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If you decided to travel with Arara, please have a look at our travelers' reviews below. If you wish to get in touch with them, we can provide their emails as soon as we get their permission.

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Tatiana Fedotova

Guide: Armine is the best, all was super!
Driver: Sarkis was excellent driver, then he was replaced by Aram who was driving very slow either he did not know the route or he was afraid to drive normally.
Car: It was excellent, all was convenient.
Hotel: ‘Best View’ is an excellent hotel, I like everything. Thanks!
What did you like most in your trip? All!
What didn’t you like in your trip? None!
What would you add to your trip? None! The programme was harmonically formed, including excursions and free days.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Sure!
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I would like to express gratitude to all staff of your company who participated in organising our tour. All was in the highest level. After your presentation Armenia with soul-warmth, it is impossible not to fall in love with that wonderful country. Many thanks to our guide Armine for her special attention and interesting stories. Lunches are very delicious, especially in Tavern Yerevan. Also, I like ‘Best View’ hotel very much. I hope I could come to you again.

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Galina Uskova

Guide: We have two guides - Arthur and Armine who are highly cultured and educated. Special gratitude and greetings to them! Communication with Liana (our tour organiser) was very pleasant. Many thanks to her, too.
Driver: They are professional and we like all.
Car: Transport was very comfortable for travelling.
Hotel: All hotels are excellent, besides Stepanavan hotel. I would like to spend overnight in hotel, instead of guesthouse in Ijevan.
What did you like most in your trip? Punctuality and clarity of the travel agency in organising tours, hotel levels, meals on programme (lunch), tour programmes (we had two), comfortable transport. We like the country, residents, kindness and willingness to help. We left Armenia with the desire to return again as tourists.
What didn’t you like in your trip? The only disadvantage is the missed porridge for breakfast.
What would you add to your trip? It’s very difficult to answer because of full programme of tour.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Sure! Thanks for unforgettable holiday!
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Sophia Izmaylova

I’m Sophia who came with Grigory and were mixed with English or International group. I would like to thank you very much for help! I couldn’t write too much, because as always returning home lots of affairs have been gathered. Wish your company success, peace in the country and happiness in life! My best wishes to all people who I met with in Armenia! Special greetings to your drivers!

Regards and gratitude,

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Lyubov Alexeeva

Guide: Our guide matched with high level listed requirements.
Driver: Professional driver presented travel agency worthily.
Car: Comfortable transport
Hotel: Hotels are clean, convenient, tasty breakfasts, hospitable personnel.
What did you like most in your trip? Interesting route, wonderful nature
What didn’t you like in your trip? No remarks
What would you add to your trip? I suggest organising the point of rental equipment for hiking to the mountains.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Of course
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Olga Scheglova

Thank you for a great tour, also special thanks to Armine – perfect guide! She is professional, literate and broad-minded who can answer to any question about history and other related fields. Also, she is tolerated, very pleasant and nice person. All were satisfied and thanked to me and you. Of course, we hope to meet in another season in Armenia for seeing those what couldn’t been seen this time, and which was seen, to see again in other colours. We liked Armenia very much! It is very beautiful country and has good hospitable nation. By the way, we didn’t visit Zvartnots because our guide Armine told it didn’t work. So, everything is still ahead. Many thanks.

Best regards,

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Matyushin Boris and Lena

Yesterday we returned from the tour ‘Armenia & Georgia’ of your company obtaining useful information about these countries. The group was impressive. Everything was organised perfectly. Thank you for attentive care about us. Everlasting history and culture of Armenia, the beauty of mountains and gorges, cordiality and hospitality of people are just deserved admiration. The tour is unforgettable. It was very pleasure and interesting to communicate with the guide Rose. Her professionalism, attention and care about tourists are styled perfectly. Many thanks to her! Also, we want to highlight the driver Arthur’s professionalism and attention. Greetings to your company for the tour and wish success and prosperity, health and welfare to all staff!

Best regards and gratitude,

Boris and Lena Matyushin
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Daniela Varshamova

Good afternoon!
It’s already been a week how I’m at home, but I returned only physically. However, my emotions are still with Armenia, its splendor, diversity, "sunshine" and unconditional Greatness. And all of these thank to the great job of ‘Arara Tour’! I chose a tour ‘Walking in mountainous Armenia’ (24.07.15 - 3.08.15), because I like mountains very much and liked the suggested programme very much, which is, in my opinion, just awesome that gives presentation definitely about varieties of nature of Armenia, and also, covers the most important cultural places of country! Thank you for the programme, and special greetings to our conductor (guide and driver Arthur) for showing the wonderful world of ancient country. Thanks to him as for part of exploration as for comfortable transport which he provided us during our wonderful tour! Everything is grandiosely beautiful and I’m very satisfied! Armenia has covered with its wave of infinite warmth, sun and splendor. I didn’t believe that it could be finished and needed to return. My suggestions to the future tourist-clients of ‘Arara Tour’: highly qualified company, very attentive literate managers (I socialised with Nune Tatunts), excelent organised tours – I recommend very much! I thank ‘Arara Tour’ again for their done job, for beautiful, too fertile and given happiness, and delight of tour. Success and prosperity, many happy and satisfied tourists (as I, cooperating with you) to your company! Good Luck!

Best regards,

Daniela (Moscow city)
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James Gal

Guide: Our guides were very good with good communication skills.  They were very easy to get on with and very helpful with information and considerate of our needs.  We enjoyed their company and they made our trip very enjoyable.
Driver: Our drivers were very skillful drivers and took us to the places we had to visit on time and safely.  The cars were very comfortable and well maintained.  Some of the roads they had to drive were not so good.
Car: The cars were comfortable and well maintained.  We travelled very well in them and were upset that our Georgian guide had to travel on the road from the border near Gumri because the road was almost non-existent and in very poor condition.  It caused damage to the vehicle. A tank would have been the only type of vehicle for that road.  The driver showed great skill to get there and back.
Hotels: The hotels we stayed in were of particularly high standard and very comfortable especially the ones in Armenia.  These were spacious and well equipped with restaurants and lifts.  We were comfortable in all of them.  They were all well situated in respect to the towns.
What did you like best in your trip? We liked the hotels, the scenery, the food and the friendliness of our guides.  We would like to take time one day to come back and see more.  The guides gave us lots of information about the places we visited that ws very interesting.  We were very happy to get our photo taken in front of Mt Ararat.
What didn't you like in the trip? The road from the Armenian border on our trip to Kutaisi on Thursday.  That was not a road.  It was not even a track.  We recommend that you do not ask the guides to take cars on that road.
What would you add to your trip? We probably should have taken a couple of more days to make the trip a little less tiring through travel each day.
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, we were very happy with the arrangements and have already told our friends about your company.
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Ewa James

We are really pleased with the trip. I do include here the service you provided organising everything for us as well as a very knowledgeable and professional guide/driver. Avet was really great and knew how to show us the sites in their best, avoiding crowds and getting the best light of the day.
Your communication to me was very responsive and accommodating. I’d rate it as high as any good service I’d expect to receive in the U.K. We were taken by surprise with generosity and quality of food (and wine:). I’d definitely use your service again if I am lucky to return to Armenia in the future.

Kind regards

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Evelyne Borer

Guide: Very caring for our needs and security very good English has got a profound knowledge of what he is explaining very kind and humorous professinal.
Driver: Good driver
Car: Very nice car
Hotels: Always very clean, good breakfasts and food
What did you like best in your trip? The hiking
What didn't you like in trip? The botanical garden
What would you add to your trip? The Museum of Parajanov in Yerevan some shopping in a town/village on the countryside
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes!!!
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S. T. and J. A.

Susann and I have just finished looking through all the pictures and videos from Georgia and Armenia last week, and we wanted to circle back and send a short email praising the tour and tour guides that we booked with Arara.
Avet was personable and punctual, and was very flexible in accommodating changes to the itinerary - especially when we opted to remove some churches and stay at Lake Sevan for longer than originally planned. We enjoyed the SAS Food Court that he took us to on the first day, which became a daily pit stop while we were in Armenia.
Davit was extremely patient and eager to show his country to us in addition to being very knowledgable of the history and background of various sites, caucasian music, and culinary dishes. He also was a great driver, especially driving to Gergeti Trinity Church in the pouring rain and fog - his car was spacious and fit for that very purpose. The highlight for us was the khinkali restaurant, there was unplanned singing and dancing - we think Davit relaxed a bit and had fun as well.
We both agreed that we would recommend both tour guides to our friends and acquaintances should they ever travel to Armenia and/or Georgia, and we would go through Arara again for future travel in the region. The personalized tour was definitely the way to go :)
We very much enjoyed the itinerary, lots of sun and fresh scenery - thank you again for your patience in coordinating! All the best!

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