Traditional Uzbek Dances

The culture of ancient Uzbekistan is rich and multi-layered. Every region has its traditions and every one of them is unique. Traditional Uzbek dance is part of the culture and history of the nation. Getting to know the traditions of national dances will help you understand their soul.

There are three main Uzbek dance schools: Fergana, Bukhara and Khorezm dances that differ with styles and choreography. Each of them is beautifully blended with the traditions of the particular region.

Traditional Uzbek Dance; Fergana Dance

Fergana dance is distinguished with soft and playful movements. The music is lyrical thus making it possible for chorographical improvisations. The key movement is keeping hands with the palms upwards. Fergana dance tells a story about human relations and romance. The dance is all about the smooth movements of the head, shoulders and hands. With hands, the dancers draw air patterns. Face expressions are also very important; in Fergana dance style facial expressions are soft to convey purity and nobility.

Traditional Uzbek Dance; Bukhara Dance

Bukhara dance is passionate and emotional. The graceful movements are completed with slow rotations. The distinguishing feature of Bukhara dance is the forefront position of the upper part of the body. Dancers wear special bracelets on wrists and ankles and carry “kairaki” (castanet type plates). These unique musical instruments make every movement even more emphasized. The dance style is characterized as the most acrobatic one with fast spins, backbends and quick drops to the floor.

Traditional Uzbek Dance; Khorezm Dance

This is one of the oldest dance styles with even richer traditions and historical background. This is a dance to express the life, love, and beauty of nature. The choreography can tell a whole story, it is not only about the movements of head, hands, and feet, it is about facial expressions and mimics. The movements in Khorezm dance are sharp and paused. Such movements come from shamanistic rituals and customs of fire worshipers. Take a closer look and you will see the facial expressions just like in the ecstatic performance of shamans.


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