Guide/Mountain Lifeguard
Favorite site in the Caucasus
For such an extremal as Mher, the most favorite destination is, of course, the Armenian mountains.
Why guide?
This profession attracts Mher due to its eccentricity, variety, and freedom of choice.
Random Facts
Mher is a guide in Armenia with a distinguished background as a military. Combining his knowledge of country's culture and landscapes with his military expertise, Mher provides travelers with an exceptional exploration of Armenia's history and nature.
Guide reviews


This winter my friend and I had a great experience by trying the hiking tour to Armenia and Georgia. Even though the tour is about hiking places, we also were amazed with the cultural sites. Our tour guide in Armenia Antuan is a professional hiking guide, he is such a handy person. He knows how to deal with difficult situations and keep the safety norms. And we were lucky to have made this tour with him.

As Armenia and Georgia are surrounded by highlighands, it was a great idea to make this trip in winter. One of the spots on my wish list is completed. I did the hiking to Mt Aragats, moreover with my childhood friend.

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Carolyn Hardman

We had this trip in mind for a long time and could finally accomplish it with Arara Tour this spring. Both me and my friend are good hikers and conquering Azhdahak pick was a great achievement. Our guide Antuan was very professional, caring and enthusiastic throughout the whole trip. He was too punctual and started the tours early in the morning for us to have the best views during the day at every destination. We enjoyed camping organized quite nicely at Blue lake and Vank lake. We were provided with lunch boxes and dinners during all camping days which made it very comfortable for us. And we experienced some unforgettable views in the mornings with a cup of hot coffee.
Our time in Armenia left us with many beautiful lifetime memories. Once again many thanks Arara and everyone involved in the company for this amazing trip.

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Lisa Martin

Me and my husband traveled to Armenia for a short trekking trip, the main highlight of which was Aragats Mt. Thank you Arara for making our lifetime trip happen! Conquering Aragats was on our wish list for a long time.
Sati did an amazing job during our whole stay in Armenia. Our guide Antuan was a perfect match for us. A professional hiking guide with many years of experience in the whole region. He was very flexible with our needs and made the tour pace suit us. We are not such an experienced hikers, but the hiking level is quite moderate and available to everyone with a wish to climb Aragats mount. The camping conditions were also satisfactory, everything was neat and clean.
We have already recommended your company to everyone we know and will come back to you sometime in the future for a tour to Georgia or Central Asia as discussed with Sati.

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