Favorite site in Armenia
For Haykuhi one of the most outstanding sights in Armenia is Geghard Monastery. It is really a must-visit sight and architectural miracle of its time!
Why guide?
Haykuhi has 5-year experience as a guide. Being a great patriot, she always wanted to show Armenian culture, traditions, and hospitality to foreigners. And how can she do that if not by being a tour guide?
Random Facts
Haykuhi leads classical, cultural, food and wine and mixed tours. She is very supportive and helpful. Get prepared to learn lots of interesting stories about different sights of Armenia while having her as a guide.
Guide reviews

Jameela Al Ali

Hello Gohar! The trip was awesome. Attractions were great, weather was nice and we enjoyed having lunches in traditional Armenia’s houses. This added more to our vacation. Definitely will recommend your company to my friends and colleagues, and I already did! Also special thanks to our awesome guider. She was very friendly and I enjoyed her stories and knowledge I got from her. Also our driver was great, patient and understanding as my mum kept talking with him in Arabic

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Brad and Emilie Huggins

Hi Satine, my sincere thanks to you for your professional support all your team and especially our guides, Haykuhi in Armenia, Tazo in Georgia and Karim in Azerbaijan for their great assistance. I am really surprised how nations living so close to each other can be so different, but charming their own way. Hotels where very good, everywhere, just in Tbilisi service was a bit weaker than other cities. Vehicles were comfortable and clean everywhere, again Georgian driving is fast , but we felt quite safe. Tatev Monastery in Armenia and the cable car with view was amazing, also I want to mention Tbilisi atmosphere, Prometheus Cave and mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. The trip was very interesting, again big thanks. I definitely will recommend your agency to my friends and share the dry fruits and wine I brought.
Many regard Brad and Emilie Huggins
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Gary Geisel

Guide: Armenia - Haykuhi - very pleased, she was excellent in every way. We felt very fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and with such a good command of English. She was very kind and considerate. We felt that we were with a very authentic person, who answered questions honestly and always in a good way. She became a friend.
Georgia - Tazo - We really liked him. Gary especially enjoyed hiking 1-on-1 with Tazo while Marie did something else. His depth of knowledge was a bit less, but he was always alert to connecting us to knowledgeable people. He is clearly well-known and well-liked among the locals. His knowledge of nature and the outdoors really impressed Gary.
Driver: ARMENIA - He was an excellent driver, thoughtful and helped us with the ATM. He seemed painfully shy. We were pleased.
GEORGIA - Tazo was both guide and driver. Excellent driver. We felt very safe with him on those dangerous Georgian roads.
Car: ARMENIA AND GEORGIA - Both cars were excellent, in good condition, comfortable, clean inside and out.
Hotels: ARMENIA - The room for the first night at Cascade Hotel was too small, but the hotel upgraded us quickly that night. The chef was very nice during breakfast. Location was great, allowing us to enjoy the architecture of the Cascades, and to walk the city. We also enjoyed Eco-Kayan in Dilijan very much. 
GEORGIA - Hotel Opinion - first night, before arriving in Yerevan by plane, the room was too close to loud music outside. The remaining nights after the Armenia tour, and during the Georgia tour, were pleasant. The breakfast buffet was good.
Hotel Kazbegi - we think that this is the finest hotel that we have ever seen. We were thrilled to see Mt. Kazbegi from our hotel window at dawn. This hotel is unforgettable.
We also liked the fact that we could stay multiple nights in a hotel, which spared us the hassles of luggage.
What did you like best in your trip? For both trips, it's very difficult to choose a favorite, all was remarkably good.
ARMENIA - We especially liked the Manuscript and History museums. Genocide museum is a must-do. Yerevan is nice city with art, public spaces for families. It was good to experience part of the Sunday Mass at St. Hripsine Church. It was nice to see local people out and enjoying their city. Dalijan gave a nice, restful pause after being on the go.
GEORGIA - Our guide Tazo recommended 11 კათხა-კონკა / 11 Katkha-Konka restaurant with traditional Georgian food, music and dancers. We loved it! We ate there three times! The Kazbegi region was the most stunning and wild. We liked the scenic variety and the ethnic diversity in Georgia.
What didn't you like in trip? ARMENIA - Instant coffee at Cascades Hotel. GEORGIA - 9:00 Breakfast at Hotel Opinion seems late. We are accustomed to 7:30 or 8:00 AM as travelers.
What would you add to your trip? It would have been nice to experience Armenian dancing, music and traditional costumes. Us! For another visit someday!
Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes! Definitely! You are excellent!
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