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Experience the best of the Caucasus and Central Asia with our friendly team of guides. We'll accompany you on your travels and share amazing secrets with you. From discovering ancient monasteries and sampling local cuisine to hiking to the breathtaking natural landscapes, our passionate guides are committed to providing you with unforgettable memories. Get to know our team's backgrounds, qualifications, areas of expertise, and language skills, so you can make an informed decision when booking your next adventure with us.

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Guide/Art Critique
Narek leads off-road tours, and also wants to lead some of our gastro/wine tours. You'll be amazed by his energy as he leads you on the tour of the many unique places in Armenia and leaves you speechless by his enthusiasm and love towards his homeland.
Haykuhi leads classical, cultural, food, and wine and mixed tours. She is very supportive and helpful. Be prepared to learn lots of interesting stories about the different sights of Armenia when you have her as a guide.
Guide/Lawyer/Arabic Language Teacher
Raffi appreciates and respects the uniqueness of every human being. He adores sport, fun and social life, so he is always waiting to meet you to share some exciting times together.
Armine leads cultural and religious tours in Armenia. With Armine, you will have an opportunity to see Armenia in all its facets both ancient and modern. She will make sure that you fall in love with our beautiful country from the first sight.
Ara leads cultural, hiking and camping tours. He likes to combine work with pleasure, so you're sure to have a great time with him. Trust us, you won’t regret having him as your tour guide.
Guide/Mountain Lifeguard
Antuan leads adventure, extreme, classical, corporate tours. OK, so he's not Antuan de Saint Exupery, but he's still very clever and knowledgeable. All his adventurous tours are led very professionally, so you'll be in safe hands.
Vahe is another adventure lover in our team. He is a professional biker, but that doesn’t mean that he does only moto tours. He is always ready to meet you for cultural, hiking and adventurous tours.
Ani leads cultural and religious tours. She will always be there to answer all your questions during the tour. She loves and represents Armenia in such a beautiful way that after your tour you will remember our country for a very long time.
Arthur has been with Arara since day one. His outgoing character helps our customers stay friends with him even after their tours. Arthur is a great travel companion, and with all his experience in tourism he can solve any issue in a minute.
Arpine is very talkative and outgoing. One of her key ways to making our customers happy is to show them her love for Armenia and show off her homeland in the best way possible.
Parandzem is always there for you with all her experience, stories and legends about Armenia. She will make sure to provide all the answers to your questions and make your journey memorable.
If you want an extremely adventurous experience of Armenia, Vardan is the guide for you. He leads jeep, motorbike and, hiking tours, but his love for adventure is not an obstacle to him guiding cultural tours and showing Armenian heritage at its best.
Another newbie here, but don’t make any quick conclusions - Avet is one of our best guides. All the tourists love him, and we are more than sure that you will too. His reviews will speak for his ability as a guide.
If you are here for a German-speaking guide, then Gnel is the perfect person to trust. His tours are always full of fun and laughter. He is a very easy going person and will be happy to be your tour guide in Armenia.
She has recently joined us but is already a great member of our guides’ staff. She has many interesting stories to tell you about Armenia. You will feel safe with her. She always makes sure your vacation goes on perfectly.
If you don’t know something, ask Poghos, he will give you the right answer. He charms everyone with his smile, advice and support. Poghos will make your trip unforgettable.
Hasmik’s travel experience is very extensive. She leads our cultural and adventure tours. What a contrast, right? Her charming smile will fill your day with positivity and her broad knowledge about Armenia will make your vacation even more interesting.