Budget Entertainment in Tashkent

The prices in Uzbekistan is relatively low especially for guests from Europe. Even a budget tourist can afford interesting tour across the country. As a developed and modern city, Tashkent has five-star hotels, high-class restaurants, and clubs but let’s leave them for now and consider the ways of budget entertainment in Tashkent.

Shashtepa, the remnants of ancient settlement

One of the most popular places in Tashkent is the remains of the ancient settlement Shashtepa located near the South Station. The oldest part of the settlement dates back to IV century BC. According to scientists, this is one of the first and oldest temples of fire-worshipers. The area that has already been studied is 25 ha. There is not much to see in Shashtepa yet it is the part of Tashkent history and worth to visit.

Independence Square

Independence Square is the largest and the most beautiful place in Tashkent. The central part of the square is a bridge connecting sixteen marble columns with sculptures. Green alleys stretch from the columns to the Independence Monument. The figure of a woman with a baby in her arms symbolizes Mother-Motherland.

The government and administrative buildings are located around the square. The beautiful park stretches from the opposite part of the administrative buildings. Here is the Glory and Memory Alley in the memory of the soldiers of World War II. The alley is decorated with wooden columns and the figure of Mourner Mother with the Eternal flame.

Khoja Akhtar Vali Juma Mosque

This is one of the most beautiful historical and architectural monuments of Tashkent that overlooks the Old Town. It was built in 819 and since then it was reconstructed and rebuilt. Today the mosque is in a perfect condition with huge sky blue domes and white facade. The mosque is located on a hill, between Chorsu, Khadra and Eski Juva squares. Juma Mosque is also known as Friday mosque; Friday prayer is the most important day for Muslims and every Friday the Muslims gather here for prayer.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Another impressive architectural monument that is worth your attention is Sacred Heart Cathedral. It is the main Catholic church in Uzbekistan and the most impressive example of neo-gothic architecture. The cathedral immediately catches attention with the dark facade and pointed spires. Inner walls are lined with granite and marble. The doors and furniture are made of wood. The interior is decorated with original lamps, candlesticks and candelabrum, door canopies and handles.

The heart of the cathedral is the large hall on the second floor. There is an impressive 2-meter bronze statue of Jesus Christ that seems like levitating above the ground. There is a 26-voice organ above the altar and confessional to the right of the statue.

Tashkent Metropolitan

You can admire the amazing architecture of Central Asia not only on the streets of the capital but under the city. Every station of Tashkent metro is а real architectural masterpiece. There are 29 stations and each of them is unique in its way. For example, the "Cosmonauts" station is coloured in dark blue and green shades that imitate the sky. You may find yourself in a holiday ballroom, dark catacombs, emerald hall, etc.

Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu is the central and the largest bazaar in Tashkent. It has already become one of the major tourist attractions of the capital. It is located under a huge blue dome that protects the bazaar from heat and dust. Here you will find all local fruits and vegetables, sweets, meat, etc. The separate counters offer traditional dishes; this is the street food in Uzbek. And the best part of the bazaar is the treats; every counter invites you to try something and you may end with a full stomach and impressions.

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