Favorite site in Armenia
Vardan believes that Khor Virap Monastery is one of the must-visit sights in Armenia. First of all, it has historical importance and its location with the best view of Mount Ararat is absolutely awe-inspiring.
Why guide?
For Vardan it is a great opportunity to communicate with different people and solve non-standard problems that happen along the way. The communication with each tourist helps him to learn traditions and customs of other nations.
Random Facts
If you want to get extreme experience in Armenia Vardan can be your choice as a guide. He leads jeep, motorbike, hiking tours but his love towards extreme is not an obstacle for him to guide cultural tours and show Armenian heritage at its best.
Guide reviews

Leslie Peterson

Vardan was an eager guide/driver. He was always asking if the itinerary was meeting my expectations (as I had none, I couldn’t really steer the tour in another direction) . I realize now I’m more of an outdoors/nature traveller & should have requested a tour featuring more of those activities. Staying out of Yerevan for at least one night’s hotel would have been great exposure to other areas of Armenia as well. Overall, I enjoyed my tour. I have an understanding of Armenia that independent travel does not afford. My correspondence via email was answered promptly by Tatev.
If I’m fortunate enough to return to Armenia, I’d arrange a tour through Arara.

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Maria Alevizaki

This was a very well organised tour to Georgia/Armenia/Azerbajan. Everything worked exactly as promised in advance by the travel agent. The programme was interesting and we had excellent guides. I can recommend ARARA highly as tour organiser.

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Ilpo Huhtaniemi

Dear Sati,
We are now back at home. Thank you so much for the nice arrangements and programme of the trip. We had excellent guides in each country and everything worked out exactly as promised. We will definitely recommend highly your company for our friends who plan to visit the Caucasus.

The only disappointment was the unpleasant border crossing from Georgia to Azerbajan. Thank you for accepting to replace the confiscated goods. As my wife (Maria) already informed you we only miss the two T shirts from Armenia that we gifts to our children.

Thanks again, and with all good wishes,


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