Top 5 National Restaurants in Tashkent

Tashkent metropolis with the population of over 2.5 mln, guests thousands of tourists who visit the country to enjoy the oriental culture of Uzbekistan. Being one of the oldest cities on the Silk Road the capital presents a wonderful mixture of the ancient world and modern technologies. The cultural life of Tashkent is as versatile and rich as the city itself and a gourmet tour about the restaurants of the capital is an essential part of life. 

National Restaurants in Tashkent: Afsona Restaurant

Address: T. Shevchenko St., 30

Phone: +998 71 252 56 81

Afsona is considered the most popular high-fashion restaurant in modern Tashkent. The restaurant is specialized in gourmet Uzbek cuisine presented in a new more attractive way. While the taste of national dishes is exceptional. 

The interior of Afsona is completed with traditional ornaments and mosaics in sky-blue tones. The open kitchen with tandoor is visible to guests and they can watch how the dishes are prepared. The restaurant has several separate halls with different interior designs so that one can enjoy a quiet and cozy evening. 

National Restaurants in Tashkent: Caravan

Address: Abdulla Qahhor St., 22

Phone: +998 71 150 75 55

Caravan restaurant was the very first one in the capital. The interior of Caravan has changed much yet the concept is still the same; to welcome guests in a cozy atmosphere and turn a simple evening into a bright memory from Tashkent. 

The restaurant has an open veranda with an art-cafe, design studio, gallery and restaurant hall that looks like a big dining room of your grandma’s house. Actually, the restaurant is a big house in a traditional Uzbek style where a common Uzbek family could live or had lived once. The unique mixture of simple details and luxury looks absolutely harmonious. All the details of Caravan’s interior are handmade. 

The cuisine of the restaurant is as perfect as the place itself. The dominating names are Uzbek traditional dishes, but there are also dishes of European cuisine presented on the menu. On Thursdays, the dish of the day is traditional Uzbek plov. 

National Restaurants in Tashkent:

Address: Istikbol st., 8 

Phone: +998 90 904 64 24 

Another great place to taste dishes of traditional Uzbek cuisine is Plov Samsa restaurant and chaykhona. The simple and cosy interior of the restaurant is just perfect to enjoy dinner. The first hall is decorated with wooden tables and chairs with smooth kurpaça. The second hall is more private; the tables are separated with curtains. All the atmosphere is completed with oriental music. In the warm season, the veranda is transformed into an open-air yard with flowers. 

The menu includes only two dishes, plov, and samsa. Uzbek plov is cooked four times a day starting at 11 am and it is served up to 6 pm. There are seven types of samsa included in the menu: samsa with meat, chicken, potato, pumpkin, lamb ribs and on skewers. Traditional tea and fruit sherbet will be an amazing compliment to such high-calorie dishes. 

National Restaurants in Tashkent: Golubie Kupola

Address: Sharaf Rashidov st., 77

Phone: +998 98 361 27 27

The premium-class restaurant is located in the very center of the capital, hidden under the shadows of trees. The summer terrace is a perfect escape from the summer heat. The terrace is divided into several zones; tents, a separate area with modern furniture and lighting, low soft sofas, and oriental trestle beds.

The posh interior of the restaurant is made in black and golden tones with leather sofas, a golden ceiling, and luxurious chandeliers. The domes of the restaurant are decorated with colorful oriental mosaics. The menu includes all the dishes of traditional cuisine, as well as dishes of European and continental cuisines. 

National Restaurants in Tashkent: Sultan Saray

Address: Shahrisabs st., 33A 

Phone: +998 95 145 00 55

For a late meal, Sultan Saray is definitely the best place to visit. The restaurant has a great offer for true lovers of Uzbek plov. Every night at 11 pm, Sultan Saray’s chef cook prepares the true Uzbek plov. Besides traditional plov, the menu includes all the tastiest national dishes, some dishes of European cuisine, BBQ, and pizza. 

The family restaurant is decorated with traditional ornaments and wooden details. This is the only place where a brazier for barbecue is placed in the center of the restaurant so that the guests can watch the process and feel the super-tasty smell of steaks on fire.


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