Waterfalls of Armenia

Armenian nature surprises by its majesty and diversity: impressive mountains, green valleys, azure lakes, fast rivers, and even waterfalls. Below we present the most amazing and well-known waterfalls of Armenia that inspire and amaze by their majestic beauty. Visit these unique pieces of Armenian nature and you will get lots of unforgettable memories.

Waterfalls of Armenia: Kasakh Waterfall

In Aragatsotn region, in the village of Hovhannavan, you can see the highest waterfall in Armenia – Kasakh Waterfall. The history of its origin is interesting: once many years ago after the volcano eruption the hot lava covered many riverbeds. Some of the rivers could still survive, but many were not able to withstand the hot lava and died. Among them – the ancient channel, the watercourse of which was found deep in the volcanic rock. It traced the perimeter of the modern river Kasakh. That is why the buried river was named Paleokasah. The powerful lava streams which covered it was waterproofed hence the new surface river appeared called Kasakh. Falling down from the height of 70 meters it forms this waterfall of indescribable beauty. Visiting this place try not to miss the other local attraction – the monastery of Hovhannavank, which is located just in front of the waterfall. It consists of the basil of St. Gregory built in the V century, and the main cross-domed church of St. Karapet.

Waterfalls of Armenia: Jermuk Waterfall

The resort town of Jermuk is one of the favorite among tourists. It is situated a bit far from the capital, somewhere in the distance of 173 km that is 3 hours’ drive by car. The city is known for its picturesque wooded scenery, healing mineral waters and, of course, one of the main attractions is the famous Jermuk waterfall. Here, on the southern slopes of the Vardenis ridge, visitors can see a unique Sim Mountain (named after the myth of the Sesame gate) and Bald Mountain. It is here that this second largest waterfall of Armenia is located. The water here falls from the height of 68 meters and hitting, creates millions of shining sprays. By the way, it is said, that the water of the waterfall is also slightly mineralized and have useful properties. Visiting these sites, don’t miss the ancient monastery Gndevank with its unique cross-stones built in 936, as well as Saint Gayane Church, built not long ago, in 2007. It is located right at the entrance to the city.

Waterfalls of Armenia: Trchkan Waterfall

Another magnificent waterfall in Armenia is Trchkan, located right on the border between the provinces of Shirak and Lori. A lot of people every year travel long distances to see this beautiful piece of nature. The crystal clear water of it falls from the height of 23 meters. The history of its name is very interesting: the waterfall is located on the river Chichhan, which is rich in trout. Every year during the spawning, the fish starts swimming against the tide, and one the locals noticed the fish jumping out of the water at the height of 20 meters above the waterfall. After this interesting event, the waterfall was called “Trchkan”, which means “jumping.” By the way, Trchkan is the most high-water waterfall of Armenia, due to which it is sometimes called “Niagara”. Several years ago it was registered as a unique natural monument. However, Trchkan is beautiful not only in summer, but in winter as well. During this period it completely frееzes and presents unique scene, that’s why it is sometimes called “The Ice Queen”.

Waterfalls of Armenia: Shaki Waterfall

Shaki Waterfall is a unique highlight of the Armenian nature. It is situated in the region of Syunik, in the north of the cozy resort town of Sisian. Formed from the river Shaki the waterfall falls from a deep ravine, the slopes of which are formed by caves and rock niches. The water falls from a height of 18 meters, and its power is so strong that being next to the waterfall you will not hear any other voices. It is a unique treasure of the nature, which annually gathers a lot of tourists and travelers from all over the world.


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