Top 10 Outdoor Swimming Pools in Yerevan

Summer is the perfect time for fun, night parties, the sun, the sea and lazy beach pastime! In Armenia, summer is always hot: the air temperature in the capital reaches up to 40-42 degrees in the daytime! But what about the people who are forced to spend hot summer workdays among the sizzling city jungles? Instead of grieving and dreaming of a fresh sea breeze, just read our article about the Top 10 outdoor swimming pools in Yerevan! You will learn how to spend hot summer days in the best swimming pools of the city, refresh yourself and get a lot of superb emotions.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Vahagni Pool and Bar Complex

Address: Yerevan - Ashtarak Highway, 7
Tel: (+374) 43-177220

One of the first and all favorite outdoor swimming pools of Yerevan, Vahagni is away from the city noise and bustle, in the residential complex of Vahagni. It is an ideal place for summer holidays with friends: in the summer, there are always hot and funny parties every week with the performances of the best DJs. That is why Vahagni received the title of the most musical pool in the city. The pool has a café-bar, where you can enjoy cold refreshing watermelon or a variety of drinks. The prices are also pleasantly affordable. The entrance fee on weekdays is 6000 AMD for adults and 4000 AMD for children (2-12 years old). In the morning from 9 am to 10:30 am the entrance fee is 4500 AMD for adults and 4000 AMD for children. The entrance fee on weekends is 9000 AMD for adults and 4000 AMD for children (2-12 years old). In the morning from 9 am to 10:30 am the entrance fee is 7500 AMD for adults and 4000 AMD for children.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Latar Hotel Complex

Address: Silikyan district, St. 5th, 58, Yerevan
Tel: (+374) 11 520000

Latar hotel complex is a 5-star boutique hotel 9 km away from the city center. Latar Hotel is more renowned for its huge outdoor swimming pool, which is one of the most favorite among locals and tourists thanks to its design and size. On clear cloudless days, it offers a breathtaking view of Biblical Ararat: you can swim in the azure waters and enjoy a unique view at the same time! Guests can enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks at the poolside bar. Admission for adults is 8,000 AMD from Monday to Friday, and 10,000 AMD on weekends.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Multi Grand Pharaon Hotel

Address: Yerevan - Abovyan highway 5
Tel: +374 10 610055

The Multi Grand Pharaon hotel invites guests and visitors to enjoy a relaxing stay by the spacious pool surrounded by a green lawn and park. The hotel belongs to the luxury class and is located outside the city, on the Yerevan-Abovyan highway. Parties and various events are often held here by the poolside. Daily admission from Monday to Friday is 8000 AMD and 10000 AMD on weekends. Family couples with children will also like to spend their holidays by the pool: entrance for children under 6 is free, and for kids from 6-12 there is a 50% discount. The pool area also operates a VIP zone and a SPA center where one can enjoy a cocktail of the day, a refreshing drink and a 10-minute relaxing massage. The pool is open every day from 11:00 to 20:00.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: The Caucasus Hotel and Restaurant Complex

Address: Yerevan - Ashtarak highway
Tel: (+374) 98 919 919

In the summer of 2018, the hotel and restaurant complex of Caucasus presented its guests with a new outdoor swimming pool, which has already managed to catch the fancy of many because of its unusual design and concept. The thing is that the bar is located right at the edge of the pool, and in front of the bar, right in the water, there are special swings. Thus, you can ride on a swing, order your favorite cocktail and enjoy cool water at the same time! The cost of the visit is 6,000 AMD on weekdays and 7,000 AMD on weekends. For children, there is a 50% discount.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Grand Hotel Yerevan

Address: 14, Abovyan Str.
Tel: (010) 591 600

Another central luxury hotel that offers guests an outdoor pool located on the roof. Here, in the heart of the city, where life is always boiling, you will find peace and tranquility. Due to prices that are above average, you will hardly meet any local here. Entry on weekdays is 12 000 AMD, and 15 000 AMD on weekends. The hotel guests are the main visitors of the pool, among which you can often come across with world celebrities. If you need a peaceful rest by the pool and complete relaxation, the Grand Hotel Yerevan’s outdoor pool is an excellent choice.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Panorama Yerevan Resort

Address։ 24/3 G.Hovsepyan Str., Nork-Marash, Yerevan
Tel: (+374) 60 275-737

Panorama Resort Hotel is located in the most elevated part of the city, thanks to which it offers an impressive view of Yerevan. The hotel has the most "panoramic" pool of the capital. Here, twice a month, parties are held with live club music. The cost of visiting for adults is 6,000 AMD on weekdays and 8,000 AMD on weekends, respectively.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Paradise Pool

Address։ 57 Myasnikyan ave
Tel: (+374) 96 98 55 55

Paradise Poll is located within Green Palace Hotel on 57 Myasnikyan ave. It is one of the most peaceful areas of Yerevan not far from Yerevan Zoo. The pool will let you spend pleasant and cool rest on hot summer days. The pool offers: 

  • Clean, clear water
  • Comfortable sun loungers
  • Cool drinks⠀
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Good music

The pool operates every day from 10:00 till 20:00. The cost on weekdays is 7000 AMD for adults and 4000 AMD for children (3-12 years old). The cost on weekends is 8000 AMD for adults and 5000 AMD for children (3-12 years old). The VIP zone costs 9000 AMD on weekdays and 10000 AMD on weekend. 

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: Best Western Congress Hotel

Address։ 1 Itali Street
Tel: (010) 59 11 99

The elegant four-star Best Western Congress Hotel is located in the very center of Yerevan on 1 Itali Street. The hotel has a beautiful outdoor pool with a bar and a restaurant where everyone can relax and have fun. On the territory of the pool, cheerful music plays, there are sun loungers and umbrellas. For details call 010591199.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: The Pool 

Address: 40 Paronyan Street

Fans of a more luxurious type of recreation can visit The pool, which is located on the roof of the hotel complex "Dvin" at the address. Paronyan, 40․ From the top a beautiful view of the city opens. The pool is often visited by Armenian and foreign pop stars. The entrance fee on weekdays is 15000 AMD, and on weekends 20000 AMD.

Swimming Pools in Yerevan: WaterWorld

Address: 40 Myasnikyan Street

WaterWorld ("Jrashkhar" in Armenian) is located on 40 Myasnikyan Street and is a huge outdoor entertainment complex, which has a wide variety of water activities, as well as a huge 25-meter pool. Families and companies usually come here to have fun. The water park has a special rescue service, which is always on the alert. All pools here have high-end filtration system of the European company Astral, and the water temperature and the concentration of chlorine in it are checked each hour by experts. So if you want to have fun and escape from the summer heat come to the water park! The entrance for adults will cost about $ 12 and for children growing up to 120 cm – $ 8. You can also buy a VIP ticket, which will cost about $ 17.

Please, contact us in case you find prices in the post that are no longer relevant. 

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