Top 5 National Restaurants in Dushanbe

The capital of Tajikistan is the largest in the country with a population of over 1 million. Before the Soviet Union, Dushanbe was just a small village. In Soviet times the city developed yet it was much smaller and less active than other capitals of Central Asia. Today it is a beautiful and clean city, the cultural, commercial, political, and economic center of Tajikistan. The country is valuable for its historical monuments and unique nature. Yet the very first thing that guests see is the capital. To get closer to the culture of Tajikistan and Dushanbe it is worth visiting popular restaurants and taste the best dishes of national cuisine.

National Restaurants in Dushanbe: Chaykhona Rohat

Address: Rudaki ave 84

The list of top 5 national restaurants would be a total failure if not started with Chaykhona Rohat, the oldest and the biggest chaikhona has known far beyond the borders of Tajikistan. In 2017 CNN Travel called Chaikhona Rohat one of the best in the world of its kind.

The restaurant was opened in 1958 is located in the place of a square taking to a summer theatre. Two-storey restaurant in national style has painted walls and ceilings with colored glass mosaics, open terraces and large halls. There is a beautiful alley with fountains in front of the restaurant with trestle beds and tables where guests can enjoy warm summer evenings.

First of all, Rohat is a chaikhona where the tea ceremony is the most important part of dinner. Still, it is also a popular restaurant with national cuisine where guests can enjoy traditional Lagman, pilaf and shurpa.

National Restaurants in Dushanbe: Toqi

Address: Kurbon Rakhimov

The next best option to try local food is Toqi restaurant. The place is known for its high level of service and big choice of dishes. Toqi is located in the north-eastern part of the city, not far from Victory Park and Mehrgon Bazaar.

The building of a restaurant in the traditional Asian style has a terrace with wooden tables and a trestle bed. This is a wonderful place to enjoy tea and traditional sweets on a hot summer day. The closed hall of chaikhona is decorated in national style with bright colors, painted walls and curtains.

The menu of Toqi restaurant includes exclusively traditional dishes. The prices are surprisingly low compared to other similar national restaurants and it makes Toqi more attractive even for budget travelers.

National Restaurants in Dushanbe: Bukhoro

Address: Peoples Friendship st 47

The list of top 5 national restaurants includes one of the most luxurious places in the capital, Bukhoro restaurant. Posh oriental interior of Bukhoro, live music and traditional dishes of Central Asian, Eastern and Tajik cuisine transports you to an eastern fairy tale.

Bukhoro is a relatively new restaurant and yet it managed to become a beloved place for parties and dinners. The facade is decorated with wall carvings, wooden doors take you to a large hall. The main hall of the restaurant has decorated columns, mosaic walls and ceilings in oriental style.

The menu includes the dishes of international, Asian and national cuisine. The modern serving of national dishes, wide choice of traditional soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can turn a dinner into a real feast.

National Restaurants in Dushanbe: Navoi Deha

Address: Jabbor Rasulov St 10

Another wonderful place to taste all the bright notes of Eastern cuisine is Navoi Deha restaurant. This is not just a restaurant or a chaikhona, it is a place where you can relax and enjoy your evening. The main detail of the exterior and interior of the restaurant is wood carvings. The walls are decorated with stone and plaster paintings and glazed tiles. There are colorful pillows with traditional ornaments on the trestles and every trestle has symbolism. Each wall carving is devoted to the popular attraction in Tajikistan.

The menu of the restaurant includes dishes of international, Central Asian and national cuisine. Navoi Deha regularly organizes thematic evenings with a free dish of the day.

National Restaurants in Dushanbe: Chakan

Address: Rudaki avenue №7

Chakan completes the list of top 5 national restaurants in Dushanbe with its tasty cuisine and perfect Asian atmosphere. The interior of the restaurant reflects the life and traditions of the Tajik people. The walls and floor are covered with carpets, the trestles are decorated with colorful pillows.

The two-storey restaurant has an open terrace on the second floor that is a wonderful place for late dinner. Chakan offers dishes of traditional Tajik cuisine as well as Japanese, European, Italian and Turkish dishes.

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