Karahunj, also known as the “Armenian Stonehenge”, is located about 230 km from the Armenian capital of Yerevan, in Syunik region, close to the central regional town of Sisian. Not far from Sisian there is a high plateau where for about half a kilometer on 7 hectares of land are scattered huge stones, the weight of which reaches up to 10 tons, and the growth ranges from 0.5m to 3m.

Karahunj, which is estimated by professors of astronomical sciences to be 7 500 years old, precedes Stonehenge for more than 4 500 thousand years. Karahunj translated from Armenian means “speaking stones”. The age of the observatory was thoroughly examined by various scientists with the help of precise mathematical-astrological methods and calculations, and all agreed on one: 7,500 years old. This fact is amazing, because of the oldest civilizations, such as Egypt and Sumer, are 5 000 years old. Karahunj proves that long before the formation of the first civilizations, 7 500 thousand years ago there already existed a certain advanced civilization possessing astonishing knowledge about astronomy. This amazing historical monument consists of about 222 basalt slabs. In the center of the construction, there is a stone circle or henge. Scientists still cannot unravel the secrets of these mysterious structures. Modern archaeologists tend to believe that Karahunj is the world’s first astronomical observatory and is a part of some astronomical model.

This exceptional megalithic monument is unique due to small holes drilled in the stones from different angles. There are 84 of such stones with holes. Perhaps these stones with holes are analogs of a modern telescope. These holes are made so that they are directed at different angles to certain points of the horizon and the night sky, however, to which particular celestial objects – is still a mystery. Based on archaeological findings, scientists think that these stones connected man with the universe. The man first began to think about his place in the universe. With the help of stones, people could observe the sun, determine with great accuracy the days of the spring and winter equinox, the summer solstice. Prehistoric people observing the movement of the sun could determine that after 365 days, it returns to the same position. Thus, our ancestors possessed the knowledge that a year consists of 365 days. Our ancestors also knew that the Earth spins on its axis and has a tilt of rotation axis.

Undoubtedly, Karahunj was the oldest observatory, and the unique periscope stone discovered by Professor Bochkarev only confirms this fact. Scientists suggest that, perhaps, it was from here that the first knowledge of astronomy had spread in the world. It was also found that the arrangement of stones was not accidental: they are almost exactly the same as the arrangement of the stars in the constellation of Cygnus. In many world cultures, the swan was perceived as an entrance to and exit from the heavenly world.

The prehistoric observatory of Karahunj keeps many mysteries and secrets. There is even a paranormal hypothesis about the purpose of the observatory. Some scholars are inclined to believe that Karahunj was an ancient spaceport. Interestingly, on some stones, there are rock carvings depicting beings resembling aliens, or floating disks in the air. Perhaps this explains the presence of electromagnetic fields near stones!

Scientists believe that the Armenian Karahunj is the ancestor of the British Stonehenge, Scottish Callanish Stones, and other similar structures. First, Karahunj is the oldest of all for several thousand years. Secondly, the structures have almost the same structural and functional similarities. And finally, the third fact, according to which in the ancient Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of England it is clearly written: “The first inhabitants of the island of Britain became Britons, who came from Armenia.” Thus, Karahunj and Stonehenge are supposed to be the product of one and the same people who once lived on the territory of Armenia and carried their knowledge through the centuries spreading throughout the world. Karahunj undoubtedly represents a unique prehistoric monument that attracts tourists and scholars from all over the world.


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