Favorite site in the Caucasus
Vardan believes that Khor Virap Monastery is one of the must-visit sights in Armenia. First of all, it has historical importance and its location with the best view of Mount Ararat is absolutely awe-inspiring.
Why guide?
For Vardan it is a great opportunity to communicate with different people and solve non-standard problems that happen along the way. The communication with each tourist helps him to learn traditions and customs of other nations.
Random Facts
If you want an extremely adventurous experience of Armenia, Vardan is the guide for you. He leads jeep, motorbike and, hiking tours, but his love for adventure is not an obstacle to him guiding cultural tours and showing Armenian heritage at its best.
Guide reviews

Ana and Patrick

Our tour to Armenia was wonderful. Our guide Vardan was not just knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing the beauty of his country with us. The country itself is a true wonder, and I would highly recommend visiting Armenia to anyone who loves history, nature, and warm hospitality. It's a place that will leave you with wonderful memories and a desire to return.

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Francesca Russel

Thanks Ruslan for helping us throughout our whole journey. My two-week adventure in Armenia and Georgia was a true voyage of discovery. I really liked our tour guides in both counties. Ia in Georgia and Vardan in Armenia were both really knowledgeable and helpful. They also recommended really good restaurants for dinners. The walk from the Georgia to Armenia border took longer than expected, but it was totally worth it.

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Brad Mitchell

Thank you for the tour organization; it was a success. We are not perfectly experienced hikers, but this was an amazing experience to find the hidden gems of these 2 wonderful countries. However beautifu Tbilisi and Erevan are, we particularly enjoyed our walk in the nature. Our tour itinerary was very well-planned with just a few overnights in the capitals, and mainly in regions. We had knowledgeable guides who knew the trails very well, we really felt safe. We also enjoyed our walk with the mountain guide Irakli to the Abudeluri lake (I am still having hard times to spell or pronounce the sites names). Definitely going to return sometime later with other interested friends to hike in Svaneti as well.

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