Mobile Operators in Uzbekistan

For many years the countries of Middle Asia, including Uzbekistan were working on optimizing and modernizing communication systems. In recent past Uzbekistan still had limited choice of mobile operators with poor quality of Internet and no Wi-Fi hotspots. Today, the situation has changed and there are plans to continue the development of the telecom market.

Internet access is now available mostly in touristic centres and large cities. A small coverage area can be rather uncomfortable. Let us forget about virtual reality and enjoy the beauty of ancient architecture and culture offline.

Mobile Operators of Uzbekistan

At this moment, there are five mobile operators in Uzbekistan. All the operators offer low prices for calls and mobile Internet.

Beeline Uzbekistan


Head office: 1 Bukhara St., Tashkent

Customer Service: 0611

International Code: +998 90/91

Beeline Uzbekistan is the first mobile operator in the country with the largest coverage and the number of subscribers. The operator offers high quality and stable mobile internet. For tourists, the operator offers several packages with unlimited Internet.



Head office: 1 Shahrisabz St., Tashkent 

Customer Service: 8123

International Code: +998 93/94

Ucell is the third-largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan. Yet it is not quite suitable for tourists as the operator offers stable mobile internet only in large cities Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

Perfectum Mobile


Head office: 21 Taras Shevchenko St., Tashkent 

Customer Service: 077

International Code: +998 98

In spite of the fact that Perfectum Mobile is a small company, the operator has a wide mobile coverage even in the remote areas of Uzbekistan. On the other hand, the mobile internet is slow. Company is working on providing a 3G network.



Head office: 8 Navoi St., Tashkent

Customer Service: 1084

International Code: +998 95/99

UzMobile national company has large network coverage in remote areas. Moreover, the operator provides average mobile internet in the locations where leading companies are not available.

Ums Uzbekistan


Head office: 24 Amir Temur Ave., Tashkent

Customer Service: 0890

International Code: +998 97

Ums is the second-largest mobile operator of Uzbekistan with approximately the same prices for packages as Beeline. Yet Ums is more suitable for tourists that have sale points at the international airport of Tashkent and Bukhara.

How to buy a SIM-card? Tourists can buy local sim-card in the sale points of mobile operators by providing a passport and a temporary residence permit. The approximate price of sim-cards of all operators is 1$.

Mobile Internet in Uzbekistan. It is more suitable to get a package with unlimited internet, otherwise, it will cost about 4$ for 1 GB. All the mobile operators of Uzbekistan offer packages of unlimited internet.

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