Travel Safety in Central Asia

One of the most important criteria to be taken into account when choosing a new travel direction is safety. While you feel safe and confident in your homeland and hometown, the issue of security becomes an extremely important factor while travelling. Analyzing statistics on various factors, we present the general level of safety and facts in the countries of Central Asia.

Travel Safety in Central Asia: Road Traffic

Taking into account the quality of roads, the level of injuries, the factor of using seat belts, drunk driving, special protection for motorcyclists and the safety of children in the car, there has been compiled a rating of the countries of Central Asia on the degree of road safety. According to these data, the highest level of safety on the roads was recorded in Uzbekistan. In addition, there is a “Road Safety Day” and once a month a social activity “Day without a car”. Such actions are aimed at reducing accidents and increase public attention and awareness of road safety and compliance with the rules.

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are considered less secure. The list completes Kazakhstan, as the country with the most dangerous traffic in Central Asia. Road safety depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the roads, the lighting, the availability of road signs, but the main factor is the discipline of drivers. To improve security, each country applies new methods.

Travel Safety in Central Asia: Medical Services

When studying the safety and accessibility of medical services, the following criteria were taken into account; environment, statistics on infectious diseases, emergency standards, quality of dental services, quality of pharmaceutical materials, availability of medical services in remote corners, etc.

According to these criteria, the countries of the region received an average level of security. This means that in most cases medical services, ambulance and dental services are available. Safety risks are associated with diseases associated with local water and food poisoning. In rare cases, there may be a risk of infectious diseases.

Compared to other Central Asian countries where the average level of medical care is provided, extremes are observed in Kazakhstan. Alongside with the accessibility and high level of medical services in large cities, there is a difficulty of obtaining medical care in remote areas.

Travel Safety in Central Asia: Public Safety

To study the issue of public safety in Central Asian countries, such criteria as the level and frequency of civil unrest, crime rate, political persecution, civil war, terrorism, etc. were taken into account. The factors like the reliability and availability of transportation, efficiency and mobility of emergency services were also analyzed. According to the investigation and all these factors, Uzbekistan is considered the country with the lowest rates. The risk areas are the regions of Uzbekistan bordering with Afghanistan.

The average risk zones of Tajikistan are foothills and the regions on the valleys. Similarly, the mountainous areas of the country bordering with Afghanistan are classified as high-risk. Border regions of Kyrgyzstan were included in the same group.

Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are of average risk to guests. Such a rating is related to religious and social issues that a tourist may encounter.

In the end, we remind you that these ratings provide general information about safety in the region. For detailed information and assistance, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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