Travel to the South Caucasus for people over 50

There are no age limits for traveling and new discoveries and retirement is a great opportunity to go to conquer new countries. The South Caucasus region, namely, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, is a great choice for travelers of any age. It is a region of beautiful nature, majestic mountains, healing air, wine-growing vineyards and delicious original cuisine which makes it a great destination for both youth and adults. Today we’re going to tell you about the places and attractions that are of particular interest to senior travelers, as well as give a lot of tips and recommendations to seniors planning their travel to the Caucasus.

The best season to visit the South Caucasus

Not all people tolerate extreme heat and cold weather, so before planning a trip, we recommend taking into account the possibility of weather tolerance. In the South Caucasus region, the middle and end of summer is quite hot. This is especially true for the air temperature in the capitals: Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku. In mid-July and August, the temperature can reach +35-39 °C. During this sultry period, people try to leave the cities.

In Georgia and Azerbaijan, locals run away from the heat to the sea coasts, in Armenia - to Lake Sevan. However, in the mountains, the air is cooler in summer, and the temperature rarely rises above 25-27 °C.

Winter in the countries of the South Caucasus is not severe, but of course it also depends on the region. In the capitals, January is considered the coldest month: during this period, frosts can strike and it may snow. The good news is that winter here never lingers beyond its calendar time. The season is great for fans of skiing and snowboarding as there are great ski resorts fully equipped for these kind of sports.

The mildest season for visiting Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan is considered the end of spring/beginning of summer, as well as September. Weather changes and rains begin in March and closer to November.

Must-visit cultural and historical sights

While young people prefer active recreation and entertainment, senior travelers are more interested in exploring the cultural and historical heritage of the country, as well as in visiting museums and historical monuments. From this point of view, the South Caucasus is an ideal destination - it has a rich cultural and historical heritage.

In Armenia, it is better to start the acquaintance with the history of the country from Yerevan, the ancient capital of the country. You can start with a visit to the National Historical Museum, which stores many interesting artifacts. We also recommend visiting the Matenadaran, a repository of one of the richest manuscript collections in the world. At the Opera and Ballet Theater you can enjoy an interesting cultural program, especially we recommend attending the operas “Anush” and “Gayane”. Tickets can be purchased here.

The other must-visit place in Armenia is Echmiadzin town - the religious center of all Armenians. It is the seat of the Supreme Patriarch of the Catholicos of all Armenians. Don’t miss Gyumri city - the cultural capital of the country with an amazing old city.

In Georgia, Tbilisi, we recommend visiting the National Museum of Georgia and Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography to plunge into the history and culture of the country. Fans of theatre can visit the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre after Paliashvili and Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater.

Do not miss also Mtskheta - the first capital of Georgia and the religious center of the country.

Coming to Baku and not visiting the famous Carpet Museum would be a big omission. Do not miss Sheki which is famous for its history and architectural monuments. Among which the palace of the Sheki Khans stands out - a luxurious building of the 18th century, erected without a single nail!

Must-visit resort towns and sanatoriums

The South Caucasus is famous for its resorts with curative climate and mineral springs. This is a great place for those who want to improve their health in sanatoriums or just relax in the lap of nature away from civilization.

In Armenia the most popular resort towns are Jermuk, Dilijan, Hankavan and Tsaghkadzor. Jermuk is known not only for its healthy climate and spectacular nature, but also for its healing mineral springs. Read more about holiday in Jermuk, its best sanatoriums and attractions here. In Dilijan, vacationers will be amazed with its amazing nature and healing air filled with coniferous aroma, which has a very beneficial effect on human health, especially on the lungs. Read more about holiday in Dilijan, its best hotels and attractions here.

Georgia is popular for such resort towns as Borjomi, Tskaltubo, Sairme and Ureki, etc. Borjomi attracts guests due to its coniferous healing air and healing mineral water “Borjomi”, which is known all over the world and is used in the treatment of many diseases. Read more about holiday in Borjomi, its best resorts and attractions here. Georgia is also famous for its Black Sea resort towns where you can enjoy beach holidays.

Azerbaijan also offers a large selection of resorts, among which Naftalan is the most famous - a balneological resort that has gained worldwide fame thanks to its miracle oil. Here in sanatoriums, those who wish can take naftalan baths, which treat skin and many other diseases.

Seniour-friendly hiking and tracking trails

The South Caucasus is a great region not only for exploring beautiful nature and historical monuments, it’s a great destination for active holidays. Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan have excellent hiking trails suitable for beginners and senior travelers.

In Armenia, one of the popular easy trails is the hike from Parz Lich Lake to Goshavank Monastery. The trail is located in the picturesque Tavush region, in the Dilijan National Park. The total length of the track is 6.5 km. More information about hiking and trekking in Armenia can be found here.

In Georgia, you can hike from the village of Roshka to the lakes of Abudelauri, which are located at an altitude of 2500 meters. Each of the lakes is surrounded by amazing nature, and they are all different colors.

The total length of the track is 10 km. You can also make a hike from the village of Stepantsminda to the Gergeti church, located at an altitude of 2170 m. The length of the hike is 6 km.

In Azerbaijan, we recommend choosing the route Galahudat - Khinalyg, which is considered easy. The trails of the route are clearly visible and fully marked throughout. During the hike, you will be able to admire the magnificent landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains.

There are many other interesting hiking trails in the region, which can be found here.

The best tour packages for senior travelers

Arara offers a large list of tour packages that are ideal for senior travelers. The most popular are the cultural travel packages like  Classical Tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, Tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in 17 days and  Tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in 21 days. If you have special requests, you can inform our tour operators and they will create an individual tour adapted to your preferences.

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