Pubs in Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and the biggest city of the country with the population over 3 million. Along with the traditional Asian lifestyle, Tashkent has a totally different, modern rhythm of life for youth. Pubs, bars, and clubs are crowded and those are the best places to get acquainted with the younger generation. As a guideline, we have organized a small pub-crawling in Tashkent.

Pubs in Tashkent: The Bar

The Bar is a new SpeakEasy format in Tashkent that has originated in New York. This is an amazing place to feel the flair of New York in the early ’20s. The relaxing notes of Jazz, cosy atmosphere and the great choice of cocktails will transport you in time.

The centre of the club is a huge bar in a classic style with original drinks. The cocktail cart presents the selection of drinks of the “prohibition” era served at private parties.

Address: I. Karimanov st 56, Tashkent

Phone: +998 90 185 30 03

Pubs in Tashkent: Hammersmith Bar

Hammersmith is a craft bar that has been reopened recently with an even richer menu. High-quality craft beer is the best thing of the bar yet there is so much more to taste and try here. The selection of craft beer includes new experimental tastes that will definitely interest guests.

The bar has two floors with a larger upper floor for sixty guests. It is divided into chambers; the barbeque bar where you can watch the process and a large hall with a stage.

Address: Navoiy st 1, Tashkent

Phone: +998 71-241-6671

Pubs in Tashkent: Irish Pub

Every respectful city positioning itself as a modern city should have its classy Irish pub and, yes, Tashkent has a traditional Irish pub. It was one of the first pubs in the capital with a traditional interior, wood, and decorations. The menu includes dishes of European, English and Irish cuisine, plus there is a wide choice of snacks, steaks and sausages served with beer.

In the Irish pub, you can taste local and imported beer, as well as cocktails. For a more relaxed and cosy atmosphere, there is a restaurant on the upper floor. It is a favorite place for locals to spend Friday nights while guests will have a chance to get another Irish pub checked abroad.

Address: Taras Shevchenko st 30, Tashkent

Phone: +998 71 252 78 42

Pubs in Tashkent: 7 Fridays

What if you could have all the seven days of the week for clubbing? While everyone continues partying on Fridays, it is always a party in this club. Every evening you can enjoy nice music, tasty dishes and the wide range of cocktails from the bar.

7 Fridays club in the style of the loft has large floor-length windows, huge lamps, and plants. The interior is made in the shades of brown for a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Address: Amir Temur st 60, Tashkent

Phone: +998 93 396 75 75

Pubs in Tashkent: Clun Castle

Clun is a real castle with towers, central arch and huge castle walls. While inside it is a popular restaurant club with posh interior and decorations. The three-story castle is a real museum with handmade torches, wooden furniture in the style of the Middle Ages and pictures of knights on the walls.

The ground floor of the Clun Castle is a pub with live music, good whiskey, and scotch. The first floor is the restaurant with a large hall and separate cabins decorated with different themes like the round table of King Arthur, the zone of ancient Celts and etc. For extra privacy, there is a VIP zone with a fireplace, soft armchairs and heavy curtains to hide from the world.

Address: Abdurauf Fitrat st 3A, Tashkent

Phone: +998 712 93 00 01

Pubs in Tashkent: Steam Bar

The Steam bar is a new conception in the capital that has quickly become a trend. The bar in Steampunk style presents a totally new world with all the futuristic machines and unimaginable technology of steam engines. The Steampunk style is all around; all the walls, the floor, the furniture, stairs, doors and the ceiling capture attention and for the first 10 minutes you will simply look around. The names in the menu are no less interesting with a crazy selection of burgers, snacks and alcoholic beverages.

Address: Niezbek Yuli st 1, Tashkent

Phone: +998 71 235 05 22

Pubs in Tashkent: Klever Pub

This is another classic Irish pub located in the central part of Tashkent. The simple interior of the pub still looks very attractive and tunes to relaxed talks with a glass of beer. By the way, the Klever pub serves its own beer and before ordering you can taste them.

The menu includes classy Irish dishes and snacks with beer. In short, Klever pub is a simple place with tasty dishes and beer. What else do we need for a good time?

Address: Sariko'l ko'chasi st 106, Tashkent

Phone: +998 90 982 30 03


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