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When planning your holidays it is very important to study not only the culture, local customs and traditions of the intended destination in advance, the so-called “tourism subtleties”, but also take into consideration various technical aspects and possible problems that may encounter. Of course, in the 21st century with the development of information technologies and the globalization, it may seem unreal that any problems with communication can arise. Today, every mobile operator offers a service of roaming through which you can stay in touch with your family and friends, and the vast majority of hotels, cafes, restaurants and public places of leisure activities offer visitors a free Wi-Fi connection. In contrast to the free internet connection, roaming is still quite expensive. That is why in this article, we want to introduce you to the mobile operators and internet providers in Armenia, the services of which you can use without great losses for your purse. Today in Armenia there are 3 mobile network operators: Beeline, VivaCell MTS and Ucom.

Mobile operators in Armenia: Beeline

Beeline Armenia is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Armenia. The company offers a variety of services: from fixed telephony to mobile communication of the GSM 900/1800 and 3G standards, as well as high-speed Internet access.

There are 2 types of tariff plans: prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. If you come to Armenia for a short time stay, we advise you to purchase any prepaid tariff. Cards can be purchased at numerous customer service centres; you should only present your passport. The minimum price per minute within the Beeline network is 4.99 AMD, but of course, there are other tariffs plans the cost of call within which is free. It is possible to recharge your balance in different ways: you can buy a universal prepaid card with the nominal value of 1000, 2500, 5000 AMD; fill up the balance via Telcell terminals. More details about the tariff plan you can learn from the customer support specialists and via toll-free hotlines. The required information is available in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English.

Beeline numbers start with the following codes: 091, 096, 099, 043
Official website:

Customer Support Center – 0611
Customer Support Center (landline) – 080 000 611

Central customer service offices: Yerevan, Northern Avenue, 4
Opening hours: 10:00 – 00: 00       Yerevan, Amiryan, 3
Opening hours: 10:00 – 00: 00

Mobile operators in Armenia: Ucom

After retiring of «Orange Armenia» telecommunications operator a new mobile operator –Ucom entered the market. Ucom previously offered only internet connection services, but with the acquisition of «Orange Armenia» today the company appears as a mobile communication provider as well. The company offers a wide range of services to both corporate and individual customers.

Ucom offers 2 basic prepaid packages: U! Prepaid and U!Simple.

U!1000 Unlimited calls within the mobile network of Ucom +100 MB +100 SMS
Code for the transition to a tariff plan *254#

Calls within Ucom mobile network within the validity period of 30 days after the expiry of the included minutes are 0 AMD/minute for the following packages:

U!1500 + 100 minutes to all local networks and to Artsakh + 1 GB + 150 SMS
Code for the transition to a tariff plan *251#

U!2000 + 150 minutes to all local networks and to Artsakh + 1.5 GB + 200 SMS
Code for the transition to a tariff plan *252#

U!3000 + 200 minutes to all local networks and to Artsakh + 3 GB + 300 SMS
Code for the transition to a tariff plan *253#

U!Simple tariff plan fully corresponds to its name: within any subscribers of all local networks you can talk on a single 15 AMD/minute rate, the cost of 1 MB of the Internet will be also 15dr/MB.

You can switch to the U!Simple tariff plan by dialing  *111*11# /transition fee 500 AMD/.

Ucom numbers start with the following codes: 095, 055, 045

Official website:

Customer Support Center: 444
Customer Support Center (landline): 011 444 444

Central customer service offices:
Yerevan, Northern Avenue, 1/2
Hours: 00:00 – 00:00

Yerevan, Amiryan 4/7
Hours: 09:00 – 00: 00

Mobile operators in Armenia: VivaCell MTS Armenia

One of the largest mobile communication operators in Armenia is VivaCell MTS. The company provides high-quality and innovative services in the sphere of telecommunication and information technologies. Today, the company is in the top-5 of the largest taxpayers in the country with the number of subscribers exceeding 2million. VivaCell MTS is constantly expanding and developing its services. Thus, in 2014 the company was the first in the country to launch the innovative 4G LTE network. Today, 4G LTE network covers nearly 50% of Armenia\s territory and the company is planning to expand the coverage throughout the country. 4G LTE network makes communication and all spheres of business even more convenient and fast, allowing users to send and receive information up to 150 Mbit/s on the incoming channel and 50 Mbit /s on the outgoing channel.

The company and its CEO Ralph Yirikian are strongly associated with the term “charity” within Armenia and Armenian Diaspora. Indeed, the company is actively and directly involved in all social and recreational activities. The president of the company Ralph Yirikian is a great sponsor and patron of numerous activities in the fields of art and culture, health and education, informational technologies and innovation, which are aimed at the development of Armenia.

It is very easy to become a subscriber of VivaCell MTS: just come to one of the numerous customer service centres, present your passport and buy a SIM card. Again, if you do not plan a long-term stay on the territory of Armenia, we advise using any prepaid tariff. You can recharge your card balance in numerous newsstands with an attributive logo of the company; through Telcell terminals or through universal payment cards with nominal values of 1000, 2500, 5000 AMD, as well as in customer service centres.

Below is detailed information about the most popular tariffs and services.

“YES” tariff plan is specially designed for young people. Thus for students, 1 minute of talk within the tariff plan will only cost 1 AMD/min when speaking from the territory of institutes of higher education, and in case of making calls from other areas within the VivaCell network, it will cost 15dram per minute. Calls to other local operators and fixed networks will cost 35dr/min.

For tourists and guests of the country, we especially recommend activating «BIT 1» unlimited internet. Despite the fact that today in Yerevan on almost every corner and in every café and hotel there is free Wi-Fi, beyond the borders of the capital the situation with free Wi-Fi access is not so favorable. Therefore, this service is good because you can connect it any time and any place you need, paying only 100 AMD per day. You can as well connect an unlimited internet package at once for an entire month with the service «BIT 30» for 2500 AMD.

BIT1        50 МB/ per day  *777*1#
50 МB/ per day for a month  *777*30#

«Super BIT» service provides 150 MB of high-speed internet per day for 1 or 30 days. The cost of 1 day is 150 AMD, and the cost of 30 days – 4000 AMD.

Super BIT1        150 МB/ per day   *778*1#
Super BIT30      
150 МB/ per day for a month   *778*30#

The service «Super couple» combines unlimited calls within the network and 100 MB of high-speed internet per day. The cost of the service per day is 200 AMD.

«Super couple»: 100 MB / 1 day + unlimited calls within the network *077#

VivaCell MTS numbers start with the following codes: 093, 094, 077, 098, 049

Official website:

Customer Support Center: 111
Customer Support Center (mobile): 093 297111

Central customer service offices:
Yerevan, Abovyan,33
Hours: 09:00-19:00

Yerevan, Amiryan 3
Open 24 hours

Yerevan, Northern Avenue, 6/14
Open 24 hours

“Zvartnots” International Airport, Arrival hall
Open 24 hours


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