What to Bring as a Gift from Armenia

When it comes to choosing a gift from Armenia, there are plenty of options as the country is rich in traditions, culture, and craftsmanship. Here are several ideas for what you can bring as a gift after your travel in Armenia:

Rugs and Carpet Products

Carpet weaving is a traditional craft, which is widespread in all Armenian regions. Exquisite ornaments in tandem with a harmonious combination of warm colors create a real work of art. They will be an excellent gift that not only decorates the home but also preserves the history and cultural heritage of the region. If you want to buy Armenian national carpet find useful information about its history and carpet shops here.

Armenian Brandy

The fame of the Armenian cognac has already spread around the world: it is loved and known in Europe, America and many other countries, and particularly the renowned one is Ararat Brandy. A bottle of Armenian brandy can be a sophisticated and appreciated gift for those who enjoy fine spirits. It is no secret that the cognac is the most frequently faked product in Armenia, so it’s better to buy it in specialized stores, brand shops or supermarkets. Of course, the price will depend on the age: the older, the more expensive. If you want to learn more about Armenian brandy read our post.

Armenian Ceramics

Traditional Armenian ceramics are colorful and vibrant. Items like plates, bowls, or decorative pieces featuring traditional Armenian patterns can be a delightful and practical gift for home decor. Beautiful ceramic souvenirs can be found in Dalan souvenir store (Abovyan 12)

Handmade Textiles

Armenian craftsmanship extends to handmade textiles, including scarves, shawls, and embroidered items. These textiles often showcase traditional Armenian motifs and make for beautiful and culturally rich gifts. Textiles can be found at the open air fair Vernissage.

Khachkar (Cross-Stone) Souvenirs

In the culture of any nation, there are unique symbols that cannot be met anywhere else. For Armenians, such symbols are khachkars – stone steles with the depiction of a cross, which have no analogs in the world. In Armenian “khach” means “cross”, and “kar” – “stone”. The history of the origin of these cross-stones dates back to many years ago and is connected with the adoption of Christianity in 301. Bringing back a small khachkar souvenir can be a meaningful and symbolic gift representing Armenian artistry and spirituality. Khachkar souvenirs can be found at the open air fair Vernissage. Learn more about khachkars here.

Armenian Delicacies

Treat your loved ones to the rich flavors of Armenian cuisine by bringing back local delicacies. The most suitable gastronomic souvenirs for gifts include dried fruits, sweet sujukh, sour lavash, honey, jam and tea from mountain herbs. All this can be found in the colorful GUM market, as well as supermarkets and souvenir shops.

Musical Instruments

Consider gifting Armenian traditional musical instruments like the duduk, which has a unique and haunting sound. For centuries, the music of duduk has accompanied all the important events in the life of the Armenian people: weddings, national songs, and dances. And now it is impossible to imagine Armenian culture without soft, lyrical, sometimes sad and soulful sounds of this unique instrument. Learn more about duduk here.

Armenian Jewelry

Armenian jewelry has a thousand-year history and, moreover, this field is actively developing, preserving centuries-old traditions. Today there are many local brands on the market that produce original gold and silver jewelry with ethnic motifs. Pieces adorned with the Armenian eternity symbol or other cultural motifs can make for elegant and meaningful gifts. You can find beautiful silver and gold jewelry on Vernissage open air fair. One of the popular jewel and accessories shops that present Armenian brands is Nuar (Mashtots 39/12). Find out more information about Armenian jewelry, brands and stores where everyone can find something to their liking in this post.


Armenia offers a plethora of unique and culturally significant gifts. Whether it's the rich history reflected in handmade crafts or the flavors of Armenian cuisine, a gift from Armenia is not just an item; it's a piece of a vibrant and ancient culture. When choosing a gift, consider the preferences and interests of the recipient, and you're sure to find something truly special.

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