Top 5 National Restaurants in Astana

Astana is the capital of the largest country of Central Asia, Kazakhstan. Rapidly developing megapolis is now one of the most modernized capitals of the region. It is worth visiting the capital of Kazakhstan, admire its modern architecture, visit its unique attractions and taste national dishes in national restaurants. The variety of restaurants may be confusing for travelers, so we have prepared the top list of the best places to visit. Keep reading and learn about the best national restaurants of Astana.

National Restaurants in Astana: Arnau

Address: Turan Ave 30

The concept of Arnau restaurant is high Kazakh cuisine presented in a new way. This is the second restaurant that opened in Kazakhstan. The first one is located in Almaty. The luxurious interior is made in golden tones. In the bright lightening of chandeliers, the gold looks even more eye-catching. Soft armchairs perfectly complete the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. The two-level hall is decorated with ornaments in national motifs yet everything is very elegant and harmonious. Live music show with Kazakh folk instruments creates a special mood.

The menu of the restaurant includes dishes of Kazakh, European and Oriental cuisines. The special dishes of the restaurant are traditional besbarmak, kumyz, shubat, baursaki and kespe.

National Restaurants in Astana: Eternal Sky

Address: Dostyk st 18, Moscow business center, 25th floor

The Eternal Sky is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the capital with the best view of the city. It is located on the 25th floor of the Moscow business center. The panoramic windows offer a view of Beijing Palace, Akorda, and Baiterek and no matter which table you choose you will enjoy the view of Astana.

The restaurant combines the cuisines of 9 nations of Central Asia: Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Uighurs, Turks, Tatars, Balkars and Azerbaijanis. The mission of the Eternal Sky is to show the traditional dishes in the best way, make you get closer to their culture.

The first Eternal Sky restaurant was opened in Almaty, later a new restaurant opened its doors to a new luxurious venue in the capital. The rich oriental interior with textured ceilings, ornaments and soft armchairs look stunning in the background of city lights.

National Restaurants in Astana: Satti

Address: Kabanbaj Batyr ave 32

Another wonderful restaurant with national cuisine is located on the main boulevard of the left bank, between the presidential palace and Khan Shatyr shopping mall. The menu of the restaurant presents the best dishes of authentic Kazakh cuisine mixed with details of European and Italian. Satti was opened more than fifteen years ago and all the years the restaurant gained hundreds of loyal customers all over the world. The venue has a large hall and summer terrace to enjoy warm evenings with hookah.

The interior of Satti is made in traditional colors. The combination of green and gold with national ornaments, huge panoramic windows, and marble floor looks very impressive. Every evening the restaurant hosts local artists and organizes show ballet with national songs and dances.

National Restaurants in Astana: The Sultans

Address: Orynbor ave 28, RC Sultan apartments

The Sultans or the restaurant of national delicacies offer forgotten traditional dishes. The recipes of dishes are collected from nomads of different parts of Kazakhstan. For months chefs of the Sultans worked on the recipes and aesthetics of the dishes to create flawless harmony of taste and serving. This is why the menu of the restaurant is so versatile. All the ingredients used for dishes are exceptionally natural and biologically pure.

The interior of the restaurant is made in warm tones. Light walls are combined with deep burgundy chairs and emerald curtains. Mirrors on the walls visually make the hall even larger.

National Restaurants in Astana: Sato

Address: Baytursynov st 1

Sato restaurant is our final destination and the last venue in the list of top 5 national restaurants in Astana. This oriental restaurant offers traditional dishes at affordable prices. The interior is simple yet cozy. The armchairs in national ornaments and characteristic color combinations are contrasting with warm beige walls. The columns are decorated with wood carvings and highlighted in green. The most eye-catching part is the bar counter with decoration in the style of a carpet. The private table is separated with curtains and decorated with wall carpets.

The menu of Sato restaurant offers traditional dishes of Kazakh, Central Asian, and Japanese cuisine. The products for dishes are always fresh; meat and vegetables are ordered at the rate of only one day and this is proof that all the dishes are tasty and healthy.

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