The Best Parks in Uzbekistan

With hot continental climate gardens, parks and green zones are of great importance in Uzbekistan. Every city of the country has local parks but the most interesting and large ones are located in Tashkent. Here are the top 5 parks of the capital to visit.

Gafur Ghulyam Park

Gafur Ghulyam park is the second-largest park in Tashkent and the whole country. It was opened in 1967. The park occupies an area of 23 ha with oaks, pines and plane trees. This small wood is a real lifesaver in the unbearable summer heat of the capital. The park is divided into two zones; the green area and the zone with attractions. The most popular attraction is a huge Ferris wheel with a great view of the city.

There is a lake in the central zone of the park with boats and catamarans to ride. Another lake is more isolated. Gafur Ghulyam park often hosts cultural and public events including Navrus festive, memorable dates, New Year and Christmas performances. For children often puppet theatre performances are being organized.

Mirzo Ulugbek Park

Mirzo Ulugbek is the oldest park in Tashkent that once was named Thelman. The park was opened in 1934 and during the Great War II, the evacuated children got free meals here. After the war, the park became the most popular place for the locals, who enjoyed music performances every evening.

It is a wonderful place to rest for the whole family. The green zone has an artificial lake surrounded by pines, chestnuts, acacias and limes. While the most beloved parts of the park are the attractions, the zoo corner, 5D cinema, football field and tennis court.

Japanese Garden

This is one of the most beautiful places in Tashkent, pure green oasis in the desert of modern technologies and metal pile. Like a real Japanese garden, there is a lake in the park, green zone with interesting trees and shrub, tea house, wooden bridge, and gazebos. The centre of the park is sakura on the bank of the lake that beautifully blossoms in spring and turns the garden into a real paradise. You can see carps and goldfish in the lake, as well as feed ducks or watch storks and peacocks.

The Japanese garden was opened in 2001 by the initiative of the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan and Ministery of Foreign Economic Relations of Uzbekistan. It is part of Uzexpocenter. The Japanese garden is popular for newlyweds for beautiful photoshoots.

Tashkent Ecopark

Central eco-park is the first one in its kind in the capital. When creating the park natural materials in natural colours and shapes were used. It is divided into three zones; creative area, play zone and active zone.

In the creative zone, children, as well as their parents, can learn fine arts in the house of masters. In the studios of fine arts and ceramics, you may feel yourself like a real master of arts.

The play zone is all about modern sculptures and installations. They are made of plastic bottles and metal pipes. The most interesting part of the play zone is the green plant maze.

The last zone is created for crazy rides on the skateboards, rollers, and bicycles.

Besides these active zones, there is a lake, clean alleys with benches and green zone for recreation and picnics.

Central Park named after Alisher Navoi

Alisher Navoi is the central and the largest park in Tashkent. It was opened in the place of an old factory and today it is a clean green zone that occupies the area of 65 hectares. The park is named after the great Turkic poet Alisher Navoi, whose monument stands on one of the alleys. The park has several artificial lakes, shady alleys with massive trees, flower beds and shrubs. One of the lakes has a sandy beach and it is allowed to swim in it.

Besides the Alisher Navoi monument, there are several other interesting statues and buildings in the territory of the park; an exhibition hall, Abulkasym madrasah of the XVI century, the main stage of Uzbekistan official ceremonies, restaurants and the building of Parliament.


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