Favorite site in Armenia
For Haykuhi one of the most outstanding sights in Armenia is Geghard Monastery. It is really a must-visit sight and architectural miracle of its time!
Why guide?
Haykuhi has 5-year experience as a guide. Being a great patriot, she always wanted to show Armenian culture, traditions, and hospitality to foreigners. And how can she do that if not by being a tour guide?
Random Facts
Haykuhi leads classical, cultural, food and wine and mixed tours. She is very supportive and helpful. Get prepared to learn lots of interesting stories about different sights of Armenia while having her as a guide.
Guide reviews

Diego, Maria and Emma, Bruno

Barev Rima jan,

Thank you for this awesome trip we reached home safely, I remember only this two words in Armenian. We are satisfied with everything; hotels you picked for us were very good. The drivers and guides were excellent they took a great care of us, knew what they were doing, and the most important: they know their history. We enjoyed being in Khakheti, drinking lots of wine, eating Georgian khinkali and khachapuri. Many thanks to ARARA and the team which worked so hard, everything worked out great, we will defiantly come back next year.

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Santos Carolin & Javellana Amada

My passengers in Georgia/Armenia are very happy. Sharing a message I just received from them - Hi! If you haven't visit Tbilisi and Yerevan I think you should do it soon. Our tour guides both in Tbilisi and Yerevan are highly commendable we enjoyed our stay in Tbilisi that it should have longer and shorter in Yerevan. 7 days in Tbilisi and 3 days in Yerevan would have been perfect. Food is so inexpensive !!! Oh our hotel in Yerevan Paris hotel is centrally located and rooms are big. Hotel in Tbilisi could be better. If only there are direct flights from Manila it would be nice to come back here especially Tbilisi.

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Jameela Al Ali

Hello Gohar! The trip was awesome. Attractions were great, weather was nice and we enjoyed having lunches in traditional Armenia’s houses. This added more to our vacation. Definitely will recommend your company to my friends and colleagues, and I already did! Also special thanks to our awesome guider. She was very friendly and I enjoyed her stories and knowledge I got from her. Also our driver was great, patient and understanding as my mum kept talking with him in Arabic

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