Saint Shoghakat Church

Shoghakat Church is another architectural masterpiece of Echmiadzin town along with the temples of Saint Hripsime and Saint Gayane.

Historical Facts

Shoghakat Church was built relatively recently in 1694 on the site of the tortures of thirty-eight nuns who as well as Hripsime and Gayane refused to renounce their faith and prefer to choose death. According to the legend, the light fell on that place and that is why the church was called “Shoghakat”, which is translated from Armenian as “a drop of light.”

The dome church was built in the style of the ancient domed churches of the XVII century. On the west side, the church has a porch, in the east side, there are a prayer hall and an altar. On the territory of the church, the founder of the Shoghakat temple, Catholicos Naapet I of Edessa and Catholicos Abraham Kretatsi, are buried.

The Shoghakat church, like the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the Gayane and Hripsime churches, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

How to get

Saint Shoghakat Church is located 28 km far away from Yerevan in Echmiadzin town. You can reach the town by bus, taxi, or as a part of a group tour. You can take bus number 202 or 302, which stops at Mashtots Avenue, or a minibus from the Kilikia bus station with a fare of about 500 AMD ($1). If you travel by a taxi from Yerevan, it will take 25 minutes and will cost about 2000-3000 AMD ($4-$6).


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