About Arara

Our story

ARARA is a tour operator in the Caucasus that has been working in tourism for already 7 years. In a relatively short period of time, we developed unique tour packages to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. As creative pioneers, we continue to expand the services we offer for you to have a beneficial choice as a traveler. We help also our local partners, food, transport and accommodation suppliers to keep growing with the aim to meet international standards.  ARARA stands out among the long list of agencies in the Caucasus. We do combine in the package your expectations and local flavor for you to have real-life experience.   
That's why our company will be an ideal choice for you. The finest outcome we have is our story behind the walls, which began 7 years ago in a small room called ARARA office with a team of 3 members. 7 years of constant efficient work has produced the expected results. Today the best tourism specialists of our country are engaged with ARARA, making complete our team of nearly 100 tourism experts, tour leaders, mountain guides, travel writers, drivers, etc. Every year we serve more and more thousands of travelers who spontaneously leave their feedback on our social channels, such as Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor.  Moreover, we never get stuck in the same place. We are proud to remark that all our Georgian packages are being operated by our own company in Tbilisi. The success story of our Georgian office led us to explore a new exciting destination to expand ARARA boundaries. With that frame of mind, we set our sight on offering our services in Central Asia, and from 2019. We are proud to announce that we have launched our first office in Central Asia, based in Tashkent, along with a new website ca.araratour.com. We are excited to offer our clients a range of tours and services throughout Central Asia and hope to do so in Russia in the near future. Our growth expansion will continue but we will always remain true to our mission, providing our customers to have the highest quality service possible; always striving to improve our communication, problem-solving and management skills above and beyond expectations.
What is our inspiration? We are certain about and definitely say, satisfied traveler, who takes good memory home and spreads sentiment on our region and specific service.  We strongly believe that only delving into local traditions, culture, tasting homemade food can provide real-life experience.  Our passion is to transfer you to a completely new, deep spiritual and cordial world of the Caucasus. This makes one return home with a real sense of Caucasus with breathtaking landscapes, age-old history, hearty warmness of locals, with a burning desire to be back once in the future. 

We believe in fair business

Our customers are very important to us so we are always dedicated to them. We are committed to being a responsible tour operator in the Caucasus and promoting local communities. We believe in competition. In fact, we love competition as it makes us stronger and encourages our abilities. With ARARA you will feel confidence, trust and commitment. Our tours are carefully made to meet your expectations. ARARA travel experts are always there to help you choose the right itinerary and travel in comfortable small groups or private.  

When you trust and travel with us

The biggest proof of the trust we have earned is the huge amount of travelers aiming to visit Caucasus through ARARA tour and explore its treasures. This number is rising continuously and steadily. Each traveler’s interests are valuable and reflected by our experts in special tailor-made itineraries. We are always there with 24/7 support and every small issue before and during the tour is solved instantly. In ARARA the feedback study is mandatory for improving our service quality. 

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The highest appraisal of our work is the feedback of our travelers. We hope that soon we'll have your feedback here as well. You can get acquainted with our customers' reviews below.

Our team
We are very careful about the selection of personnel, that's why every member of our friendly team is a real professional in his/her field. We want to be sure that after the interaction with us you will be as pleased as possible with the process of communication, obtaining the necessary information and the speed of work of our employees.
Lusine Masuryan Lusine Masuryan Sales Executive
Arpine Petrosyan Arpine Petrosyan Marketing Specialist
Tatév Manucharian Tatév Manucharian Tour Manager
Sati Ohanyan Sati Ohanyan Tour Manager

We thoroughly choose guides for our groups

Our guides are the face of our country and we are proud to have these guys in our team. Starting from classical tours and ending with extreme delights each of our guides is a true representative of Caucasus. Not to mention their love towards their homeland will make you fall in love with Caucasus even more. We make sure that each group gets an exceptional guide as we believe that the secret in spending an unforgettable vacation is having an extraordinary guide.

We are responsible and we care

Our expert and friendly team take pride in their thoughtful approach to helping in creating your dream holiday. Quality - that’s what our main focus is. Each member of our team is accurately chosen. Our staff is experienced, well-traveled around the Caucasus and have thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the countries, places, traditions and mysterious secrets. You can absolutely rely on us with a clear conscience as we offer individual service to each of our travelers and handle your whole booking process from start to finish guaranteeing that all your travel needs and preferences are met and covered. Through the service provided by ARARA we ensure you to have an authentic and unforgettable experience that you couldn’t simply have had by yourself.

It’s a real-life experience

You know you’re having a wonderful time when you catch yourself on the thought, “Wow, am I dreaming or have I just done that?” Believe it or not, this is how you’ll feel during our tours every day. We are always here to put authentic insights into our tours so that you fell all the feels. Have you ever tried to bake a lavash, or have a photo shoot in traditional garment or dance in the idle of the street with your travel companions? ARARA will give you that opportunity. Having a real-life-experience, that’s what traveling with us is all about.

We contribute to our regions

Visiting regions in the Caucasus gives our tours a unique atmosphere of local traditions and daily life. There are many regions in the Caucasus, many extraordinary destinations and none of them are alike. From our perspective, one should have at least an overnight in one of the regions to feel the outstanding hospitality of locals. Imagine sitting in a comfortable rocking chair, enjoying herbal tea and looking at the mountain view. Wouldn’t that be a perfect evening? We always encourage local family-run guesthouses or restaurants as only here you will feel and taste the real Caucasus.

Our Memberships

The main goals of our company are not limited only to the service quality improvement. We are also deeply involved in the expansion of our network and cooperation with professional associations from around the world.
Today we can proudly declare that we've become a member of UK based  Responsible Travel Organization. Our membership is explained by the fact that we are highly interested in the improvement of local communities and in protecting the surrounding environment. We strive to preserve the uniqueness of fragile remote places and small communities and to minimize the negative impact of tourism on local natural and cultural environments.
Being a professional in adventure tours organization it was also important for us to become a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association which is a global network that has an impact on adventure travel industry all around the world. However, we did not stop there. To make our services’ correspond to the US standards we’ve become a member of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA). And to make our clients from Australia feel as comfortable as possible while traveling with us we've also become members of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).