Wi-Fi in Tajikistan

Telecommunication technologies started developing in Tajikistan in the early 2000s and it seemed that the country would soon have high-quality services. The Internet was available only in Internet cafes and for a long time, the country was living the era of narrow and smoky rooms with a dozen computers. In fifteen years the situation changed a lot. New mobile operators created a competitive field for developing telecommunication technologies and lowering prices. Tajikistan in terms of mobile Internet speed in the international Speedtest ranking takes 122 places at a speed of 10.44 MB/s. And in the rating for wired Internet, it is the 110 place at a speed of 18.05 MB/s. Today there are four mobile operators in Tajikistan that offer a wide range of tariff plans and internet packages. More info about mobile operators and prices of packages is available here.

Dushanbe is the largest city of the country, the political, economic and cultural centre of Tajikistan. In terms of mobile communication and network availability, Dushanbe is the most developed in the country. The government is constantly working on providing more free Wi-Fi hotspots in the capital. In other cities and remote areas, there are no public Wi-Fi hotspots excepting some hotels and resorts.

The great news for the residents and guests of Dushanbe is the new Wi-Fi hotspots in three local parks. In the parks named after Sadriddin Aini, Firdavsi, Ahmad Donish and on the Youth Lake, you can see people staring at phones. The provider of free Wi-Fi is Megafon mobile operator and for the start, the quality is not that bad. On average, the speed along the perimeter of the parks is about 100KB/s, it is enough to watch videos on YouTube, share photos and download music. The government and Megafon are planning to install Wi-Fi hotspots in two more parks. Free Wi-Fi is part of the Smart City project.

Besides local parks, a free Wi-Fi hotspot is available at the airport of Dushanbe, hotels and most cafes (for example Mazza cafe with free Wi-Fi). The speed may be lower depending on the number of users. Some public buses of Dushanbe once had free Wi-Fi but, unfortunately, now they are unavailable.

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