Favorite site in Armenia
For Haykuhi one of the most outstanding sights in Armenia is Geghard Monastery. It is really a must-visit sight and architectural miracle of its time!
Why guide?
Haykuhi has 5-year experience as a guide. Being a great patriot, she always wanted to show Armenian culture, traditions, and hospitality to foreigners. And how can she do that if not by being a tour guide?
Random Facts
Haykuhi leads classical, cultural, food, and wine and mixed tours. She is very supportive and helpful. Be prepared to learn lots of interesting stories about the different sights of Armenia when you have her as a guide.
Guide reviews

Paul H.

The trip was just fabulous! So much to mention, I don’t even know where to start. Our guide Haikui and driver Robert were very caring and attentive. Haikui is very energetic, knowledgeable and full of love towards her country. Her engaging way of transferring the information was so interesting and pleasant. And Robert was a safe and professional driver, we really appreciated that.
We liked almost all the hotels included in the tour. Actually we prefer small and cozy hotels more like Armenia guesthouse in Dilijan, that is why some big chain hotels were of less preference. Though they had professional staff and all the facilities inside, this was quite convenient.
Armenia turned out to be an astonishing country with so much to offer! During our trip we were happy to visit many regions which let us catch the unique atmosphere of the country. Ah, and we met so many hospitable locals. They were always so friendly and kind. These experiences were always the best during every trip we had.
We are back to the UK with warmest memories about Armenia and hope to be back to this beautiful part of the world one day. Will recommend Arara to our friends, relatives and anyone interested in visiting Armenia!

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Bobbie Bishop

This was our second visit to Caucasus region and this time we travelled only in Armenia as the Covid situation here was the calmest. We weren’t sure if the trip will take place till we arrived to Yerevan. But luckily, everything went perfect. Our travel agent Sati made sure that we have all the details about covid requirements and restrictions. We were provided a bottle of hand sanitizer, masks and other necessary stuff to be protected throughout the trip. Arara has managed to provide excellent service for us. Our guide Haykuhi was very thoughtful and made sure we were feeling great throughout the trip. We visited a lot of places but the most favorite one was Noravank Monastery. Everyone should visit this magical place when coming here. Armenia is a great place to travel to and we will never get tired of being here.

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Janene F Cheung

I'd reached out to a number of companies for help with bookings and accommodations for our trip to Caucasus.. I contacted Arara tour and got exactly what I wanted. Definitely worth for anyone wanting first-class service, attention to detail and highly qualified staff. The tour itself was great. All arrangements and transportations were properly organized. All the drivers and guides were experienced and very helpful. I can warmly recommend Arara to all travelers who want to visit Caucasus.

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