Top 4 National Restaurants in Ashgabat

Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan is a neat and clean city with white marble buildings, rich green parks, wide boulevards and golden domes of the mosques. This is a true oasis in the desert; it attracts with its history, culture and modern architecture mixed with oriental details. The “golden era of Turkmenistan” and Ashgabat started after the collapse of the Soviet Union and soon the city was included in the Guinness Book of Records with the whitest marble. In this beautiful city, there are several national restaurants to taste local dishes and desserts.

National Restaurants in Ashgabat: Kopetdag Restaurant

Address: 10 Magtymguly Ave

Phone: +993 65 811111

Kopetdag café with its bright colors is hidden in a wonderful garden. The restaurant has three sections for any occasion. For private dinner or parties, the restaurant has separate yurt-type cabins where guests can enjoy privacy and silence. The open veranda is a wonderful place to enjoy the warm evenings of Ashgabat and there is always a cozy place in the main hall to drink tea with sweets.

Every hall is designed differently; the yurts are decorated in warm tones of wood and traditional prints and ornaments of carpets, low tables, and soft cushions. The furniture of the veranda is bright and it looks absolutely adorable in the background of lush green while the main hall is more elegant and classy with white color dominating.

The rich menu includes all the popular dishes of local cuisine, as well as dishes of Central Asian, European, and Continental cuisine.

National Restaurants in Ashgabat: Joshgun Palow House

Address: Ylham Seyilgahi

Phone: +993 64 218977

If you are looking for home comfort and typical Turkmen dishes, Joshgun is the best choice. The simple interior, tableware, service and decorations resemble a traditional house of a local who hosts so many people and treats all these ants on a log.

The best part about the restaurant is the open kitchen with huge ovens where chefs cook traditional palaw (plov). The waiters are wearing national clothes thus completing the whole image of a traditional restaurant.

National Restaurants in Ashgabat: Soltan Restaurant

Address: 3 Nji Gat, D17 | Berkarar Sowda-Dync Alys Merkezi

Phone: +993 12 46-84-44

Another wonderful place to enjoy all the colors of oriental culture is Soltan restaurant. The facade of the restaurant already creates the mood of an oriental fairy tale. The large hall is filled with golden details and warm tones of the chandelier. The doors and windows are decorated in traditional Asian style. Soft sofas and armchairs make you feel even more comfortable.

The menu of Soltan is no less interesting. There are dishes of local, Georgian, Central Asian and European cuisine for any taste. Yet we advise you to try traditional dishes and drinks of Turkmen cuisine.

National Restaurants in Ashgabat: Minara

Address: Altyn Asyr Shopping Center, Intedepndence park

Phone: +993 12 47-82-70

The last but maybe one of the most luxurious restaurants in Ashgabat is Minara. It occupies the fifth and the six floors of the Altyn Asyr Shopping centre. The upper floor is a rooftop lounge with the best view of Independence Park and the city.

The interior of the restaurant is different in every hall. There are also separate cabins in the style of the yurt with traditional decorations. The main hall is a perfect place to enjoy dinner with a wonderful view and for parties. The open-veranda is a popular place for Friday nights with DJs performing.

Guests will be pleased to have a wine cart with a great choice of local and French wines. With wine, you will be offered fish dishes. The menu also includes all the popular dishes of local, Indian and European cuisine.

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