Favorite site in Armenia
Vardan believes that Khor Virap Monastery is one of the must-visit sights in Armenia. First of all, it has historical importance and its location with the best view of Mount Ararat is absolutely awe-inspiring.
Why guide?
For Vardan it is a great opportunity to communicate with different people and solve non-standard problems that happen along the way. The communication with each tourist helps him to learn traditions and customs of other nations.
Random Facts
If you want an extremely adventurous experience of Armenia, Vardan is the guide for you. He leads jeep, motorbike and, hiking tours, but his love for adventure is not an obstacle to him guiding cultural tours and showing Armenian heritage at its best.
Guide reviews

Noemi M.

Dear Tatev,
I hope you are feeling better than last week. I flew back safely this morning in Geneva, very sad to leave Armenia after such a great holiday! Before I forget everything, here is my detailed feedback. Feel free to use it for your website or anywhere useful (just please use my first name only).

General comment on Arara
Excellent services, I have only positive things to say about Arara! The team has been reactive, helpful, accommodating and very friendly throughout. I would definitely recommend them or book a trip to another country with them.

General comment on guide
Vardan was as good as guides get: reliable, friendly, open-minded and endlessly patient. He went out of his way to accommodate my preferences and volunteered a lot of interesting information about the places we visited. He was also a very careful driver and always spot-on with his food recommendations :)

General comment on program
I enjoyed the program thoroughly and really feel like it gave me a good idea of Armenia. It was varied, well-designed and allowed enough flexibility to accommodate personal preferences. The hikes were well designed, not exhausting but still enjoyable. Perhaps indicate clearly that some of them require trekking poles? All the visits were interesting and it was a real luxury to have a guided tour in some places (ex. Matanadaran). Maybe this option could be offered in other places, for a small extra fee?

General comment on accommodation
All hotels/guest houses were well-situated and very comfortable. I particularly enjoyed staying in guest houses an B&B, much more fun and friendly than in large hotels! For that reason in Goris and Idejvan I would have liked to stay in a smaller place, but I cannot fault the comfort and service at the hotels we stayed in at all.

Special mentions
Everybody was incredibly nice and welcoming but some people really stood out over this trip:
- Naneh, our young guide for the hike in Areni. If she ever becomes a guide (like she hopes to) please hire her, she was fantastic!
- The team at Cascade Hotel in Yerevan, who were helpful and friendly beyond measure
- the owners of the guesthouse in Dilijan who went our of their way to secure me good working conditions
- And once again, the whole Arara team and Vardan!

I hope I will get back in touch some day to organise a trip to Georgia, Azerbaidjan or even Iran! In the meantime I will tell all my friends and family about Arara and Armenia :)

Best wishes,

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Janice Powell

Hi Tatev, we have successfully reached home. What an amazing time we spent in your region. We will truly remember our hiking to Armenia and Georgia. Thank you for arranging our trip. Also, thank our guide Vardan for taking care of us. He was very polite and always provided hand sanitizers and face masks, although you gave us a bunch as well! We really enjoyed our hiking in Georgia too, the lakes were very beautiful, as you mentioned, so thank you for suggesting us having that hike. Overall, we really enjoyed our trip and have already passed your contact details to our friends, so check your email for new bookings!

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Lesley Hollinshead

Hi. I'm now back in England, and just wanted to thank you for everything you did to allow us to become acquainted with Armenia and have such a fantastic holiday. It was wonderful, and impossible without the help of Arara and our guide, Vartin. Responsible Travel have asked for a review, which I've provided, and I've reviewed Hotel Apricot on Trip Advisor. Many thanks and good luck. Arara deserves to do well. Best wishes,
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