was acceptable and the home cooked meals at the three guest houses were delicious and to a high standard.

2. The itinerary was well set out and achievable for moderate ability hikers like us.

3. Ara Petrosyan, our guide spoke very good English, gave us excellent information about the history of Armenia and the monasteries we visited. He was always thoughtful about our needs and polite and pleasant at all times. He used his own vehicle to drive us during our 7-day trip and was at all times, a safe and competent driver. He played an important role in making our first trip to Armenia enjoyable and interesting.

Feedback_Ilona Gajdikova 13.06.2018

Dear Liana,

Thank you, I am back in Iraq fully immersed in work 😀

Once more thank you very much for the really perfect organization and your great communication. I was really impressed by your professionalism and as it was just second time in my life I asked somebody else to prepare my holiday, for sure I am happy I made such a good choice with your agency!

I enjoyed my holiday and I really appreciated Levon as a guide because he is a wonderful source of information!

I will do my best to come back to you with more detailed feedback soon, when I will find more time to focus on it.

I wish you many satisfied clients!

Warm regards and all the best,


Feedback_Edmund Biber 24.05.2018

Your feedback about your guide: Arthur in Armenia – Good communicator, language and information provided all good. Friendly manner. Competent guide.
Iraqli in Georgia – Good communicator but lacking knowledge to impart information on sites visited and highlights of itinerary.

Your feedback about your driver: Above guides were drivers. Competent drivers

Your feedback about the car: Armenia – Airconditioning ineffective.: Georgia – O.K. but awkward being right hand drive.

Your feedback about hotels: Generally quite good with friendly staff. Well located in Yerevan and Tbilisi.

What did you like best about your trip?
Beautiful scenery, monuments. Good balance of guided and free time.

What didn’t you like about your trip?
Guides could have been more informative. In Georgia, guide lacked knowledge of subject matter and did not cover itinerary as well as we would have hoped.

What would you add to your trip?
Nothing. But thinking it might have been better to have a driver and guide rather than driver/guide. It may have been difficult for the guide to provide information while focusing on driving and his breaks.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes. I think the itinerary and flexibility was good and dealing with you over email was efficient.

We did enjoy our time in Armenia and Georgia and were glad we chose to travel there. Thank you for organising the tour efficiently and making adjustments to the itinerary to meet our wishes..

Feedback_Christopher Usndek 15.06.2018

Dear Syuzanna

The tour was very good. Perhaps a few less churches, but the service was overall very good Chris.

Feedback_Bernard and Claire Gruet 29.05.2018

hello liana

With this message, I wanted to share our feelings on this trip .we have many loved our journey in armenie .the Armenians are warm and welcoming. our guide was exciting from start to finish, it has a knowledge of his extraordinary country and is very resourceful .we loved parandzem.le s driver is more discreet, language barrier forces, but it is well appreciated. The waterfall hotel was very good, ideally positioned, the small lunch very correct .the staff always had a smile. the hotel has goris was good, beautiful spacious rooms, hotel .I was somewhat handicapped by the heavy work at the hotel but nothing serious. for Hotel Nairi has Jermuk, the remote host Aete, clean rooms, but the small non-existent breakfast, no fruit, no fruit juice, ice tea, some dishes seemed not first freshness. for the band ba dilidjean, and friendly rooms well, small royal breakfast, to recommend.

liana we were very happy to meet you, see where you work. I recommend Arara tower for its thoroughness and listening. a suggestion in Jermuk stage has dilijean n hesitate to propose sevenhavank and hairivank, these two monasteries are beautiful.

liana, we kiss you and say to you has soon

bernard and clear

Feedback_Anthony & Usharani Matthias 26.05.2018

Overall both Usha and I very much enjoyed our holiday to Armenia & Georgia. Both are beautiful countries with much to offer the visitor and we are recommending both countries to many of our family and friends.
We thought that the tour price offered good value for money.
Excellent. Be it in Armenia or in Georgia, we were pleased with the level of organisation.
In our opinion the hotel in Yerevan (Opera Suite) was a more pleasant experience than theTbilisi Inn. Although both 4 star hotels, the quality of the room in the hotel in Tbilisi was definitely inferior to that of the Opera Suite hotel.
Vardan is a very personable guy who was friendly and very very helpful. We believe, however, he should offer more information. All too often we needed to ask him 😊
Mike (guide in Georgia) was great. Again he was super helpful and extremely knowledgable and volunteered all the information (and more) we needed.
Toko (driver in Georgia) was also great. He was very good at his job and very polite.
In conclusion, thank you Liana for your help in making our holiday so memorable and we will definitely be thinking about a possible South Armenia / Iran holiday.
We hope you have a great summer and send you our best wishes,
Anthony & Usha

Feedback_Roko Durmanic 02.06.2018

Your tour dates: 02/06/2018 – 09/06/2018

Your feedback about your guide: Arthur is a professional, personable and knowledgeable guide who was always happy to answer our many questions with clear well thought out responses, and he speaks excellent English.

Your feedback about your driver: Arthur was our driver and guide. He  drove safely and knew where to go for the itinerary and accommodation.

Your feedback about the car: The car was very comfortable,clean and Arthur negotiated some of the more challenging roads very well.

Your feedback about hotels: The Cascade Hotel in Yerevan was excellent and ideally located near one of Yerevan’s main attractions and the main city centre. We were delighted with this choice.

All of the accommodation was interesting, comfortable and appropriate standard and value for the cost of the tour.

The accommodation was also nicely varied, recognizing that the further away you are from tourist centres the less choice one has.

What did you like best about your trip?
Armenia has some of the most spectacular scenery we have seen and we were fortunate to walk in some beautiful areas.

The visit to the history museum in Yerevan was excellent and could ideally have some more time allocated.

What didn’t you like about your trip?
We realize that fortresses and monasteries are major attractions, but it would have been better if there were other, more varied attractions to visit  as well. As it was a walking tour the time in the countryside and mountains was excellent, but without the walking the tour would have become a little monotonous.

Day 4 walking from Cristal Lake through the forest and mud was not a good choice of walking terrain. The forest is too closed and dark to enjoy, and the ground is too muddy to bother with, given other non doubt better altefnatives elsewhere.

What would you add to your trip?
Not so much add to the trip but suggestions for improvements.

The written itinerary for the first day out of Yerevan (Day 2), if followed as detailed, would have seen us finish at sundown, and seen us walking in the hotter and stormier part of the afternoon, and resulted in a very short next day. Arthur sensibly had us do that first days walk at the beginning of the second day, thus balancing the two days and we benefited from walking in the cooler and more weatger-stable part of the day.

The itinerary on Day 7 which includes a hike to the southern peak of Mt Aragats is is totally unreasonable considering other points in the itinerary, the 3-4 hours drive to get to the start and the following 2 hours to get back to Yerevan. We did not do the walk thaf day due to weather but if we had we would have finished after 10pm!

Suggestion: do not pretend that walkjng up Mt Aragats is feasible. It is not. The weather will almost always prevengbit happening, if is too long a day, and should onlhh be attemoted by well prepared and experienced walkers, rather than casually. An alternative less elevated walk should be substituted.

Another suggestion: if Mt Aragats remains in the itinerary, put in an altednative (2-3 hours) that is reasonable on the last day.

Another suggestion: If clients could or should bring proper walking boots, walking poles and good wet weathef gear, put that explicitlh jn the tour notes, ratheff than leave it to chance.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes we would.

Overall we were very happy with the tour and the value for money.

Feedback_Gary Bengier, Jack Darrow, Paul McLellan, Ed Bengier, Don Brown

Dear Lusine,

Gary Bengier has asked me to say a few words about our tour. I will gladly post some praise and observations on the platforms you suggest.

As I write this I am listening to your compatriot, Lusine Zakaryan as she sings “Aravot Luso.” Her music sustained me during my last few days in Armenia. Her voice seems to capture the archaic poignancy that we experienced everywhere. Our guide, Ara, thoroughly informed us about the spiritual and historical traditions that support and have sustained Armenian culture. Zakaryan transfers that light, the “luso” in her song from the window behind the altar to her audience, in this case to me and my friends, Gary, Ed, Don and Paul.
In the same spirit I express our gratitude to you and your group, most especially to Ara, that most excellent guide.
Jack Darrow

Feedback_Tiziana Schembry 21.05.2018

Your feedback about your guide: Rima was an excellent guide, she demonstration good knowledge about the places we went and made the trip fun. Her English skills were very good.

The guides in the three museums we visited also had good English and it was nice to get a personalised guide of the museums.

Your feedback about your driver: Very skilled driver

Your feedback about the car: Comfortable
Good size

Your feedback about hotels: The Cascade hotel was lovely, it was a small hotel with comfortable beds. We were lucky to have the room with a terrace.
Breakfast was adequate and the lady also made us coffee.

The second hotel, Astoria in Georgia was ok. When we arrived, the receptionist was a bit cold towards us. She did not have our names on the system and so it took us a while to check in as we were not on the system

What did you like best in your trip?
It was not too packed, and we were allowed enough time to walk around the sites and enough time to see the city etc when we got back from our excursions.
The food suggestions in Armenia were very good.
Wine tasting was nice, although a different winery may be a bit more lively, maybe because we are used to the European type tours and Armenian wineries are slightly smaller.

What didn’t you like in your trip?
One of the people who joined us on the trip was an older gentleman. He was a bit difficult at times, but I think the Georgian tour guide managed him well.

Otherwise I feel the trip went well.

What would you add to your trip?

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
Yes definitely

Feedback_Simona Goldstein 18.05.2018

Your feedback about your guide: our guide was Haykuhi, very nice person, friendly and kind, very explicit (English at high level)and clear on the information, good knowledge on all sites.
she was on time every day, as per our schedule.
we will be glad to have her on our future trip to Georgia.

Your feedback about your driver: our driver was Aram(don’t remember the exact name), very nice person and good driver. he took care of our luggage with kindness and calm. he was on time every day as per our schedule.

Your feedback about the car: 5

Your feedback about hotels: all hotels were very nice and clean and the breakfasts were delicious. every day same idea, but something new.

What did you like best in your trip?
the beautiful landscapes of Armenia, the people who are very warm and nice, the great food and once again, the landscapes.
the itinerary was wonderful.

What didn’t you like in trip?
the roads must be improved and the advertising, must be on the first place of improvement. nothing to do with your company. just to pass over to the proper offices.

What would you add to your trip?
nothing, just Thank You!!

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
definitely we’ll recommend your company to our families and friends.
We also, will  like to book our future trip to Georgia with Arara.

Feedback_Penny Daly 29.05.2018

Dear Liana,

I’d like to let you know how pleased I was with my recent tour. I was impressed by the service and arrangements. Parandzem was an excellent guide, full of information and anecdotes about Armenia andI have learned a lot about the country, it’s history and its people. I am now going through my photos and trying to put them in order. The accommodation was comfortable and the places chosen to eat were interesting. Arshak was a good driver and I always felt safe with his driving.
All in all I had a wonderful time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Arara Tours as a company and Armenia as a fascinating place to visit.
As I mentioned when I visited you, I would be interested in your trips to Iran, so if you could pass on my details, I’d be grateful.

Once again, thank you to Yourself, Parandzem and Arshak for a memorable holiday in Armenia.


Feedback_Mauro Bailo, the owner and manager of “Ornitour” 13.05.2018

This has been the first birding tour I arranged in the southeasternmost tip of the Western Palearctic, where some of the most sought after birds of WP live and breed.

Well, birds are not at all as monuments and churches (some finest example of which we saw as well during this marvelous trip), and their sightings are never guaranteed. But the fabulous mix of our guide Vasil’s experience and knowledge about the country ornithofauna (but not only: for any question about reptiles, mammals, amphibians, insects, plants and flowers we got from Vasil a prompt and exhaustive answer) and the perfect organization of Arara Tours, our ground tour operator, led to an amazingly successful adventure, both from the naturalistic side of the tour and the services provided.

Hotels were carefully chosen according to their level and convenience for closeness to the main birding areas (the latter a very important aspect in a birding tour), all the people working there proved to be friendly and helpful, food was excellent.

Our driver did a great job (driving a van full of birders screaming to the appearance of this and that bird, asking to stop for a photo and for an observation is not an easy task!) and, again, Vasil was absolutely excellent.

I recommend Arara Tours for any birding (and not only) tour in the fantastic land of Armenia, which I’ll sure visit again next year.

Feedback_Karmel Wallace 10.03.2018

Hi Lusine,

Now that our holiday is over and we have settled back at our home in Australia we would like to take the time to thank you for the wonderful holiday in Armenia you organised for us.

The accommodation was excellent, as was the driver and especially your guide Haykuhi.

Armenia is indeed a beautiful and interesting country with its culture and history delivered so well and with a pleasant mixture of knowledge, enthusiasm and pride by your guide.

Haykuhi was always on time and proved to be pleasant company whilst sightseeing.

Your driver was courteous and with a great dry sense of humour (much appreciated by Australians).

We would recommend your tourist company to any Australians or Westerners travelling to Armenia.

Very best regards,

Karmel & Barry Wallace

Feedback_Maxine Angala 01.05.2018

Your feedback about your guide: Our guide Haykuhi, was an excellent guide. She has such a warm personality and a truly knowledgable guide. She explains the history with such ease that you are able to enjoy it, she also makes sure that you are able to do what what we wanted (more time to shop for souvenirs) without sacrificing to see the necessary tourist spots.

Haykuhi had such a wonderful personality and it was fun having her with us on our vacation, also to factor in the unimaginable of the circumstance of the revolution at that time. Her calm and enthusiastic made our trip such a wonderful experience.

Your feedback about your driver: he was a very good driver and helpful too

Your feedback about the car: the first car was newer and better than the second one in Armenia but overall, it was wonderful and comfortable

Your feedback about hotels: the hotels were great especially the space and locations of the hotels. except the first hotel in Yerevan was quite small and there was an issue with the air condition

What did you like best in your trip?
Experiencing the wonderful culture and seeing the monasteries.

What didn’t you like in trip?
I actually enjoyed the whole trip.

What would you add to your trip?
I wouldve adding being able to go to the places we have missed due to the roads that were blocked.

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
100% would recommend it, Lusine was wonderful with the travel arrangements and coming up with back up plans during the revolution where we were left with no choice.

Feedback_Gina Derequitto 01.05.2018

Hi Lusine,

We arrived home almost a week ago. We immensely enjoyed the tour. It’s always wonderful to experience the culture and to be with people of other countries.
Thank you for arranging our family vacation. Everything was perfect except for our border crossing. We’ve been crossing borders several times in the past but we have never crossed the same way we did. We always crossed with our luggages with us in a vehicle. I hope this will be
fixed with other travelers. Other than that, we have no complaints.
Thank you.

Feedback_Stuart Parkin

Thank you for all your endeavor in organizing and coordination of my trip to Armenia and Georgia. A super albeit brief experience.

Stuart Parkin

Feedback_Allan Li 02.04.2018

Armenia is truly an amazing country for tourists, if only more people are aware of it! When we planned our Caucasus vacation, I had to allocate 16 days to three countries, and somehow, we ended up with 7 days in Armenia, 6 days in Georgia and only 3 days in Azerbaijan where we focused on Baku. I cannot tell whether I missed much in Georgia and Azerbaijan, which I probably did, but I can definitely say that the 8 days in Armenia was worth it! The days were filled with eye-opening sights, and the hospitality we experienced were warm and genuine. Armenia is the smallest of the three countries, and yet the history, culture, the food and even the wines are bewitching. All of these were presented beautifully by our guide Vahe Kosakyan, and organized exquisitely by Lusine, who spent endless hours planning, explaining, booking, amending, and amending again to get us the exact specifications right. The trip was as perfect as can be possible, and what we missed (a national dance performance in Yerevan) was not within her control, as it was not in season. Armenia is also a bargain for a tour destination, and it is safe. Your wallet will thank you, your stomach will thank you, and your family will thank you for the wonderful trip that you booked with Arara Tours and its sister company MyGeo (in Georgia).


Feedback_Piotr Szewczyk 11.04.2018

Your tour dates: 10/04/2018 – 16/04/2018

Your feedback about your guide: I was looking for a private tour while in Tbilisi and Araratour was simply the best choice. Luisine not only they had great recommendations but also from the moment I contacted her I felt special. Luisine addressed all my questions are needs to make my stay in Georgia and Armenia unforgettable experience. The communication was quick and easy, I was provided with all necessary information so that I didn’t need to worry about my tour arrangements making the whole trip seamless. From the moment I left the arrival hall I felt like everything has been taken care for me and I could enjoy my tour has started. Our guide Vasca was very knowledgeable, always helpful and ready to assist. He showed us great spots in Georgia and also recommended bars and restaurants for dinner, frankly he was more like a friend that a tour guide. I had an emergency situation looking for a dentist help and he step in immediately recommending best place to visit and get help. He adjusted our tour so I could get my dentist appointment without any disturbance to our scheduled itinerary. Many thanks for all your help and making my trip to Georgia an unforgettable experience


Your feedback about your driver: Vasca was punctual, well mannered and helpful

Your feedback about the car: 

Your feedback about hotels: 

What did you like best in your trip?
Tbilisi, wine tour, Kazbeki, Armenia

What didn’t you like in trip?
it was so short

What would you add to your trip?

Would you recommend our company to your friends? 
definitely, actually I am planning to come back to Georgia in fall and will definitely use your agency assistance again

Feedback_Miguel Vallés 06.04.2018

Good afternoon, Lusine.

Back home, I want to tell you that the trip has been fantastic. We will always remember the wonderfool view of the Ararat!!!
Ruzanna is an excellent guide, efficient, competent and friendly. We recall her with joy.
Alex is a courageous guide, extrovert and cheerful.
The vehicles were comfortable, modern and with professional drivers.
The hotels were well located and responded to the expected category.
Your agency has organized the trip exactly as requested. Thank you and congratulations!!!
A very warm greeting and best regards,
Miguel Vallés (and Julia Alonso, Alfons Mirada and Dolors Robles).

Feedback_Robin Lewis 06.04.2018

It is very nice to be back home after a successful vacation spent in Armenia and Georgia. The trip was great and our family loved both countries. Thank you very much for organizing the tour for us. Your guides did a great job. Both Anna and Vaska were very helpful and professional. The drivers were also very reliable and punctual. We will definitely recommend your company to all of friends.

Feedback_Kim Wong 05.04.2018

We have booked Armenia Georgia hiking tour from Arara tour company and it was by far our best trip. The places we visited are unimaginably beautiful. We want to thank our tour manager, Lusine, who helped us with the organization of the tour. We have been in touch for two months and she was very responsive to all my emails, answered all my questions very quickly and gave all the details we needed for the tour. Our tour guide, Arthur, he was the highlight of our trip. The stories he told, the places he took us during the tour, we will remember forever. We really enjoyed our trip and hopefully will visit both countries again.

Feedback_Thomas and Janett Morton 02.04.2018

We are already in The United Kingdom and would like to give our special greetings to Liana, our tour manager, who organized a wonderful Gastronomic tour to Armenia and Georgia. We can’t thank enough her for her patience, eagerness to help and quick responses. She was very wonderful and helpful. The tour was amazing, everything was organized in its best. All the wine tastings we had during the tour showed us how rich this two countries can be with their local wine production. Not to mention the dishes, everything was just perfect. We will definitely recommend Arara Tour Company to all our friends and relatives.

Feedback_Carly Taylor 01.04.2018

Hi Syuzanna,

Thank you for organizing this amazing trip for me and my husband. It’s been a week since we left Georgia, but the memories of our tour are so fresh and mesmerizing that it feels like we are still doing the trip. Thank you very much for making this trip for us, it was a great 10-day-tour and we enjoyed every minute of it. Please send our warm wishes to our Armenian guide, Haykuhi. She was very helpful and provided all the information for us to get acquainted with local people and lifestyle of Armenia. Special thanks to our Georgian guide as well, he was very good at his job. Both guides provided the best service we could imagine. Thank you again for your work and assistance. Hope to visit your lovely country again!

Feedback_Fatima Garcia March 22.03.2018

Our Guide Anna, deserves special compliments. She is an excellent guide. The best I’ve seen in my entire career as a tourist. Rss, rss. A perfect teacher of history, of a professional didactics. The explanations of the story very interesting, that we wanted to hear more and held our attention. In addition to experienced guidance, a teacher who knows what she is talking about with great security and understanding of the subject. I learned a lot with her. It was very cultural and productive and I came back knowing a lot about Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan after these “lessons”.
As a bonus, she took us to a well-known candy store in Yerevan, where she used to go as a child, and bought us typical candies and coffee. The place is so old and traditional that it was frequented by his parents and grandparents. During the trips he offered us dates and peanuts with sesame. These pleasures that captivate us and make us want to return.
She took us to several places that were not in the script and we were very pleased. Leon (Levon) was a careful, friendly, helpful and patient driver, stopping for Marta to take pictures of the flowering trees along the road.

This is what denotes a good guide. When we go through a beautiful and different building, we tourists, we want to know what is it for, what monument is that, who was this person of the monument, etc.
A good guide not only focuses on what is in the script. He explains what we see along the way, shows what has interesting, curious facts and legends of the place. That pleases us.

All the guides helped us choose the dishes from the menu, describing what each one was and the preparation and ingredients they take. This is also very necessary and important for us.
All the drivers were cautious and did not talk on the phone while driving, which I found to be safe and correct. The Toyota Camry was new, confortable and clean.

Feedback_Edwin Bartolome 16.03.2018

Dear Liana, Thank you so much for being so patient my each and every query suggesting a good place to visit in Armenia. I really enjoyed and memorable during my short stay in Armenia. About the hotel, Cascade Hotel – All the staff was so friendly and kind. I would definitely recommend your company to our friends. Once again, thank you so much.

Feedback_Sandra Vrhovski and Nicolas Salter 26.12.2017

dear lusine,

i am writing to you to tell you that the tour was a success.

arthur the guide is a very nice person and an outstanding guide. he took us to very interesting places.

we liked every bit of it but the best place was by far apaga gomer.

thank you again.

kind regards.

Feedback_Marian Fernando 8.12.2017

Dear Syuzanna,

I am back safely in Kuwait. Sorry that we were not able to meet. I was so fascinated with your country that I really spent my time enjoying up to the last hour before I went to the airport for my flight back.
To tell you in details, I liked the following:
1) Your friendly service and accommodating approach. From the beginning that I sent you inquiry up to the last conversation. You were very responsive. Thanks a lot for making my trip excellent!
2) Kantar hostel. Clean and nice hostel just like the reviews from Trip Advisor. Though breakfast every morning was almost all the same. But I still liked it. Friendly and helpful staff as well.
3) Raffy, the driver. He was very welcoming and friendly. He drived safely and came on time for my airport drop.
4) Tours. Very interesting and amazing locations. I enjoyed everything especially in Tsagkhadzor ropeway! Though I have only noticed that all tours were monasteries and old churches. Nevertheless, I still had a great time. If only I can stay longer.
5) Affordable restaurants. I was surprised on how affordable the prices in restaurants. I did not tighten my budget for food as everything was so cheap!
6) Free day. I enjoyed my free days exploring the city by myself. Thanks to your suggestions Syuzanna! I watched the show during the opening of Christmas fair in North Avenue and I even got featured on Please see attached photos.
Meanwhile, I did not like the following:
1) FOOD ON THE TOURS. They should provide a better selection and variety of food. All four days of tour, I felt dismay about the food plus it is not even that delicious to be priced like that. Just being honest.
2) Smoking inside restaurants. I was totally irritated with the smoke in every restaurants.
However, in summary, I had a fantastic vacation. I would love to come back again next time and will be getting in touch with your agency when it happens. Definitely, I will refer you to my friends.
Thanks once again and all the best!

Feedback_Swati H Shirodkar 17.03.2017

Your tour dates: 17/03/2017 – 27/03/2017

Your feedback about your guide: First of all it was a wonderful trip.
Liana: Thank you so much for being so patient answering my each and every query, suggesting us with such a nice package to Armenia and Georgia. We enjoyed it very much.

Haykuhi: You are the best in your field dear. The reason for us to fall in love with Armenia.
The same words goes to Keti from Georgia. You both are amazing guides, explaining everything in detail, understanding the fact that we have a little infant with us and adjusting accordingly. Suggesting us with food which was relished by us.

Teona: Thank you for the City tour which you had to adjust with us as we missed it on day 1. You were so cooperative and supportive. I would also thank you for the adjustment with the last day in Hotel.

Your feedback about your driver: Both of my drivers(Im so sorry I don’t recollect my Georgian driver name at present)were very good.

Artyom Thank you

Your feedback about the car: Cars were cozy and comfortable. They served the purpose understanding that enough space for us as well as for our stroller and baby.

Your feedback about hotels: Cascade hotel: All the staff was so friendly and kind. Thank you for looking after us as well as our little baby.

Shine: The room was small and a bit difficult to adjust with it.

What did you like best in your trip?
Snow, food, Monuments, Museum, paragliding,
Thank you Liana and Haykuhi for arranging the birthday surprise for my Hubby. The restaurant the cake and the food all awesome.

What didn’t you like in your trip?
There was nothing in particular that we did not like about this trip. Everything was well organized.

What would you add to your trip?
Few places I missed seeing in Georgia as we had a little baby with us.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Of course :YES:

Feedback_Ann King and Rick Toth 17.10.2017

We have fond memories of our the wonderful tours of Armenia and Georgia that you arranged for us!


Feedback_Joel C. 30.11.2017

Dear Lusine,

Thanks for arranging a wonderful trip. The driver and guide were so cooperative and informative. We really enjoyed the trip at the maximum. Convey our regards to your team, guide and driver.
I have attached our group photo.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Thanks and Regards,

Feedback_Zaher Al Busaidi 16.11.2017

Dear Vahe & Lusine,

I would like to thank you both for the amazing tour we had in your country!

Vahe was very knowledgeable, hospitable, and walked the extra steps to make sure that we see and experience the most out of the tour.

We enjoyed a lot and carried back with us good memories good memorabilia to share with other people.

I wish you the very best!

Best Rgds,


Feedback_Greta Gilbert 16.10.2017

What did you like best in your trip?
Everything! It was a wonderful tour. We saw so many amazing, beautiful things, including wonderful Yerevan, the Gerhard Monastery and the Garni Temple, with the incredible symphony of stones formation just below it, Etchmiatsin Church, the museum of manuscripts, the fascinating Zvarnots Ruins, the haunting church of Saint Rhipsime,the Genocide Memorial, the ancient Khor Virap Monastary, the beautiful and isolated Noravank Monastary, the Areni cave ruins (so incredible!), the picturesque journey to the Caravansarai at the top of Selim Pass, Armenian Stonehenge (also just incredible!), the Noravus cemetary and the incredible ancient ruins around beautiful Lake Sevan, the sublime Sevanavank Monastary, the spectacularly situated Tatev Monastary (and the exciting, scenic tram ride to it) the Debed gorge and the fascinating ruins of Sanahin and Hagpat Monastaries that dot its edges, and the incredible painted Monastary of Akhtala. This is not to mention the delightful home visits we had with beekeepers’ and cheesemakers’ families, or the incredible meals we had throughout. It was an absolutely wonderful trip and we loved every minute of it!

What didn’t you like in trip?
We didn’t like that it had to end!

What would you add to your trip?
We would have made it longer if we could have.

Your feedback about your guide: Vahe was our guide for all but one of the days of the tour and he was just magnificent! He made the trip so special for us. He was always looking for ways to enhance our tour, including taking us to additional places of interest beyond what was planned, and delighting us with little surprises. He was so knowledgeable and passionate about Armenia, and we were so grateful for his openness, thoughtfulness, and warmth. He went above and beyond for us. We love you, Vahe!

Arthur was our guide for one day of our tour (the tour of Yerevan) and he was also just wonderful. Thank you, Arthur!

Both of our guides spoke excellent English and were great communicators.

Your feedback about your driver: Vahe was an excellent driver. We felt totally safe in his very capable hands.

Your feedback about the car: Perfect car for the tour.

Your feedback about hotels: Great. We especially loved Qefo Hotel.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes–wholeheartedly. Lucine was our contact for organizing the tour and she was very responsive, knowledgeable, professional, kind, and patient with us. When we requested several last minute changes to the itinerary, she was able to make them happen for us. She was an absolute delight to work with.

Feedback_Ann King 17.10.2017


We’re finally back home and on the road to be settled. It will take a while. We were gone for 7 weeks, so much to catch up on.

Regarding the tour, it went extremely well. Both guides, Artur and Kakha, were professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, fun, gentlemanly, and enthusiastic. Couldn’t ask for more than that. The hotels were fine. The one in Tbilisi is still renovating and will be wonderful when finished. The only real problem now is the elevator which is in an unrenovated section. The staff was more than helpful, in both hotels.

If I had to make a recommendation, it would be to visit fewer monasteries, although I’m not sure what to substitute. It seemed we visited monasteries and forts, plus wineries. Don’t know what else would be available. I realize the monasteries ad forts are critical to the history of both countries. But different types of sights would help. Just food for thought.

My husband has some difficulty walking so the steps everywhere were a challenge. You might note this caution in tour information.

Aside from the above, we were very pleased with the tour and with the countries. And with your patient responses to my never-ending emails. thank you for all your help. We will certainly refer others to your firm in the future.

Regards from Ann King

Feedback_Neeraja Palanivelu 05.09.2017

Hi it was a great service and we loved it . Hotel ,guide and the plan was perfect . We loved your country and people where awesome . Thank you so much . I would like to recommend your Arara service to our friends . Thank you 😊


Feedback_Fabian D’Souza 04.10.2017

Liana, I have to pay you a compliment- in 20 years of international travel- you are the most responsive travel agent whom I have ever met!
Overall, we were happy with the tour and the visit to different sites, as well as with Arthur, our guide/driver
I think we did a fairly good job of selecting sites that are representative of Armenian history and culture. Arthur was knowledgeable on various topics and even helped with things not associated with the trip, like showing me a barber shop for a haircut. He was also very helpful in talking to different vendors at the Vernissage market, where I found saddle bags/ khurudjin that I have been trying to find for a long time!
We also found the people in Armenia to be generally friendly and helpful.
If I was to offer any criticisms they were more to do with things beyond the scope of you control, for e.g. for more restaurants and other public spaces to have a separate non-smoking section or for the government to create better roads in some places. Again this is not something that your company can control.
Thanks again!

Feedback_Tony Hay 15.08.2017

Your tour dates: 15/08/2017 – 22/08/2017

What did you like best in your trip?
Off road trips to Petroglyphs and over the mountains.

What didn’t you like about the trip?

What would you add to your trip?
Perhaps a longer trip, with a couple of overnight stays in places with interests nearby.

Your feedback about your guide: Good guide, knowledgeable.

Your feedback about your driver: Good. Enjoys the off road too.

Your feedback about the car: Good.

Your feedback about hotels: Good. Some basic but still very welcoming.

Feedback_Vivien Gainsburough and Margaret Guy 05.09.2017

Your tour dates: 5 – 12 September, 2017

What did you like best in your trip?
The Armenian people

What didn’t you like about the trip?
The hotel in Dilijan

What would you add to your trip?

Your feedback about the guide:Arthur Davtyan had very good English and excellent communication skills.  He was amusing, knowledgeable and open to suggestions.  We would recommend him to our friends taking a holiday in Armenia.

Your feedback about your driver: Arthur drove well and skillfully.

Your feedback about the car: An excellent Mazda 6 with very good road holding.

Your feedback about the hotels: The Cascade in Yerevan was very comfortable and very close to the centre of town. The staff were delightful. All the hotels with the exception of the hotel in Dilijan had good facilities with good bathrooms and were very clean.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Feedback_Ken Kanjian 17.09.2017

My family and I have now returned safely to Sydney (New York in the case of my eldest daughter)  and are resuming our daily lives but with very fond memories of our stay in Armenia. It was a truly wonderful time for us and we were fortunate to have your guidance in planning the itinerary and in having Ara as our accompanying and knowledgeable tour guide and Ardag as our most skilled driver.

As my eldest daughter said to me as we were leaving Armenia, there was something in the itinerary for each one of us. There was culture, religion, art, wine tasting, excellent food, history, beautiful scenery and panoramic walks – an eclectic blend. We loved Yerevan and its nightlife. We loved the hospitality and friendliness of the common folk – I in particular felt at home even though my Armenian is not very good. I had waited all my life (60 years) to make this pilgrimage and I was not disappointed.

It is very good to see that Armenia is a sovereign and independent state but I was able quite quickly to pick up on the undercurrent of problems which this young state faces. Nevertheless, I regard the existence of the state to be a miracle of sorts and I have every confidence that the intelligence and resourcefulness of the Armenian people will resolve their difficulties one by one and overtime. After all, do not forget that it took centuries of evolution and progress for the West to develop its present day administrative institutions and legal system. These critical underpinnings of society do not occur in short periods but take many years to evolve and require the goodwill and selflessness of generations to bring about fair and equitable societies.

The trip there and back was quite arduous. Our trip to Armenia took 32 hours from Sydney and the return trip was even longer because of an overnight layover in Dubai. Distance is tyrannical for us but I can say without reservation that if Yerevan was say only four hours away by plane, I would gladly visit two or three times a year – that is how much I liked your city and country.

Thank you again for your assistance.

With my best wishes


Feedback_Sumesh Sankarankutty 15.09.2017

What did you like best in your trip?
Everything !!!. Right from the beginning  when I contacted Arara , I got a positive warm response from Mrs Liana , thereafter she become my focal point for entire trip. She had given a holiday package called Classic tour Armenia + Georgia to start with. As usually I do before my any travel , I had my homework to visit main attractions of the Armenia & Georgia and communicated with her to modify accordingly . She finalized a great itinerary according to my priorities. Liana promised me the best guide for me at Armenia and there by arara has choosen none other than Mr Vahe .

The freedom given for me to reschedule the plan according to my convenience and comfort.

What didn’t you like about your trip?
So far nothing as such to point out!!

What would you add to your trip?
Nothing as such!!

Your feedback about your guide: Mr Vahe , our guide at Armenia is great person with highest level of sincerity , integrity , punctuality and very caring and helpful. He given us the best possible comfort in every aspect. He tried his level best to give opportunity to interact with local people and get to know deep route culture and history of Armenia. Altogether, I would say – a great human being !!.

Mr Vaska , our guide at Georgia also was a nice fellow. He did his job well & good!!.

Your feedback about your driver: Very comfortable driving with great sense of responsibility.

Your feedback about the car: very comfortable and nice.

Your feedback about hotels: very comfortable and located at right place so that we could manage city walk & an evening life our own.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Surely!!!.. Highly recommended for a great trip to Armenia + Georgia.

Feedback_Anantha Krishnan 04.08.2017

Your tour dates: 4th August 2017 – 18th August 2017

What did you like best about your trip?
The responsive Lusine, our tour organizer….well planned itinerary…nice guides…lovely coutry sides…good people..

What didn’t you like about trip?
the condition of the cars which could be better…the weather in Yeravan was hot…

What would you add to your trip?
One or two night stays in Dilijan in Armenia and in Kazbegi and Sighnagi…and a night tour of Yeravan and Tbilisi..

Your feedback about your guide: Excellent…

Your feedback about your driver: very good

Your feedback about the car: can be better and newer….

Your feedback about hotels: very good except Royal Palace in Yeravan…where the AC was not working..

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Feedback_Ari Tatian 11.08.2017

Your tour dates: 11/08/2017-16/08/2017

What did you like best in your trip?
punctuality and friendliness of the guide/driver, in addition to the well organization of the tour.

What didn’t you like about trip?
traditional meals

What would you add to your trip?
evening activities

Your feedback about your guide: very good in all aspects

Your feedback about your driver: reliability

Your feedback about the car: fine

Your feedback about hotels: more variety in breakfast

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Feedback_Arian Boersma and Jaco Samsom 25.07.2017

What did you like best about your trip?
We loved the combination of culture, scenery, hiking.

What didn’t you like about trip?
Days could be long, intensive and full of activity. It was a good thing that we took a day off halfway the trip. And the midsummer temperatures of 37 c are not good for hiking.

What would you add to your trip?
We can’t think of anything.

Your feedback about your guide: Our guide Ashot did a very good job. He informed us very well about all we saw, in good English, and he gave a good insight in present-day Armenia. Often he had interesting personal suggestions about things to do.

Your feedback about your driver: The driver who was also our guide took us  quickly and safely all over the country.

Your feedback about the car: The 4 wheel drive vehicle was up to its job, also on the out of the way tracks.

Your feedback about hotels: Very good! We liked the combination of comfortable hotels and family guesthouses.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes, it was well organised and Lusine was very responsive in email contacts.

Feedback_Theodore Liebersfeld 21/07/2017


I arrived home safely late last night.

I had an excellent tour in both Armenia and Georgia. I saw beautiful scenery and fantastic artwork in the churches and monasteries. Both Arthur in Armenia and Georgi in Georgia were excellent guides: informative, interesting, accommodating, flexible, and entertaining with a good sense of humor. I was very satisfied with the itinerary and services of Arara Tours, and I will be recommending your company to all the travelers who I know that are interested in a tour of the Caucasus region.

I plan to post recommendations and reviews on various platforms including your website, Google, and Trip Advisor. If there are other particular platforms on which you would like me to provide a recommendation, please let me know.

Please accept my appreciation for your services and excellent responses in setting up my tour. Even when I changed my incoming flights at the last minute in order to arrive in Yerevan a few hours earlier than I had originally scheduled, you responded immediately to the change, and my transfer driver was there waiting for me when I got off my plane in Yerevan on Friday, July 21.

Thanks again for all your help and effort on my behalf.

Theodore Liebersfeld

Feedback_Ernesto Portela 04.06.2017

We are at home again , really we were attended like kings. Our  guide in Yerevan was extraordinary, and we’ll never forget her, because of her knowledge of history of the country and her fluid Spanish. Perhaps we should need one day more, but every service was perfect. Thanks for everything and do not doubt we’ll recommend  your company to any one that may want to visit your country. Thanks Portela

Feedback_Madhur Rao 26.05.2017

The trip went very well thanks to Lusine and Narek.  The best thing was the surprise cake at Tavern Yerevan which really surprised both of us. So thank you for that.  Narek is a very good guide and gives a lot of suggestions.  He is a great asset to your team.  The Land Rover was also great.  So overall, our trip went well and our friends are impressed with the photos which we have shown them.  Some friends have asked us about your contact details and they will be contacting you when they decide on Armenia.
Thanks for your help and special thanks to Narek for taking care of us during out stay in Armenia

Feedback_Russell and Vreni Hilliard 03.06.2017

Your tour dates: 03/06/2017-11/06/2017

What did you like best about your trip?
We got an excellent introduction to historical Armenia! Also, we feel we have a much better understanding of modern Armenia and appreciated meeting local people and tasting the wonderful food.

What didn’t you like about trip?
We could have done without the wine tasting in Areni.

What would you add to your trip?
It was great as it was.

Your feedback about your guide: Roza was a very knowledgeable and well prepared guide! She never tired of our questions, was warm, patient and flexible.

Your feedback about your driver: very good

Your feedback about the car: very good

Your feedback about hotels: The Radisson Blu was wonderful!

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Feedback_Kazi Ahmad 06.05.2017

Your tour dates: 06/05/2017-21/05/2017

What did you like best in your trip?
Was perfectly timed over all, very well managed, very friendly & prompt staff.Very helpful & willing to work & accomodate last minute changes.So far the Staff & esp. Lusine Masuryan have been exceptional she was ALWAYS there when needed & she is a person one can trust. Both the guides in Georgia & Armenia were very helpful & accomodating & very easy to get along with had good english & knowledge of the country & local places.

Best In Georgia was Kazbegi & Rooms Hotel in Kezbegi.

Best in Armenia was The Dilijan old street & Hotel.As well as Musical fountains of Yerevan, & The Church/Cathedral/Museum of Etchmiazedin.

What didn’t you like about trip?
The cars esp. in Armenia should have been a reliable & excellent condition, the Georgia car was OK , but the car in Armenia was below expectation & standard, it broke down at several places, I was afraid of being stuck at some remote place.

Tour of Tbilisi was felt hurried, should have been given more time esp. in the old historic part of town, no time was given to explore or see the old Fort.There was plenty of time but was not well managed.

Hotel in Goris, Armenia was a shock, I think that was more a communication error,than anything else, it should have been more clearly explained about hotels in Goris so people understand & know what to expect, because when U book a 4 or 5 star accomodation U expect it, & unfortunately these accomodations are NOT avaliable in Goris this MUST be more clearly explained.

What would you add to your trip?
I would have added IF I had more time, a day in Tbilisi & Kazbegi.

Your feedback about your guide: BOTH EXCELLENT guides with good English & communication, easy to get along, flexible & wiiling to accomodate. Both had very good knowledge of area & country in general.Both very good & safe drivers.

Your feedback about your driver: As Above.

Your feedback about the car: Very Poor Car in Armenia.
Average in good condition in Georgia.

Your feedback about hotels: ALL Excellent hotels EXCEPT in Goris in Armenia & Mestia in Georgia which were very basic.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
yes 1000%.

Feedback_Rawan Issa Majdalwai 18.05.2017

Your tour dates: 18/05/2017 – 22/05/2017

What did you like best about your trip?
Schedule was full in a very nice and effective way
Food was very yummy
Amazing tour guide, Reema is working hard and smart with a lot of passionate.

Driver was driving very safe

My mobile for any further questions:
Rawan 00971507486262

What didn’t you like about trip?

What would you add to your trip?
one more day for shopping

Your feedback about your guide: The right person who made our trip more beautiful

Your feedback about your driver: Excellent

Your feedback about the car: Excellent

Your feedback about hotels: The first hotel was not very clean
second one was amazing and clean
third one was very nice, but rooms need to be cleaned from insects

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes, very professional and prepared a beautiful schedule

Thank you for all the staff who worked on our amazing trip

Feedback_Mohammed al Makhmari 08.04.2017

Your tour dates: 08/04/2017-14/04/2017

What did you like best about your trip?
1-Generally very well organised. Tour guide and driver had phone numbers of guest houses, places of activity, e.t.c.
who were always there on time to meet us. Rooms were chosen to provide comfort for the family. Activities suited for the children.

4- Interaction with guest house owners and their families was very valuable. All were kind and some spoke very good English. Our best experiences were in old bridge B&B (Guesthouse and lady owner), Lavash and sudjuk making (Activity & the very kind people), cheese and Gata making (activity & people).
5- Food quality and variety was great.
We had some reservations on the quantity   (too much).

What didn’t you like about trip?
1- Long driving day (Tsaghkunk – Chambarak – Berd – Idjevan). This might not be an issue on longer summer days with adult tourists, however the drive was a bit long for the children. Arrived at Berd late and there was little time for the activity. Had to drive back at night in foggy conditions which did not feel safe. Suggestion: Sleep over in Berd instead of Idejevan or sleep over in Idjevan and allocate an extra day for Berd.
2- Sanitation: Overall we were very happy with the cleanliness of facilities. Idjevan guesthouse: owner must have done her best to keep place clean and was a very jolly lady however lifting the toilet lid there were unpleasant stains below the lid.
Berd: Toilet available during toy making  event was not sanitary and had no door.

What would you add to your trip?
NIL comments.

Your feedback about your guide:Haykuhi did very best to convey information about places visited and was flexible to change program, e.g. time used for children to play with snow as we found out “Caravan Seray” was not accessible due snow, dry fruit market and jewelry shop on final day. She also interacted with the children and always translated other people’s conversations around us and that kept us comfortable.

Your feedback about your driver: Driver was very good. Drove safely and kept comfort of passengers in mind.
He always helped with the bags and would like to thank him for that.
He was also very helpful to other people (helped preparing wood for Lavash making)

Your feedback about the car: Comfortable. No breakdowns.

Your feedback about hotels: Cascade hotel: excellent location and amazing staff (no wonder the good reviews online). The only two issues were the sound proofing and smoking rooms (smoke enters from other rooms). Suggestion: Inform tourist of those two issues as they can not be fixed, while recommending the hotel at the same time for its good location and staff.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes. Definitely.

Feedback_Bart Van Reybrouck 11.04.2017

‘perfect service and reliable, thanks !

Bart – Belgium’

Feedback_George Carpouzis 25.03.2017

25/03/2017-02/04/1017 Armenia Georgia Classical tour 

Trip Highlight: Our guide, Ani Hayryan, was just an amazing person.  The beauty of Armenia and Georgia cannot be written in just a few words.

Would you add to trip: Nagorno Karabakh definitely 
Guide :Ani is a very intelligent and professional guide.  Ani knows what she is talking about from the churches, to the landscape to the Armenian history.  Her knowledge of the English language is impeccable and she was able to show us and tell us everything we needed to know.  She is an AMAZING person and anyone who has Ani as their guide is extremely lucky.  Gio was also a very good guide with good driving skills (albeit a little bit too fast) that took us up to Kazbegi safe and sound

Driver: Mr. Ashot in Armenia was a true professional being able to maneuver those pot holes on the Armenian roads.  He drove safely and got us there on time.  Gio was our driver/guide

Cars: Both cars were in great condition

Would you recommend our company? Of course and YES!!  Thank you to ARATOUR for their great service.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

Feedback_Randa and Badran 31.03.2017

Dear Araratour Manager:
My wife and I wish to thank Araratour for organizing our recent successful trip to Armenia. In particular, we wish to thank and recognize your excellent employee Ms. Lusine Masuryan for her professional work, attention to details and her follow-up. She was truly one of the best travel executives we dealt with in our lifetime of travel. Ms. Masuryan responded on time to over 35 emails and offered workable solutions to our needs. Part of the success of the trip is owed to her excellent ability to respond to our needs. Another person who deserves credit is Ms. Anna who was our guide. I know that she is a freelancer and not part of Araratour, but she was an incredible source about Armenia and its history. Anna and her driver were punctual, helpful and excellent sources about your lovely country.
I will recommend your agency to my friends and mention it on Trip Advisor soon.
Best wishes, Randa and Badran
Dubai, UAE

Feedback_Joem 18.01.2017

Me and my 2 friends (Donna and Catherine) enjoy your itinerary including the tranfers from Armenia to Georgia and vice versa…Very nice tour guides in both country…Super love it.

Feedback_Donna 18.01.2017

Thanks a lot for this wonderful trip… we enjoyed a lot, this Arara Travel tours made our trip memorable, our tour Guide Arthur in Armenia & Demetre in Georgia is so nice & very accomodating. 5 star to our hotel Silk Road Hotel & Shine Hotel, staff are very helpful and kind, with good foods and wines. I really love it, Im gonna miss this place soooo much.

Feedback_Emily Rusk, Paul Drake,Tricia Vos 21.10.2016

We had a fabulous time! Even though the weather wasn’t great, we had enough sunny moments and lots of laughs. Thank you for all of your help with the arrangements, I’m glad we were able to work together!

Feedback_George Roos

What did you like best about your trip?
We had a great time in Yerevan and we left with great memories. Tour guides were great. Execursions were great.

What didn’t you like about the trip?
The hotel in Georgia. We were promised that the hotels will be walking distance from restaurants and shops. In Georgia the hotel was located in a dodgy area far from everything. It was dark at night and we could not leave the hotel. We were told everything is 10 minutes walking distance. When we confronted the tour guide she said they actually meant 10 minutes by car. I’m highly disappointed and will definitely NOT recommend Arara tours due to this.

What would you add to your trip?
Get a better partner in Georgia and select your hotels based on what tourists need and not the cheapest so you can make more profit. in the long run this will damage your reputation as guests will warn other potential guests about this

Your feedback about your guide: Guides were excellent, no complaints regarding them.

Your feedback about your driver: Drivers were good as well

Your feedback about the car: Excellent

Your feedback about hotels: as stated before – hotel in Georgia were highly disappointed. Location is terrible – far away from restaurants, shops. located in a dark dodgy suburb.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Defenitely NOT – based on the misleading information about the hotel in Georgia.

AraraTour’s response: Thank you, dear George, for your feedback! We highly appreciate your opinion and won’t cooperate with this hotel anymore. 

Feedback_Zachery Biddles 02.01.2017

My sincere thanks to you for organising my holiday to Armenia, Artsakh and Iran. I had the trip of a lifetime! I am very fortunate to have seen so many wonderful places and experienced the culture of all countries.

I very much enjoyed Narek’s company, he has a deep knowledge and appreciation of Armenia and Artsask’s history, culture and historical sights. I am very thankful for his service as a fantastic guide and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thank you for your work in arranging my Iranian visa, I had no issues with crossing the border. It was great to see Iran again! I particularly loved Masouleh and Rudkhan Castle. I was pleased to see that Iran has improved since I was last there 3 years ago as the society seems more organised and relaxed, perhaps with the new president. I was extremely surprised to see the American Embassy is now open as a museum, last time it was closed and guarded. I highly recommend the American Embassy as a must see in Tehran!

Armenia and Artsakh are incredibly beautiful countries with interesting history, strong tradition and warm and kind people. I was particularly taken with the natural scenery of Lake Sevan, Areni/Norovank Monastery and Gandzasar Monastery.  I will return to Armenia, hopefully in the near future, to see Artsakh again and northern Armenia. In the meantime I will be promoting Armenia as a terrific and ‘must see’ holiday destination and will refer all interested to AraraTour.

Many thanks for making my holiday materialise, organising my requested additions to the itinerary and arranging transportation to and from the airport.

It is hard returning back to work and reality after an incredible holiday! Nonetheless, it was truly the trip of a life time and I have many wonderful memories to think back on.

Cheers and all the very best,

Zachery Biddles

Feedback_Mirsini 30.12.2016

Greetings from Athens and a lot o wishes for a beatifful, healthy and prosperous New Year!!

We, the three of us , we would like to thank you for the tours you arrange for us. Narek was great! we had a lot of fun, we saw interesting things and a beatifull snowy Armenia and we really enjoy it!!!
We are looking forward for our next visit….
Thank you again!!!!
Mary, Mirsini, Anastasia

Feedback_Marisol 15.12.16

Sending you this email to thank you for a wonderful tours we had despite the odd weather conditions in this time of the year.

We surely appreciated the efforts made in ensuring our tours to be successful, safe and memorable.
Please also extend our warm gratitude to Narek for being an amazing guide for 3 days.
We hope to be back by summer:)
Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Feedback_Klaus Frohnert 16.08.16


The video was filmed by our tourists during their Jeep Tour to Armenia. 

Klaus Frohnert

Feedback_Tricia Vos 21.10.2016

We had a fabulous time! Even though the weather wasn’t great, we had enough sunny moments and lots of laughs. Thank you for all of your help with the arrangements, I’m glad we were able to work together!

What did you like best about your trip?
Our guide, Antuan, was very informative and fun – he showed us many sights and provided a lot of local information.

What didn’t you like about the trip?
The weather wasn’t great – but we can’t control everything!

What would you add to your trip?

Your feedback about your guide:Antuan was wonderful!

Your feedback about your driver: He was also wonderful – very safe and careful.

Your feedback about the car: Very comfortable.  In van wifi was appreciated!

Your feedback about hotels: All hotels were clean, safe and comfortable

Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Tricia Vos

Feedback_Ofra Peri 02.08.2016

Hello Nune,
The tour was exellent. We enjoyed every minute!!
Narik and Andranik were great!! We had a very good time together.

Ofra Peri

Feedback_Janet Dunn 09.08.2016

What did you like best in your trip?
Liana at Arara did an amazing job to plan our trip.  We saw so much and had a great balance of ancient archaeological sites, medieval monasteries, days in the country and days to explore the city and do some shopping!  Our lunches were fabulous and plentiful!

What didn’t you like in trip?
Nothing-it was well planned and great!

What would you add to your trip?
Possibly add to your information when booking hotels if a non-smoking room/floor is requested. Our first room in Yerevan wreaked of smoke and apparently a person in a neighboring room smoked several times during the night which somehow came into our room. We aren’t used to that and it gave my roommate a bad headache and both of us had sore throats from the smoke. The hotel had no other rooms available for several days, but the cleaning staff tried to help us.

Your feedback about your guide: Armine was fabulous–so knowledgeable, and fun. She was a working archaeologist and a college professor so knew most of the workers and what was happening on the sites. She knew more about the artifacts in the museum than many of the guides! Armine always did a little extra to ensure we had a memorable time, including breaking into song inside old monasteries!! She was fluent in many languages,  This trip (between our guide and driver) was like traveling with two friends or family.

Your feedback about your driver: He was the most considerate, kind gentleman who constantly was there to help us. He was always on time or early, was very safe, and helpful. Always went way beyond his job.

Your feedback about the car: The car was very comfortable,safe and reliable.

Your feedback about hotels: Most were above expectations. Once when we were out in the country for one night only, we stayed in a place that wasn’t as good. It was clean and comfortable but the owners were very abrupt and not helpful. We had to trudge our suitcases through rain and potholes to a different building, up stairs and breakfast was skimpy. ALL the other places were wonderful, good breakfasts, clean and working facilities.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
I would and have. Excellent job!  Thank you for making our trip so memorable and perfect.

Janet Dunn

Feedback_Verna Valdez 20.08.2016

What did you like best in your trip?
The places we’ve been, they were extra ordinary. The food as well are very good plus the wines.

What didn’t you like in trip?
The tour guide.

What would you add to your trip?
We would have love to see wine making.

Your feedback about your guide : She should be more informative, she seems to be not used to be in her work, she doesn’t give us more time to see each places it was like she was rushing all the time. We are tourists so she should allow us to take more photos. We wish we could have other tour guide that time.

Your feedback about your driver: The driver was helpful though at times he drives so fast.

Your feedback about the car: The car was excellent!

Your feedback about hotels: Our hotel though was not book at arara tours was very good. It was a small but clean hotel.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Yes definitely.

“Arara” Company’s response: Dear Verna, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your opinion and won’t work with this guide anymore.

Verna Valdez

Feedback_Raymond Flores 12.08.2016

I would like to commend your company for giving us an experience we will never forget. From the pick up with freshly picked flowers for my wife during her birthday, the food, our historian tour guide Ms Sonia, the Mercedez Benz driver, the timely pick up, everything is wonderful. Thanks for everything and surely we will share our wonderful experience so others maybe able to enjoy this amazing historical journey. Many thanks and more power to “Arara”. Raymond Flores

Raymond Flores

Feedback_Idea Gilmanova 01.05.2016

Thank you for the nice days spent in divine Armenia. I met all my expectations and my old dream to visit Armenia came true. Everything was immaculate – I say it with all my responsibility as I am an experienced traveler. Experienced guide Armine showed her love to the motherland and attention to the guests, the dinner in restaurants was delicious etc. Especially touching was the farewell dinner in the restaurant “Yerevan Tavern”: a full table, the program, sweet face of Armine and dear faces of our group members.

Idea Gilmanova

Feedback_Olga Sheglova 01.01.2016

Thank you for a good tour, special thanks to Armine: an excellent guide! Smart, broad-minded, can answer to any question about history and other spheres, a professional in her field, tolerant, and just a nice person! All our team was satisfied and thanked me and you! And of course, we hope to visit Armenia in other season and see all that we haven’t managed yet. We liked Armenia very much! It is a beautiful country with hospitable people. We were not able to visit Zvartnots as it was closed. So everything is still ahead.

Thanks again. Best regards, Olga.

Olga Sheglova

Feedback_Marina and Alex Bondarenko 16.09.2015

Good day! Thank you very much for the perfectly organized tour around Armenia. We liked everything: an interesting program of the tour, our guide and driver Arthur (we thank him for an excellent story about the country and its traditions, for his punctuality and patience). Thank you for your hospitality, we wish you to continue working in the same way and we have already recommended your travel agency to our friends.


Marina and Alex.

Steve Pareira

Feedback_ Alvanos George and Paschoudi Stella 12.09.15

Good morning, dear Arara Tour! Now that I am at home, I would like to tell you that I enjoyed a terrific trip, I would say a life journey. That’s why , I want to tell you many many thanks. Many thanks for the spesial quide Davtyan Arthur, who tried to show as every interesting and beatiful places of your country. Also as driver was a very good and was a good helper. Hotels were at the centre of the towns,as we wanted,and confortable. We are very pleased of all your services. Thank you again Alvanos George – Paschoudi Stella

Alvanos George and Paschoudi Stella

Feedback_Tabitha Laigle 26.11.2014

Tour dates: 26/11/2014-30/11/2014

What did you like best in your trip?
Arara travel company created the best itinerary for my husband and me.   We saw beautiful monasteries surrounded gorgeous landscapes.  My favorite place was Tatev Monastery. I also love Geghard Monastery and Noravank Monastery.

What didn’t you like in trip?
I loved every thing about the trip, but my least favorite stop was at Jermuk.  I liked it, but it cannot be compared to the other amazing sites.

What would you add to your trip?
Nune was also very helpful and always responded to my e-mails the same day.

Your feedback about your guide: I was afraid that we would not be able to see Tatev Monastary because of the weather, but Ara, our driver/guide was an amazing driver.  He made our trip very special.  He was very patient and accommodating.  He taught us about Armenia culture and answered all of questions.  I really felt like we made a new friend.

Your feedback about your driver: Ara had brand new tires which came in handy with the snow.  The car was clean and comfortable.

Your feedback about hotels: Cascade Hotel was in an excellent location in Yerevan, and their breakfast was good.  The family at B&B in Goris was very friendly.   The breakfast was simple.

Would you recommend our company to your friends?
Absolutely!  We had a wonderful vacation and want to come back soon.  Thank you.

Tabitha Laigle

Feedback_Steve Pareira

Tour dates: 23/09/2014 – 29/09/2014

My wife and I had booked our Armenian holiday through Arara Tour and we are glad that we got Arthur as our host and guide. There are so many things to talk about him as he made our holiday so pleasant and complete. Firstly he was very punctual, he always arrived at the right time and made sure we got to see and do everything according to our jammed packed itinerary. We did not have to bother about looking into our itinerary as Arthur made sure we did all the stuff as planned and even more. He was very trustworthy as we were quite skeptical and unsure of how the guide experience would be in Armenia. Overall, Arthur was very hospitable and he made us experience the true essence of Armenian culture. If you are traveling to Armenia, make sure to book Arthur as your guide.

Steve Pareira

Dear traveler, you can also find feedback from our previous clients on Arara Tour  Google+ page.