Favorite site in the Caucasus
For Haykuhi one of the most outstanding sights in Armenia is Geghard Monastery. It is really a must-visit sight and architectural miracle of its time!
Why guide?
Haykuhi has 5-year experience as a guide. Being a great patriot, she always wanted to show Armenian culture, traditions, and hospitality to foreigners. And how can she do that if not by being a tour guide?
Random Facts
Haykuhi leads classical, cultural, food, and wine and mixed tours. She is very supportive and helpful. Be prepared to learn lots of interesting stories about the different sights of Armenia when you have her as a guide.
Guide reviews

Mark Di Frangia

Satì jan eesk Eduard jan, bari yereko dzes!
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this tour. Both guides (Sophie and Haykuhi) and the drivers (David and Artur) did a great job of gettinf us from place to place safely and well informed. I only wish I had an extra day in Tbilisi to explore the Old City more. The extra day I had in Yerevan (last Friday) gave me a chance to explore more of your capital city and become more intrigued by your cultural inheritance and the general positive feeling of the place. I won't even touch the subject of your wonderful cuisine; everyone in the group loved our eating experiences and the tips Haykuhi gave us for specialities along the way. Needless to say I enjoyed my time in Hayastan much more than in Georgia, based largely on the kindness of the people and your Western orientation.

Thanks for your help in organising the trip; I hope to return one day soon with friends and see more of your beautiful country!


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Chris Keane

My wife and I traveled to Armenia with Arara tours last month. We spent 2 weeks in the country exploring its capital and regions with so many beautiful mountains, lakes and forests. Our trip was organized by Sati, our local travel agent. She was very punctual, attentive and caring during the whole communication, as well as when we actually got there. Our guide Haikuhi was such a nice young woman with good English and communication skills. She could really deliver the whole information to us in an engaging way. The hotels were mostly nice and comfy. We prefer smaller hotels with calming and comfortable atmosphere. Most hotels in our tour where of this standard and had a great service.
If you wish to cover the whole country without rushing, explore every corner and get to know its history, this trip is just perfect for you.
We are going to recommend Arara tours to anyone interested in visiting the Caucasus. And hope to travel to Georgia and Uzbekistan with you once we have time. Thank you for everything once again!

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Paul H.

The trip was just fabulous! So much to mention, I don’t even know where to start. Our guide Haikui and driver Robert were very caring and attentive. Haikui is very energetic, knowledgeable and full of love towards her country. Her engaging way of transferring the information was so interesting and pleasant. And Robert was a safe and professional driver, we really appreciated that.
We liked almost all the hotels included in the tour. Actually we prefer small and cozy hotels more like Armenia guesthouse in Dilijan, that is why some big chain hotels were of less preference. Though they had professional staff and all the facilities inside, this was quite convenient.
Armenia turned out to be an astonishing country with so much to offer! During our trip we were happy to visit many regions which let us catch the unique atmosphere of the country. Ah, and we met so many hospitable locals. They were always so friendly and kind. These experiences were always the best during every trip we had.
We are back to the UK with warmest memories about Armenia and hope to be back to this beautiful part of the world one day. Will recommend Arara to our friends, relatives and anyone interested in visiting Armenia!

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