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Duration: 13 days/ 12 nights
Location: Armenia/ Georgia/ Azerbajan
Price: 2,100 EUR : 1,795 EUR
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Classical Tour to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

Would you like to discover all the secrets of the South Caucasus and plunge into the world of hospitality, hot sun rays and noisy feasts? If yes, we are glad to offer you our new Classical Tour to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. We were hardly working to make it as saturated and impressive as possible. The tour includes visits to the most important sights, the most beautiful corners, as well as degustations of wine and national dishes. At the end of the tour you will have a deep understanding of the way of life of the Caucasian peoples, their original traditions and unique temperament. You will experience yourself that the Caucasus is one of the warmest and most friendly places in the world. Just write us to book the tour and welcome to the South Caucasus!

Day 1

  • Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to the hotel
  • City tour around Yerevan which was founded in 782 B.C.
  • Stop at Matenadaran – research institute and museum as well as the repository of ancient manuscripts
  • Day 1 detailed ( click to open )

    Day 1

    After your arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to the hotel in Yerevan and checked in. On your first day you will have a city tour around Yerevan, the ancient capital of Armenia, which was founded in 782 B.C. Armenians are proud that Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome. During the city tour, you will walk around the center of the city and visit Cascade, Opera and Ballet Theater, Mashtots Avenue, and the Republic Square. The tour also includes a visit to Matenadaran Museum, a repository of one of the richest manuscript collections in the world.

    Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan, Duration: 6 hours (40 km)

Day 2

  • Drive to the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, the religious center of all Armenians around the world
  • Visit to the first Christian Church in the world
  • Trip to the Genocide Memorial, a solemn reminder of the first genocide of the 20th century
  • Day 2 detailed ( click to open )

    In the morning you will have a trip to Etchmiadzin town – the religious center of all Armenians around the world. Here after the adoption of Christianity in 301 AD was built the first Christian temple in the world – Etchmiadzin Cathedral. It is the seat of the Supreme Patriarch of the Catholicos of all Armenians. The cathedral keeps an important religious relic – the Holy Lance spear. In 2000 Etchmiadzin Cathedral was listed as a UNESCO site. You’ll see the ruins of Zvartnots temple (7th century, UNESCO World Heritage Site), that was a miracle of its time. The trip will continue to the Genocide Memorial – a solemn reminder of the first genocide of the 20th century.

    Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 7 hours (65 km)

Day 3

  • Head to Khor Virap Monastery located at the foot of Mount Ararat
  • Drive through the spectacular narrow canyon to the valley of red rocks where is located Noravank Monastery
  • Day 3 detailed ( click to open )

    The day will start with a trip to Ararat Province where proudly stands one of the holiest sites in Armenia – Khor Virap Monastery. You will hike up a small hill to explore the monastery and enjoy the breathtaking view of Biblical Mount Ararat. The tour will continue through a narrow canyon to the valley of red rocks, right where Noravank Monastery is located – built in the 13th century it is a masterpiece of Armenian architect Momik. On the territory of the monastery, amazing khachkars are scattered all around – crosstones designed by Momik.

    Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 8 hours (260 km)

Day 4

  • Excursion to the scenic Azat River Canyon to Geghard Cave Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Short trip to Garni village and stop at Hellenistic Garni temple(77 AD)
  • Drive back to Yerevan and visit to the History Museum of Armenia
  • Day 4 detailed ( click to open )

    This day you will have a 1-hour drive to the Canyon of Azat River. Our destination is Geghard Monastery. This unique monastery is carved into nearby rocks and the surrounding cliffs compose a great part of it. In 2000 it became a UNESCO heritage site. The trip leads us to Garni village, well known for its Garni temple – the only surviving example of Hellenistic architecture in the region. Back in Yerevan, you will have an excursion in the History Museum of Armenia – the main historical museum of the country known for its Archaeological, Numismatic, and Ethnographic collections.

    Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 6 hours (80 km)

Day 5

  • Head to Lake Sevan, the “blue pearl of Armenia” and one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world
  • Drive through the tunnel to Dilijan resort town
  • Tour around Sanahin and Haghpat Monasteries, both listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Ride to the Armenian – Georgian border
  • Head to Tbilisi, check in at the hotel
  • Day 5 detailed ( click to open )

    After breakfast, you will start your day to the North. Gegharkunik Province is best known for amazing Lake Sevan. It is one is highest freshwater lakes in the world located at an altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level. We continue our trip further north to Lori Province. Here we have a stop at the cozy resort town of Dilijan known for its arts and crafts as well as picturesque lush nature and healing air. After an excursion to the medieval monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat both listed as UNESCO objects the tour will continue to the Armenian-Georgian border. Having passed the customs another 3-hour drive to Tbilisi takes us to the capital of Georgia.

    Overnight: Hotel in Tbilisi, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 11 hours (320 km)

Day 6

  • Drive to Mtskheta – the ancient capital of Kartli-Iberia Kingdom, the religious center of Georgia
  • Visit to Svetitskhoveli cathedral of the 11th century
  • Tour to Jvari Monastery dating back to the 6th century
  • City tour around Tbilisi, famous for its turbulent history, elegant and remarkable architecture
  • Tour to Armenian Church, Jewish Synagogue, and Turkish Mosque
  • Walk from Sulfur Baths located in the city center up to Narikala Fortress
  • Day 6 detailed ( click to open )

    After breakfast head to Mtskheta which was the first capital of Georgia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. The town is considered the religious center of Georgia. Our excursion will start with the visit to the Cathedral of the 11th century – Svetitskhoveli. The next stop – Jvari Temple located at the top of the hill which offers a fascinating view of the confluence of two rivers Kura and Aragvi. After your return to Tbilisi, we’ll continue with a city tour including an in-depth exploration of the old town, cable car trip to Narikala Fortress, a visit to the Bridge of Peace and Armenian Church, Jewish Synagogue and Turkish Mosque.

    Overnight: Hotel in Tbilisi, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 8 hours (80 km)

Day 7

  • Visit to Ananuri fortress located next to the Jinvali Reservoir
  • Head to Gudauri, famous Georgian ski resort for a rest
  • Drive up the hill to Gergeti Trinity Church located at 2180 m above sea
  • Day 7 detailed ( click to open )

    The day will start with a trip to Ananuri Fortress. A beautiful castle complex on the Aragvi River. Once it used to be a seat of the Georgian feudal dynasty. Our next stop is the popular ski resort Gudauri which is actually beautiful in any season. After some rest, the trip continues to Stepantsminda village where a 4 wheel vehicle will take you up the high hill to the Gergeti Trinity Church (14th century). The sanctuary is located at an altitude of 2180 m above sea level. From the top opens an unforgettable view to the famous Mount Kazbek.

    Overnight: Hotel in Tbilisi, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 10 hours (330 km)

Day 8

  • Morning drive to eastern Georgia, to the Kakheti wine producing area
  • Drive to Signagi – the royal town of the 18th century
  • Stroll through tiny and cozy streets of Signagi and enjoy an amazing view of Alazani Valley
  • Visit to the local winery “Pheasant’s Tears” and degustation of Georgian traditional wine
  • Trip to David-Gareja semi-deserted area and monastery complex founded in 6th century by father David
  • Day 8 detailed ( click to open )

    In the morning you will drive to the east of the country, to Kakheti – the main winemaking region of Georgia. A pleasant time is waiting for you in Sighnaghi – a royal town founded by the king Erekle II in the 18th century. Strolling around the tiny streets you will enjoy the local architecture and atmosphere. In the local winery “Pheasant’s Tears” you will have a tour and degustation of Georgian traditional local wine. The day ends with a trip to David-Gareja semi-deserted area and monastery complex founded in 6th century by father David.

    Overnight: Hotel in Sighnaghi, Meals: Breakfast Duration: 9 hours (230 km)

Day 9 

  • Transfer to Georgian-Azerbaijan border
  • Departure to Sheki city
  • Sightseeing tour around Sheki
  • Visit to the Museum of carpets
  • Visit to Sheki Bazaar for buying gifts and products
  • Day 9 detailed ( click to open )

    This day you will travel to Georgian-Azerbaijan border and then you will departure for Sheki city. This day will be devoted to Sheki’s sights: you will visit the Upper Town, the magnificent Palace of Sheki Khans and the Craft Museum. Built in 1797 as a summer residence for Muhammad Hasan Khan, the Palace of Sheki Khans is a masterpiece of lavish decoration. Both the exterior and interior decorations of the palace embody the architectural glamor of the ancient Sheki Khanate. After the lunch, you will visit the Museum of carpets (there are various big rooms with pottery, silk embroidery, and national costumes, jewelry) Shebeke craft workshop, Sheki Bazaar, and the local sweet bakery. We advise you to try famous Sheki sweet baklava – the pride of Sheki population. After a long day delving into the many treasures of Sheki you will return back to the hotel to have a rest. Then you will have dinner in one of the best local restaurants.

    Overnight: Hotel in Sheki, Meals: Breakfast

Day 10

  • Tour around Gabala – the ancient city of Azerbaijan, the capital of the Qabala Rayon
  • Stop in the village of Chukhur Gabala
  • Tour around Gabala Archeology Center
  • Visit to natural sights of Gabala – Tufandag Mountain and Gabala Lake
  • Trip to Baku – the modern capital of Azerbaijan
  • Day 10 detailed ( click to open )

    This day you will explore Gabala – the ancient city of Azerbaijan. This veritable melting pot of culture and tradition is a joy to explore. First, you will visit the Church of the Udi, near Gabala, in the village of Nij. This small church is special. It belongs to the native people of the Caucasus – the Udi people. There are only a few thousand Udi people in the world today and the majority, approx. 4.000, live in this area in Azerbaijan. Today they practice Orthodox Christianity and you will be welcomed with their kindness to see their church, renovated and used. You will then head to the village of Chukhur Gabala home to interesting ruins from its time as the former capital of Caucasian Albania. Then you will get acquainted with the Gabala Archeology Center. Then you will visit must-see natural beauties of Gabala. First, you will head to Tufandag Mountain and then to Gabala Lake, where you can ride a non-powered boat. Gabala Lake is a gem, half-natural, half man-made. The tour will continue to Samakhih city where is located historical Juma Mosque of Shamakhi. On the way to Baku, you will visit Diri Baba Mausoleum in Maraza village.

    Overnight: Hotel in Baku, Meals: Breakfast

Day 11

  • Tour around Baku Old City
  • Visit to the Upland Park of Baku where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and then to Kirov Park
  • Tour around the modern district of Baku
  • Stroll along Baku Boulevard – the second longest one in Europe
  • Excursion in the Carpet Museum
  • The last tour destination – Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center
  • Day 11 detailed ( click to open )

    This day you will have a tour around Baku Old City. You will visit the legendary Zoroastrian Maiden Tower of the 12th c. Then you will walk to the old bazaar. The entire old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during the city tour you will visit the oldest Multani Caravanserai, the Haji Banu Hamam of the 15th c., the Juma Mosque (Friday Mosque), as well as the Shirvanshahs’ Palace (the most striking example of the medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of 15th century), antique carpet shops and museum. After the city tour, you will have lunch (Azerbaijan National Cuisine) in one of the beautifully designed restaurants in old town. After the lunch, you will continue the remaining program of sightseeing excursion. You will visit the Upland Park of Baku where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and bay of Baku. Then you will head to Martyr’s Line or Alley of Martyrs formerly the Kirov Park, where is a cemetery and memorial dedicated to those killed by the Soviet Army during Black January. You will be also impressed by the modern district with the three Flame Towers near the Upland Park, overlooking the city. Then you will have a walk along Baku Boulevard, the second longest one in Europe. You can get a boat and make 30 minutes trip along Baku Bay. During Baku Bay Cruise, you will enjoy splendid panoramic views of Baku from the sea while learning about Baku and its history. After the boat trip, you will visit the Carpet Museum. It demonstrates carpets in close connection with other kinds of traditional handicrafts of Azerbaijan. Once you finish Baku Boulevard tour, you will head to Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. An internationally recognized architectural marvel, Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center displays a curved modern style.

    Overnight: Hotel in Baku, Meals: Breakfast

Day 12

  • Trip to the southwest of Baku to Gobustan National Park
  • Excursion in Gobustan Museum in the open-air part of which you will see real Rock Paintings
  • Visit to Gobustan Reserve to enjoy the view of the Mud Volcanoes
  • Return to Baku
  • Day 12 detailed ( click to open )

    The day will start with a trip out of Baku to Gobustan National Park. You will travel 64 km southwest of Baku along with the Caspian shore. The tour will start from Gobustan Museum where you will see ancient human bones, work tools used in back to thousand years ago during the Mesolithic Period. Then, you will advance to the mountain in order to see real Rock Paintings in the open-air museum. You will also get a chance to marvel at the Mud Volcanoes in the Gobustan Reserve, which is home to almost half of the world’s mud volcanoes. At the end of the Gobustan tour, you will return to Baku. On the way back to Baku, we will have lunch at a local restaurant on the Caspian Sea Coast. After the lunch around 14:00 we will see the Bibi-Heybat Mosque.

    Overnight: Hotel in Baku, Meals: Breakfast

Day 13

  • Transfer to the airport, departure

The price of the tour is 1,795 EUR per person


Why book with Arara?

  • Own agency in Armenia and Georgia*
  • Guides with 5+ year experience
  • Central located hotels
  • Licensed air-conditioned transport
  • 3000+ satisfied clients per year

*With an agency operating in Georgia, we are able to provide clients with the best price and quality services.

Detailed Trip Information

  • The price of the tour includes:

    • Airport transfers
    • Accommodation in hotels for 12 nights (3* hotels with free Wi-Fi)
    • Breakfast
    • All transfers in air-conditioned vehicles
    • English speaking guide service for all days
    • All admission fees
    • 4 wheel drive vehicle for Gergeti Trinity Church
    • Wine tasting in Sighnaghi
    • 1 bottle (0,5 l) of water per day

    The price doesn’t include:

    • Flights
    • Medical insurance
    • Visa fee
  • You will spend 4 nights in Yerevan and 4 nights in Tbilisi in 3* hotels. The hotels are modern properties located in the city center within walking distance of the main sights:

    Hotel in Yerevan: 3* Cascade Hotel or similar

    Hotel in Tbilisi: 3* Astoria Hotel or similar

    • Documents:
    • Passport, flight ticket (printed or electronic), insurance, visa (if required)

    • First aid kit:
    • bandaids / plasters, special medicine or drugs in permanent use, antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream, lip balm

    • Essentials:
    • Credit/debit cards, cash (cards can be used in city, cash in regions), moneybelt, laptop/tablet/phone, chargers, camera with extra memory cards and batteries, outlet adapter

    • Dressing:
    • There are no restrictions regarding clothes; scarf or shawl is advisable for churches (obligatory in Georgia for women)

    • Spring / Autumn
    • long pants/jeans, long sleeve blouses, light raincoat, jacket, comfortable waterproof shoes, umbrella

    • Summer
    • T-shirts, shorts, long sleeve blouses for evening, sandals, umbrella, sun protection, sun glasses, sunhat

    • Winter
    • Warm coat, warm wool sweater, long warm trousers, long boots (waterproof), scarf, gloves


Guaranteed Tour Dates 2018

Sep 13 – 25Sep 22- Oct 04Oct 6 – 18
Any date


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May 11 – 23June 13 – 25July 5 – 17
Aug 1 – 13Aug 7 – 19Sep 12 – 24
Sep 21 – Oct 3Oct 3 – 15Nov 1 – 13
Any date


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