Monuments and Statues in Uzbekistan

The monuments and statues of Uzbekistan are associated with major historical events and historical figures of the country.

Monument to Nasreddin Hodja, Bukhara

Nasreddin Khoja is one of the most popular folklore characters of Central Asia and the Middle East. He is pictured as an old man riding a donkey. He always has an interesting story to tell and a piece of advice to give. His jokes and humorous manner of telling stories made him famous and people always surrounded him wherever he went.

The monument is located in the centre of Bukhara, near the architectural complex of Lyabi-Khauz. The statue of the national folklore hero has already become part of the ensemble. The bronze sculpture presents Nasreddin Hodja on a donkey. With a cunning smile, he has a coin holding with two fingers. The monument is one of the favourite places of the locals. They believe that if a child sits on a donkey he will be lucky. 

Statue of Amir Temur, Samarkand

The history of Samarkand is closely linked to the name of Amir Temur. The great leader was born in Shakhrisabz. He managed to conquer 27 states; Iran, Turan, Rum, Magreb, Syria, Egypt, Iraq-Arabi, Iraq-Adzhemi, Mazandaran, Gilan, Shirvan, Azerbaijan, Farce, Khorasan, Chetta, Great Tataria, Khorezm, Khotan, Kabulistan, Baktersemin, and India, etc. He created a huge empire and ruled it for 69 years. He was the founder of the Timurid Empire with the capital in Samarkand.

The statue of Amir Temur was opened in 1996, and every year the locals celebrate his birthday in his mausoleum and near the statue. The monument of Amir Temur is a huge and majestic bronze statue presenting Amir Temur sitting on a throne. 

Monument of Alisher Navoiy, Tashkent

The most significant monument of the Alisher Navoiy park is the statue of Alisher Navoiy. This is the largest park in the capital with monuments, neat alleys and a small lake.

Alisher Navoiy was a Turkic poet and philosopher who lived in the XV century. His opus magnum is “Khamsa”, collection of five poems based on national epics. His heritage is a collection of more than 30 works in verses and prose. Alisher Navoiy was the first to write in the Uzbek language and thus presented Uzbek literature in a new limelight.

Monuments of Independence square, Tashkent

Independence square is the central one in Tashkent and the most popular place for residents. The large square has beautiful alleys, fountains and monuments. One of the statues depicts a woman with a baby in her arms as the symbol of Mother-Motherland. Above the statue, there is the symbol of independence of Uzbekistan, a huge golden globe.

Another monument of the square is located at the end of the Glory and Memory Alley. The Mourner Mother Monument is dedicated to the heroes of World War II.

Courage Earthquake Memorial, Tashkent 

The monumental complex “Courage” was opened in 1970 and is dedicated to the earthquake in Tashkent. On the 26th of April, 8,3 magnitude earthquake shook the capital and made half of the city homeless. The very centre of the earthquake was under the blocks of today’s monument. By the assistance of the USSR, the city was reconstructed in the shortest period.

The monument of Courage presents a statue of a woman embracing her child and a man protecting them. There also stands a black labradorite cube with the date and time of the earthquake; 26 of April 1966, 5:24 am. The cracks of the cube symbolize the break of the earth. On the background, there is a relief picturing builders that restored Tashkent.

The monument of people’s friendship, Tashkent

This is a monument to mercy, and kindness of the human soul. It is dedicated to Shaahmed Shamakhmudov and his wife who took care of 15 orphans during the Great Patriotic War. They were the initiators of movement in Tashkent to adopt orphans from evacuated zones of World War II. 

The monument was opened in 1982 and now stands in the city centre, in front of the Istiklol palace. It presents Shaahmed Shamakhmudov and his wife surrounded by their children.


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